Calling all slow losers!

(Cara Lee Evans) #81

Thank you for your kind response. I plan to stick with this and stay on…I feel great!

(Michelle Presnell) #82

I will try more protein, I actually had a really bad carb day that I haven’t had in 9 1/2 months, I think I’m back on track now :slight_smile:


(Carpe salata!) #83

Yikes. Hope you’re OK. If I ever stray from the path, I get a swift reminder in joint pain, lethargy, headache and bad concentration. Its like my personal sentinel.

(Linda Culbreth) #84

Julie, so sorry about the loss of your baby. Your body has not had time to recover from all the hormone changes much less the stress of the loss.

(Julie Pegler) #85

Thank you, I appreciate your kind words, I have been trying to give myself lots of R and R, and be patient!

(Veronica Worthy) #86

I feel like my hormones are for sure hindering more progress, I’m only 34 but thinking of taking a supplement. My cycles are 10 days and I’m pretty sure I have endometriosis…And I think some fat doesn’t want to let go

(Olivia) #87

Thank you so much for this thread.
It’s really disheartening to see staggering transformations accompanied by keto-gluttony whilst your, by comparison seemingly miniscule, weight loss requires fasting, counting macros and calories, and a tight exercise regime. I quit reading the keto-reddit group for that reason.
When I am feeling particularly envious, I try to remember that I am working now on “vanity”-pounds. My body does not want to get rid of my last lumps and bumps. I am perfectly healthy and, therefore, already successful.
Another thought, which lifts my spirits during this season is to twist the concept of a weight plateau on its head and make it a positive. During this festive season, you normally would steadily gain weight. So, if your weight remains constant despite the societal Christmas/Advent food-orgy, you can consider yourself victorious.

(Melissa) #88

Hey Jen,

I too am losing slower than I expected. At 6 weeks I have lost 10 pounds (5’4" 165 lbs now) but I am so glad I measured my middle, thighs and upper arms the second week in. Seeing the inches come off is keeping me on course. I’ve lost a total of 7" so far and most of it around the middle. That is enough right now. I feel most discouraged because I really don’t feel energized and continue to be sluggish in the afternoons. So I just keep reading and learning. That is what helps me mentally. I know I’m doing a good thing for my body and overall health. Hang in there!

(Jen) #89

I have given up on the keto subreddit for the same reason @moodytoady! I found all I was doing was getting discouraged. I still wish I was one of those people who can down a 32oz ribeye drenched in buttery cream sauce, followed by a dessert of 12 fat bombs… but I’m not.

And I like your positive spin on maintaining for the holidays. The past few years (before being keto) I have gained 5-10 pounds each holiday season, so you’re absolutely right. We’re winning! I’m gonna keep reminding myself of that.

Still chugging along…

(Adam Kirby) #90

Remember that the incredible progress pic group is very self-selecting. The people who have modest success, or tiny success, or none at all, are less likely to make reddit posts about it.

(A ham loving ham! - VA6KD) #91

I just had my yearly physical with my family doc this week. 33lbs down from last year on nothing more than lazy Keto and some impromptu IF’s. 'been ketoing for about 1 1/2 years now. ~50lbs down in total since going keto.

I’ve never felt hungry with this WoE nor have I ever come away from a meal feeling unsatisfied like I used to on more “conventional” diets. I’m not sweating over calorie counts like I did in the past.

Bloods all going in a very positive direction. BP is down to almost normal - doc wants to drop my daily med for that too. General inflammation is way down and liver function is now normal.

A few plateaus here and there over the year, a few weeks where I gained a little, but I’ll take progressing down at any rate as a good thing. It took me 30+ years to get to my biggest. I don’t care if it takes several years to get back to where I want to be.

Slow losing is fine with me…KCKO!

Edit: I forgot to add that when I did my blood test I had to be fasted for 8-12 hours. I was approaching 48 hours when I showed up figuring that they needed at least 8-12 so I’d be good. The poor receptionist went white when I said “two days” to the question. “Are you sick or something?” was the immediate reply. Then “Are you feeling ok? Two days? Are you sure? Why would you not eat for two days? This isn’t good! You better get something to eat as soon as you’re done here!”. After that the lab tech said it could negatively effect the test result followed by “Be sure to fast for 12 hours tops next time!”


(Elizabeth Stern) #92

I started almost 20 months ago at 2:40 and I’m down 45 lb I will maintain the same weight sometimes 2 months and then lose 3 or 4 lb apparently overnight I just keep doing the same thing the only thing I changed up a few months ago was I do intermittent fasting I eat in the late morning or whenever I get hungry and I ate a second meal around 6 and then I’m done but I’m still at 2000 calories a day

(KCKO, KCFO) #93

Congrats on the good blood work. Too funny about the office staff’s reaction to your fasting.

(KCKO, KCFO) #94

I like how you maintained a 2000 cal. per day. great for your metabolism. Slow and steady is a good thing. Congats on your progress and KCKO.

(Angelique Jury) #95

I’ve been on the keto diet for about 10 days now. Wish 98kg and 156cm. I’m not losing. I hv no idea why. I’m scared my fat is too high even though iyss 70-75% of my diet.


Actually this can be true (in the sense that your lipids can look really high during a fast). You’ve been on here long enough that you probably know this but I mention it just in case you get a panicked phone call from the dr office when the results come in…

Congratulations! That update was a really lovely post to read.

(Lisa Stevens) #97

You’re doing better than me. I haven’t lost weight just a few inches. I try to judge my progress by how I fit my clothes. I just think my metabolism is messed up. I’m 56 and I only want to lose 15-20 lbs. It’s aggravating because I’m action oriented. For years I used to work out at least 4 days a week, strength training and cardio but injuries stopped those hard workouts. I’m back up to resistance training once a week, and just trying to be more active every day with walks or light cardio.


OK, so I’ve been eating this way for years and the bulk of my weight (sorta) is gone. I started right under 300lbs and most likely SHOULD be around 180 or so, I’m right at 200 now thanks to my last week fast. I’ve found over time with me at least I start slacking, you know at first the losses are more drastic because you changed something, but the more you “fix” the harder it can be. First thing I’d say is if your watching NET carbs, don’t. Watch actual carb intake. You can also track your intake, I use cronometer and feel it’s the best for any LCHF eater. The free version is better than the paid version of myfitnesspal IMO and the paid version is well worth it. I’m NOT big on macro tracking as I lost my weight without doing it (other than carbs) but now that I’m in the gym and putting on muscle I wanted to be able to track trends and thats the only way, what I’ve learned is that I did NOT have a good mental idea of what was going into my face hole like I though I did. Which brings up the gym. Are you exercising? HUGE difference for many, especially when you start stalling, same goes for fasting. Sometimes you just need to get the ball rolling again and although neither is necessary that health benefits of both make them both worth doing for most people.

(Candy Lind) #99

I love HWC in my coffee, but found I love butter as well. And if even that small amount of casein makes you hurt, try ghee. There’s something out there that will make your tongue as happy as the rest of your body!

(Jacqueline Barrios) #100

Ok…I’m confused…How is fasting good for you when not meeting your macros will stall you? I started 1.1.18 and lost 3 lbs being totaling strict…trying to increase fats