Caffeine and insulin resistance


Coffee makes me feel hungry, but when I add butter, MCT, cream, and salt, it fills me up

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I’ve been strict keto / IF since Feb 2017, lost 50+ pounds (7 to go to goal) and my wonderful coffee is no longer my good friend. I’ve been noticing the same effects - getting hungry and shaky and cold (SOOOO COLD!) instead of getting that pleasant buzz and warmness. So I’ve been wondering the same thing about an insulin (or other hormone) connection.

With no proof whatsoever, what I’ve been thinking is that maybe I’ve recovered some additional function in my adrenals that I didn’t even realize I was missing before. And that I’m now getting the response that a person SHOULD be getting from 4 cups of java a day. That’s the research I’ll be digging into.

I once gave up coffee for an entire year, and noticed zero results. But, I was also eating carbage then. I think I’ll have to do another elimination or Decaf test.


That’s a really interesting question. I’ve been noticing an uptick in my caffeine response as well – jangly nerves, what feels like a rapid heartbeat – after 2 or 3 cups of drip-filter, an amount which has been quite usual for me for years.

I’ll be watching this space!

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I’m going to try this!!


I know that some persons (perhaps those who are more [hyper]active) get sleepy from caffeine. So, not everyone is the same even in that regard.


This sounds like a good n=1 for me, all of these questions surrounding the caffeine and possible insulin response are intriguing. Nice thread.

I have wondered how it may affect me for quite some time since I suspect that cortisol is elevated in my system from long-term stress.

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Caffeine is extremely good for you, and you should drink a lot of coffee. Or tea. Or both.

(Hands over ears, going “Nyah, nyah, nyah, I can’t hear you!”)

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@MelTar Just tried this and I like it. Tastes like broth! I don’t know if it will do for replacing coffee but I’ll try it tomorrow.


There is much evidence that caffeine can be very good for us - and that it enhances metabolism - however, as with everything, there are exceptions! There may certainly be a need for metabolically deranged folks to abstain from caffeine - though I haven’t seen the convincing studies on that. Generally caffeine enhances and supports metabolism - but maybe the real question is what is added to the coffee to de-acidify the impact, maybe that’s the missing link.

My self-experimentation has been rather convincing. I learning a long time ago that black coffee on an empty stomach - whether because of doing fasting or when used to quell hunger when a meal is delayed - is awfully hard on the system. And that taking a post-meal plain espresso with a creamy dessert can be heaven.

A lot of european and South American coffee is taken with lots of cream/fat or as a digestive after a creamy meal - not usually taken black on an empty stomach. There is also a French/Italian technique of taking the black coffee along with hot crusty bread or croissants or plain biscotti to soak up the acid - I’ve tried it in my past of and it works… for about 2 hours before you’re starving for lunch in that carbo crash way.

Also, the way one makes coffee matters a lot. I make traditional stovetop espresso in a stainless steel Vigano I’ve had since the 90s, here’s a pic I found on google images for the same kind:

Espresso is much lower in caffeine than french press or drip. I also add a little powdered cinnamon or cardamom to the basket with the coffee before brewing to sweeten it a little, and only fill the basket 2/3 full to weaken the consistency a bit. I drink the equivalent of about 3 espresso shots in the morning with plenty of fat.

I have found that adding 2-3 tablespoons of good fat to my morning coffee when fasting keeps me going another 6-8 hours before I need to eat. I use a 1 tblsp virgin coconut oil and 1 tblsp homemade ghee - with a spoon in my mug to stir it every few sips to help mix the oil in (I can’t stand to use a blender to make latte style emulsified coffee). I also add a few tablespoons of half n half because it’s delicious and gives me the 1 or 2 carbs needed to keep my female biology from thinking we’re starving and lurching into fat storage.

Inches keep dropping, brain keeps feeling amazing, so it’s working for me - plus smells great in the morning!

But everything’s not for every body, etc.

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I’m wondering if it stokes hunger so I’m going to try the tamari today, but I DO love coffee!!


Thirty days caffeine free! I feel so much calmer.

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Do the test. Measure BG, then drink the coffee black. Measure your BG again at 30 min and 60 min after drinking. N=1 Then you will know what works for you! :+1:t3:

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I just came off of a 32 day water fast. I loss about 32 pounds and have gained back 20. I have just figured out that coffee and caffeine causes me tremendous swollen ankles and insulin resistance. Other than stopping the caffeine and coffee. How can I turn this water retention around quickly? Help! I am about to POP!


That one always cracks me up, all I can come up with is if your used to drinking water, that the brain detects the taste of coffee as “burnt”. It’s hilarious seeing as how NOT strong House and Pike are and that always what people are referring to.

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I use these too upon occasion. Love them…(& have been known to actually lick the wrapper on fasting days…:open_mouth:)


I got an Americano the other day from some random coffee shop and I would’ve sworn it was warm water and a splash of heavy cream. Zero coffee flavor whatsoever. Once you get into Starbucks it’s impossible to go back. The issue I have now is sometimes the Starbucks k-cups are hard to find at a decent price. Costco is hit and miss, Amazon is expensive as are most other retailers. I ordered some Tully’s to try but we’ll see. I love everything about Starbucks except the price.

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I know that the coffee and the caffeine are the cause of the swollen ankles and insulin resistance. In addition to cutting out all caffeine, how do I turn this insulin resistance around quickly. I am a beginner with the Keto Diet. I know that the formula is 75% fat, 20% protein and 5% carbohydrates, correct?


Here in Fla, I spend about $5 for 13 oz can of espresso ground Bustello. I’m caffeine free now and fortunately Bustello also has a decaf version which is excellent. I don’t think it comes in k-cups though.


I should switch to a ground coffee, I feel guilty about k-cups sometimes because they are so damn wasteful.

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I am super sensitive to caffeine and have found a brand that is 99% caffeine free and uses Swiss mountain water to remove it. Starbucks uses chemicals to remove the caffeine (although I drink it amyway when away from the house). Studies show the benefits of coffee come from the bean and decaf is still a strong antioxidant. I like the taste of coffee and the ability to drink a cup of decaf in the evening with no trouble sleeping.