Caffeine and insulin resistance


Hi, Carmelo. You may be right about the study. I don’t know. But either way, caffeine makes me hungry, and I’m zero carb.

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Wouldn’t the sweet flavor (even if no sugar is present) cause an insulin release in the body though?


Bullet coffee certainly affects my hunger - though not for as long as a full keto meal. However, I did notice a difference between when I started keto, and after I reached my current plateau in weight - according to the dietician I met two days ago, I am undernourished. Whatever you think of BMI as a measure, I am now below the normal range for my height and age.
I noticed that once I had virtually no body fat left, I felt hungry a couple hours after my bullet coffee, instead of 5 or 6 hours (and those 5 or 6 hours involved physical work).

Is it possible to have a test to measure your insulin (not your cabs) after drinking coffee - preferably without dairy - milk or cream? Then you’d have evidence of caffein’s impact on insulin production.

Or could there be associative psychological factors - e.g. you’ve always had coffee with something good to eat, so you are primed psychologically to expect it? Here in Sweden we have a custom called “fika” which is basically any pause in anything you do, to have a coffee and some pastry - often yummy cinamon buns. And we can “fika” any number of times in a day. :smile: so having an Americano without the pastry feels unnatural and socially unacceptable.

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There is no home test for insulin, alas! The only way to get that information would to be to test your serum glucose at intervals before and after drinking your coffee, to see if an insulin effect could be inferred.