Caffeine and insulin resistance

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I suspect that a lot of the appeal of Starbuck’s coffee is the exorbitant price, just as people like to shop at expensive clothing stores, so that they can be sneered at by the help.

I go by what tastes good. I was stationed for a while at my order’s priory in Berkeley (back in my monastic days), and the Prior forbade us to patronize any of the Starbuck’s outlets in the area. His reasons were primarily economic, but I soon found that the locally-owned coffee houses had much tastier blends, both real and decaf—and you didn’t need to fill their coffee up with flavorings in order to enjoy it. Peet’s was the premier place to go, of course, but I also enjoyed the coffee at the smaller shops with the funny names, like Pony Espresso and Brewed Awakening.

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I recently kicked coffee to the curb. I’ve started drinking this tea. With just a splash of HWC it’s creamy and so delicious. It’s so good, it almost feels like cheating :flushed:

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I don’t care…I am not giving up coffee. Nope ya can’t make me. Not happening. I’m drawing the line at coffee. And for the record…that goes for onions too!:yum:



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Actually, roasting the beans is actually burning them. A mild roast, not so much. A French roast, very much so. I can’t stand French roast. Tastes like the carbon scrapping from a BBQ grill.

The more it’s roasted, the less caffeine it has as well. So your “breakfast” coffee’s are usually very light roast.

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Has anyone ever come across anything about coffee draining your adrenals? I just read an article that mentioned that in regards to PCOS, but I’d like to see what anecdotes and research is out there. Not quite buying it.

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I like to drink coffee all day long with heavy cream and a squirt of liquid Splenda. I use it to substitute breakfast or lunch or both and as dessert after dinner. I heard Carl and Richard talk about bullet proof coffee. I googled it and it looks like bullet proof coffee has butter, coconut oil, or MCT oil added. I am not sure I want to go that route because my coffee and heavy cream is already so good! Tonight I will try coconut oil in my Decaf after dinner to see if I like it.

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I had to give up coffee years ago as it was causing stomach issues. Than about 5 years ago I had to give up all caffeine. It makes my guts feel like they are rotting. The inflammation was so bad. So sad. Anyway - I’m also one of those people that when I drink a BPC (uncaffeinated) it stokes hunger for me. Not sure why. I don’t see a rise in my BG but yet there seems to be a response.

I miss coffee. But I do believe we are all different. Caffeine definitely does not make my body happy and I don’t know why.

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I’m a fellow Seattle-ite, and although I was never a fan of Tully’s (not to speak ill of be dead), I did like their house blend in K-cups. I still prefer Starbucks. My daily pot at home is Veranda.

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I tried coconut oil in my Decaf but I did not like it. I use coconut oil with cocoa and Splenda to make chocolate thins. Following the idea of butter, I thought of adding 1 tablespoon of butter to a cup of chicken soup and it works well.

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The reason for coconut oil is the MCT’s it brings to the party. Medium Chained Triglycerides. It’s a fat that can be burned EVEN if insulin is high. Something like that anyway. I still haven’t finished my morning java, so, I’m too lazy to look it up.

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Just my two cents and this is what I drink for caffeine and extra vitamins, for a big kick I do Rockstar Zero Carb for an energy drink 240mg of caffeine, it’s tea based and sweetened with sucralose. When I just need to stay even keeled I do Yerba Mate tea, as it contains tons of vitamins. Both kill any hunger cravings for hours for me.

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You drink your coffee the same way as I do, I would like to cut out the liquid splenda but I just can’t! I never thought I would like Bullet Proof Coffee but it is amazing!!! I use 1 T Kerry Gold, splash of HWC, 1 T MCT oil and a squirt of liquid Splenda, I whip it up in the bullet blender, OMG it keeps you full for so long! That is what I love, it get’s to be lunch time and I am not even hungry! Give it a whirl and see if you like it!!!


I often use the refillable k cups. Still get that Keurig taste with no waste.

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A tip to get your fats to blend into your coffee, if you are without your blender.

So one morning after making the wife’s lunch for work, which I needed the blender to do, I began to make my coffee. Sigh, blender isn’t clean. It’s got milk, and banana stuff it. I don’t feel like cleaning it right now. I just want my jo.

As I sit at the kitchen table pondering how long I’m gonna be stirring my coffee with a spoon before the oils emulsifies, I had an epiphany! I should be using a fork.

A spoon has too much surface area and very little edge. The edges are important. In fluid dynamics, the edge will create a lot of disturbance in the fluid movement. Think eddy currents, and more importantly, cavitation.

I quickly picked out the perfect fork for the job. The forks tines need to be as square as possible or even prism shaped. With hard, non rounded edges. This will ensure the wanted cavitation effect.

Cavitation is basically a vacuum created in a liquid. It’s a bubble, not of air, but of pure vacuum. It can’t exist very long, and slams shut. This forces the liquids together at very high speeds (in extremely small amounts). Basically it’s the same thing that’s happening in a blender, only at a much slower speed.

So if you don’t have a blender, or it’s broke or busy, or your as last as I am, using a fork will get the job done. It just takes a little longer.

(Scott Telfer) #56

I find plain black coffee really stunts my appetite :slight_smile: haven’t noted any adverse affects

(Margie) #57

Oh my goodness! This is my favorite tea!!! I have always loved the smell of coffee, but have never acquired the taste for it. I am a tea drinker. I buy these from Amazon in the bags and it is amazing! I just use a mug and run hot water from the Keurig into it to steep. I like it plain or with HWC. The flavor is amazing!!!
I also like Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice. You can get the tins of the sachet bags at Wal-Mart, Target and some other grocery chains.

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On the subject of tea…

Being from the USA, Lipton tea bags was my only exposure to tea for a long time. Hot tea, just wasn’t interesting. It was ok once in a while, but it just didn’t have anything going for it. I think I even had a box of tea bags that sat in my pantry for onward of 10+ years. And as far as I could tell, still tasted the same, yeah, pretty much the same meh, it always had.

THEN I went to England. I was stationed at RAF Lakenheath for over 4 years. Not only was I introduced to some really great tasting tea (PG Tips, the Lipton of the UK in my opinion, but delicious) but I was also shown how to properly make it. Yep, we dont make tea correctly in the US.

I got a tea pot to put the hot water into. Got a cozy to put over it. Started adding milk to it, which the thought of really put me off. Milk in tea? That cant be right. But is was great. I pretty much switched from coffee to British tea while I was there. After getting back to the US getting BRITISH PG tips was almost impossible (this was early 1990’s). I could find it in some import stores in the Phoenix area, but it was just way too expensive. Nearly $100 a box, I think that was about 50 tea bags. Just way too much. So I went back to coffee.

But thanks to Jean Luc Picard, Captain, yeah, the bald guy, I decided to give Earl Grey a try. I found several brands, and tried them all. The best one came in a balsa wood box, with a burnt on engraving of a ship on it. The lid of the box slid off the top. The packaging was simply amazing. The tea itself was outstanding. It was the only drink of its type that I never had to add anything to, like the others. No cream or sugar needed. It was that good. That became my staple for many years. I moved to Clearwater Florida in 2004. Never saw that brand again. I really miss it.

So now I drink instant coffee. I know what your thinking, the same thing I thought. O.o ack!
But to be honest, it turned out pretty good. The wife only drinks her brand, and nothing else. And every other brand really does taste terrible in comparison. Without becoming an add for them, I’ll just call it what she does… Tasters coffee. Yes, with that you can guess the rest of the name. Thats the only coffee I’ve been drinking now for about 10 years. And it works especially well when making it keto. There is no waste. We make one cup at a time.

There goes Mr Verbose again.

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For a time in the late 1960s and early 1970s, my family went to a church that had a common routine - Sunday school for kids, church service for adults, then a deal where everybody was together for a little while, and then a social hour where there were munchies and tea and coffee.

I liked that Lipton Tea they had - it was in huge urns, and all you did was put a cup underneath the spout and turn this little valve thing, and out came the tea. No doubt I hammered it pretty hard with sugar, and I tried to be sneaky so nobody noticed how many cups I was getting. Yee Haa what a rush, 6 or 7 good cups of tea for a 10 year old.

Still like Lipton, Earl Grey, etc. - heck, I drink 'em all. Lots of coffee too, just black, nothing in it. I know that salt cuts the bitterness, but I never think to put a little salt in; I just drink it, no matter how rough, and some of it’s been horrendous. Still, glad to have it.

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Hi Meltar,

That article mentioned carb eating and also didn’t mention if those drank straight black coffee or laced with sugar, or flavored creamers. I add coconut oil to my coffee especially on fasting days and I can go all day with out feeling hungry. I don’t do the butter bullet proof coffee, but I use half and half with the coconut oil. Taste great and doesn’t really give it a coconut flavor. I find in the studies that slam things like caffeine and coconut oil tends to affect people that eat a western diet aka carbers