Butter sous vide steak - OMG! (Pornographic)

(No I'm not mad - that's just my face) #1

(John) #2

I saw this yesterday, it looks amazing and I want that sear machine.

(Mike W.) #3

What does cooking in the butter do? I prefer to oven, sear, butter baste.


Poaching in fat (butter, ghee, olive oil, duck fat…etc) at low temperature for a long time is actually called confit. It’s a very established french cooking technique.

(No I'm not mad - that's just my face) #5

I olive oil poached fish once (in the oven) and it was one of the best pieces of fish I’ve ever had. Cooked to perfection.


OMG I can feel the butter running down my chin!

(Stephanie Hanson) #7

I put butter in with my Sous Vide ribeyes. It’s amazing

(Jennifer) #8

One of our favorite restaurants does Sous Vide beef ribs as an appetizer. Absolutely incredible. I think I am just going to get a few of them next time as a meal.

(chris.coote) #9

So, how would this compare to vacuum sealing a stick of butter with my 2day sous vide chuck roast?


Very interesting question. I have to admit that the same thought crossed my mind, too.

(chris.coote) #11

Tried it :blush: I did not notice as much a change, but my non-keto kids insisted on eating the fat pieces (always cut and discarded before) because they tasted so “buttery” and yummy.

(Dave) #12

Can you do this in a slow cooker?


I’m sure it’s delicious but to be fair that was a pretty damn good steak to begin with. I have to think butter in the sous vide bag would produce a similar result.