Can anyone recommend a cow tongue recipe?

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I had no idea about the fat content… does it cook fairly quickly like liver?

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I have only ever slow cooked or pressure cooked for like an hour. It tastes so good this way, I never bothered with any experimenting with less cooked times. I have had my tongue called “divine” using this method. If you try less cooked, let me know your thoughts, but I suspect more cooking is better with the muscular tongue.

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It has to be simmered for 2-3 hours, as I mentioned in my post above. Pressure-cooking will, of course, shorten the time.

But trying to cook tongue 90 seconds on each side, as one does for liver, would result in a highly under-cooked piece of meat.


Instapot. Put the tongue in. Add 1T minced garlic, 1/2 c liquid aminos (soy sauce replacement), 1/3c Worchestershire sauce, 1 sliced onion. Add enough water so the tongue is covered. Pressure cook for 90 mins.
The outer part peels right off, and the inside is insanely delicious. I sliced it up and my kids thought it was the most delicious thing I ever cooked. That was, until my husband told them what it was.


I cooked tongue months ago last time and I don’t exactly remember but pork tongue needed about 1.5 hour I think… I don’t cook anything beyond 2 hour (except roast in bigger pieces occasionally but 2.5 hours totally must be enough for everything I eat :D) so it wasn’t ever more than that. The tongue became tender, the tip is very lean, I don’t eat that (my SO is the lean meat lover), the middle is normal, the back is fatty and amazing :smiley:

Beef tongue was similar, I cut it up a bit and used the same time. It still was bigger but it didn’t require more than 2 hours.

I eat tongue for joy, I know it’s meat so obviously nutritious but that’s it, I don’t care about it more than that.

The cooking water has garlic, obviously salt, bay leaf, black pepper and I never could enjoy the tongue without covering it with paprika. That’s the traditional method here and I can understand it, it’s amazing.
But the more often I eat it, the less amazed I am so it’s among the items that I use occasionally. I get bored of liver way less easily but I don’t like liver near as much as the occasional tongue… (I still like it and eat it often. Good as liver is ready in 30 minutes if I use a pan. Even less for sliced chicken liver, that thing is tender!)

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