Buying a smart watch anyone tried the Whiting's Steel HR Sport?

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Been looking at the Withings Steel HR Sport smart watch, and love everything about it. Activity tracking, heart monitoring, sleep tracking and especially the battery “range”. Charge up only once every 25 days. That is a huge benefit, as most smart watches require charging multiple times each week - and the is not great when I wish to track both heart rate, sleep and activities. And finally, the watch does not look like a smart watch, in my book that is a winning recipe. I’m no diver and my watch shouldn’t say otherwise :smiley:

The only feature I can’t see for this watch is the ability to use say spotify directly from the watch. If that was possible it would be a 100% match. Imagine not needing to drag a smartphone with you and still have access to all your playlist while walking, or doing exercise, how great would that be?

As I am new to the idea of smart watches I don’t really know what is out there, and what other similar watches to look compare it with. I guess I can live without the ability to listen to music via bluetooth directly from the clock but it would be nice if that is an option. If anyone os dedicated whitings enthusiast you might know of future releases, if there are new releases planned with spotify enabled. Let me know.

For those who track sleep, how accurate does the watch track your sleep? The sleep tracking is an important one, as I uses sleep apne machine, and I would really like to be able to ditch that dang thing. And maybe I can as the weight melts away. So I should start tracking now, so I could have data to compare with when I down the road try to sleep without the machine.


1: What is your overall impression of the Steel HR Sport?

2: Is there are way to hack it to work with spotify? It got bluetooth and android…

3: How accurate do you find the trackers to be, heart rate, and sleep tracking in particular?

4: Are the claims about battery life true in real life usage?

5: Overall experience in regard to stability, firmware upgrades and as a recording tool for logging data?