Can I call myself carnivore if I eat dark chocolate?


Do you eat dark chocolate? Do you think someone who eats 100g of dark chocolate a week isnt true zero carb/carnivore?

I have to confess,I like to get high.I dont do illegal drugs,I dont drink alcohol,I dont smoke and both tea and coffee gives me diarrhea.

Only thing I can enjoy is dark chocolate.I am not chocoholic,but once in week or two I like to eat 100g 90% dark chocolate and feel the relaxing euphoria.

The cocoa butter is high in saturated fats and relatively low in pufa omega 6,there is about 7 grams of sugar in it,so nutritionaly it isnt that bad I think.The brand I eat have no soy lecithin,its called Lindt excellence.

(Rob) #2

You should call yourself whatever you want. I haven’t seen any carnivore/ZC police around here… since they all hang out on FaceBook and Reddit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Personally I consider carnivore as basically avoiding plant-based foods so if that’s what you are doing then I wouldn’t consider a bit of chocolate breaking that. What a dull world it would be if we had no real opportunity for “just desserts”. :flushed:

In the end the important thing is that we are all ketonians for our health and that we have such interesting options and cliques to help us get there.

KCCOWC!! (…carnivore on with chocolate)

(Allie) #3

Does it matter, really? If it works for you then do it. You don’t need a label.


" I haven’t seen any carnivore/ZC police around here… since they all hang out on FaceBook and Reddit" looooool! :joy:

What does KC mean?

(Rob) #5

KC in the KCKO is Keep Calm (and Keto On) - the unofficial moto of this forum


You are right,it doesnt matter.I now realize how pointless that question is.
But this thread have also a second element to it other than request for validation.

I am curious what carno people think about very dark chocolate.I am alone here who eats it? Is there some science on why chocolate is bad?

(Not a Chef) #7

Based on the general posts here, if they could declare cocoa pods as meat, they would.

Lots of people have some dark chocolate, but I’d wager very few ketonauts do 100g at a sitting. I do a square or two a day after dinner.

Just so long as you realize that all the studies touting cacao’s health benefits were sponsored by chocolate companies, so dark chocolate probably isn’t a health food, you’ll be fine.

(Jay AM) #8

Are you trying to tell me they aren’t meat?


I’ve seen some ZC Police fire some opening shots around here.
But I just fire back. :rofl:

And yes, I consider myself ZC and eat v dark choc in small quantities.
When I started, I ate it every day, but tastes are changing and I am eating less now.

My view is that I would rather be considered Carnivore than ZC, even though both are kind of inaccurate. There are carbs in some ZC foods, and as a Carnie I eat things other than meat. What I actually do is prioritise keto, high fat and avoiding veg, since those are the things that bring me health, and that led to how I now eat, which is approx 98-99% animal (meat, fish, eggs, dairy and that choc). If a chip or a half grilled mushroom sneaks in, then that is OK, and I refuse to let people tell me that Breaks A Rule.

I don’t know of a carnivore species that doesn’t ingest the odd bit of green, even if it is just the half digested contents of the prey animal stomach. No one would say that a cat wasn’t a carnivore because it ate a mouse that had a chocolate drop in its tum, would they? :grin:

(Chris - Mince meat, not words.) #10

It’s possible you can miss out on benefits, but not proven. I think that shit tastes like coffee grounds anyway, and it disturbs my gut when I eat it. To each their own though, some people don’t want to let go of it and that’s fine with me.

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To wit: grass fed beef is the most vegan thing in the grocery.

(Erin Macfarland ) #12

@Capnbob I always love reading your responses!! I’m with you!!

(Rob) #13

To be fair the OP said per week… not sure many of us would remain keto at 100g/sitting :grin:

Oops - see below - it might be in one sitting - sorry.

(Chris W) #14

The original poster did seem to imply that he/she indulges infrequently, but does do 100g in a single sitting to get the desired effect.
I do eat Cacao and I do consider myself carnivore, but I prefer about a teaspoon of raw cacao nibs, or a couple grams of 99 or 100%, if in bar form, once or twice a day.
100g would be consuming 2 full bars of the Lindt 99% bars in one sitting :open_mouth: I’m not sure I could even do that. I bought 10 bars of 99% in December of Last year, and I still have 6 or 7 bars left. To be fair, I also went through about 3 oz of Cacao Nibs during that time and 1 bar of 100% that I bought while traveling, but 100g does last me a few months.

(Mike W.) #15

Eating dark chocolate makes you feel high…?

(Rob) #16

Thanks, I only remembered the 100g per week and didn’t see the fact that she might do in one sitting :flushed:

(Chris - Mince meat, not words.) #17

To be fair, I urge you to do 30-90 days meat and water and THEN add the chocolate back in. Only way you’ll know how it actually affects you.


Oh yeah!


I went keto 24 days ago,and carno 8 days,I still recover from my lifting session but once I am healed,I will for first time since going keto try the chocolate.

I pray that it wont give me diarrhea like coffee and tea.But if it will cause trouble,I drop it like its hot and never look back.

(Kaiden) #20

I’m going to weigh in on the “yes” side, but for a specific reason not addressed here, but mentioned in the original post.

As a carnivore, what you “eat” is animal products. Maybe you mean nothing but the dead bodies of animals, or maybe you include the products of their lactations and perhaps their eggs as well.

As a recreational chocolate user, what you “use” is chocolate, for the psychoactive effects. Sort of like the hellish month that I was carnivore, I was also drinking kava on a fairly frequent basis, maybe not daily, but pretty close to it. Yes, kava is a plant… a root vegetable even… but my consumption was not part of the “eating” but part of the “using” category.

I hope the term isn’t too prejudiced. I know it has negative connotations, even though “I use kava to relax” is as morally neutral as “I use berberine to lower my blood sugar.”