Burger press recommendations?

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OK, so I want to buy a decent burger press. (Currently I have a really crappy plastic one off eBay.)

Plan is to mostly use it to bulk make burgers for freezing then sous viding, but also at times to make stuffed burgers (not too often, though - I’m not convinced they’re worth the effort).

Currently I have two candidates on Amazon (AU).

Bellemain Burger Press - $39

Weston Burger Press - $47

The Weston one gets mentioned as being able to make stuffed burgers, but haven’t seen any actual evidence of this despite a fair bit of searching, and I can’t see how it’s any different from the Bellemain, which is cheaper and much easier for me to get (via Amazon AU).

So, anyone have any opinions on these?


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They both look exactly the same… ?

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Exactly what I thought, too. But it’s only the Weston one that mentions stuffed patties, but I can’t find anything from Weston that says that, so I’m wondering if anyone has used them and knows.

But in the absence of any evidence, the Bellemain is the one I’m buying.

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Sorry have never used one I just shape them with my hands…

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In the States, there’s a pretty good and inexpensive one at Harbor Freight. Same with an Electric Slicer. The slicer works as well as a Krups one I broke a while back.

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My step-son insists that his burgers need to be pressed only enough to just hold their shape, no more, definitely not pressed or compressed. And I do have to admit, he makes some pretty good burgers.

I saw his burgers before they went onto the grill last time. They almost looked “fluffy” compared to what a frozen hamburger patty would have been. I thought to myself, “those are gonna fall apart, big time”. But they didn’t at all.

(Carl Keller) #9

Bellemaine has 96% rating while the Weston has a 99% rating if that makes a difference.


Hand shaped burgers tend to have more character and puff up a bit on the grill, making them juicier IMO.

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I have never used one because burger patties that are hand made are easy if you wet your hands, and I like to make the center thinner than the edges to equalize the distortion that cooking causes. Patties thin out on the edges while puffing up in the center. And it just seems like something more to wash after cooking. Sometimes I use wax paper to press burgers or sausage patties.

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I would imagine that there could be a use for something like a ring mold in forming patties by hand. That and a kitchen scale could make some really consistent patties.

(Laurie) #12

I don’t make burger patties any more, but I used to make them often. I’d either weigh or eyeball 1/4 lb hunks; no filler or seasoning needed.

Then I’d use a yogurt container lid as a form, patting the meat into shape. Because the lid is flexible, it was easy to get the patty out. If you have trouble, you can line the lid with plastic wrap.

The patties shrank in diameter and puffed up during cooking. Perfect!

This method is not suitable for mass production, but if you’re making several patties it’s handy to have more than one lid on the go.

This photo shows the kind of lid I mean. It’s basically flat, with a shallow rim, from a 500 g to 1 liter (1 to 2 lb) yogurt or sour cream container.


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This is the way to go!

Especially while also pushing spices into the meat.

Break in half a few times, kneed back together, “seal” with direct pressure all of the edges.

Much better and easier-to-deal-with patty in the frying pan.

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Those burger presses almost look too good to be true, in the photos for each burger press there was zero burger residue in the tops of the presses and the burgers had a lovely hand formed roundness.

(Robert C) #15

which I think you’ll never get without the “hand” part of "hand formed roundness. :grinning:

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Ah, but did you read that link? I did so yesterday, and I’m pretty sure it’s written by a bot, probably the same one that seems to write most of the Amazon book reviews these days.

Also, 99% v 96% means as much to me as it does to you :slight_smile:

Hand shaped burgers tend to have more character and puff up a bit on the grill, making them juicier IMO.

Probably true. But I hate “characters.”

Yup, been there, done that, works pretty well.

Well, I don’t have a lot of lids like you cavepersons.

They’ll have used wax paper or gladwrap to keep it clean like that, guaranteed :slight_smile:

Look, it was good enough to fool Todd, and he’s the King of Fats, so it’s all good, I say :slight_smile:

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Okay @juice , this is kind of troll like considering we’re all pretty much characters here, you included. :wink:

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What, I can’t cope with these unfair characterisations before 7am…

Anyway, I’ll get the cheaper one, thanks to everyone for never having used either but still making a big old thread anyway :slight_smile:

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This is what I use:

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Pfft, I want a big fancy one.