Cacao Butter: online or IRL sources/brand recs?

(christa) #1

I want to try some recipes (including @richard’s tempered chocolate and white chocolate drops) that call for cacao butter, but it’s fairly pricey on Amazon, so I want to keep my trial and error to a minimum.

Have you bought it online? Or have you found it in a grocery or health food store? If so, which one(s), and in which area of the store should I look for it? (I’ve never found any IRL!) Any particular brand you’d recommend?

Thanks for any and all cacao-hunting tips!

(Lalena Hutton) #2

I’ve only seen it at Mothers Market and recently at Sprouts, and both were more pricey than I had found it on Amazon.

(christa) #3

Gotcha. Any brands on Amazon you like over others?

(Mark Bousquet) #4

I like Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof Cacao Butter, if you’re looking for something high end and lab tested.
I occasionally put it in my Bulletproof Coffee along with the rest of the oils plus his cocoa.

Tastes great!

(Lalena Hutton) #5

Since I just started using it, I went for this one because it was affordable. Terra soul Superfoods organic raw cocoa butter. It’s got a good, rich flavor, and so far I am happy with it.

(christa) #6

Awesome! Thank you so much. This is definitely the cheapest I’ve seen. Glad to hear you like it; I’m excited to try it out.

(christa) #7

Cool, thanks Mark! Searching on Amazon, that one’s about twice the price of the Terra soul brand. But maybe I will give it a shot when I have my recipes worked out and am less likely to screw things up!

(Mark Bousquet) #8

Good idea! :slight_smile:


I purchased my first bag of Raw Cacao Butter on Amazon just last week. After I did my research I ordered “The Raw Food World” Raw Cacao Butter.

I was excited to see what this “cacao butter” actually was and what it would taste like, OMGoodness this is scrumptious! I immediately thought to add it to my morning flat whites and again WOW. Such a wonderful subtle buttery chocolate flavor and the feel to the mouth is magical.

I need to check out the multiple uses for this stuff, quickly.

So, I highly recommend adding raw cacao butter to your Keto walk. AND it’s a superfood to boot!

(christa) #10

Thank you, I’ll look for that one! Excited to try it out.

(Kipp Howard) #11

I just bought some of the terrasoul cocoa butter as well. Gonna be making some dark chocolate espresso fat bombs from the Big Book of Fat Bombs cookbook.

(christa) #12

Caffeinated fat bombs! I like the sound of that. :smile:

(Athena Elliston) #13

I use Anthony’s cacao wafers, I get them on amazon.

(christa) #14