Cafeïne and Fasting 5 Days

(Jim) #1

Next monday I’m embarking on a 5 day fast journey (Maybe longer if I feel like it) to reset my gut and for spiritual reasons. A good friend of mine did a 14 day fast and he called it his “Big reset” what made a lot of thing clear and healed his gut.

I have had problems with my gut for around 1-2 years now. Did a lot of mixing diets to try out what worked for me. Did Keto for months, but unfortuanlly my body doesn’t react well to that amount of fat. Because of all that switching (And eating bad), I got some gut problems that I would like to fix. I have a lot of brainfog and fatigue issues that I need to solve.

So, I have been doing some 24 hour fast these last 2 weeks and it went fairly easy. There is only one question. Is it okay to use caffeïne (Pure powder) in the morning while doing a extended fast to heal my gut? I use around 50-70mg a day and it works for me. I’m a bit afraid to get drawbacks from not using caffeïne while fasting. I have been reading online, but as usual there are a lot of mixed reports if its healthy or not on a empty stomach while fasting.

So, would it be possible or is it better to not consume it while doing my prolonged fast?


(Bob M) #2

You mean an actual pill with caffeine in it?

When I’ve done fasting, I still drank coffee and tea, both without cream.

(Jim) #3

Coffe has to much Acid for me, for some reason my body doesn’t really go well on it.

That’s why I use Caffeïne capsules, but I open te capsule and only use the powder within.

(Bob M) #4

If it doesn’t hurt you now, such as causing stomach upset, if you’re taking it on an empty stomach, then it probably won’t be different when fasting. If you’re taking it with food, try taking it on an empty stomach to see what happens.

(KM) #5

Good luck with your fast!

I’ll be coming off a five day fast tomorrow evening - or possibly extend it one more day. I’ve been drinking coffee with a little cream, one big cup AM. I do find that black coffee or plain tea on an empty stomach, especially in the morning, will make me nauseous. (A caffeine pill won’t, though.)

I do have a supply of caffeine pills and occasionally I will take one if I’m in a slump. Of course the best thing for a total reset would be water / electrolyte only, but since I didn’t wean to myself off caffeine ahead of time, I decided not to torture myself with caffeine withdrawal and a challenging fast at the same time.

Short answer I think a caffeine pill is okay. Not the best, but it won’t really mess anything up.

(Allie) #6

You can drink black coffee while fasting.