Burger press recommendations?

(Give me bacon, or give me death.) #21

All well and good for them as can afford it . . . :grin:

(But my inner Scotsman is still horrified, nevertheless!)

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We gotta take what we can get down here, pretty much everything isn’t available or costs a fortune :slight_smile:


Burgers to us are all about being handjobs.

Plus we nearly poke a hole through them to make them look like beef donuts — it helps them flatten out evenly upon cooking.

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I really like this Cuisinart press, it’s very durable, you can make regular burgers or stuffed burgers. It also comes with a smaller press for sliders which I use for mini deep fried fish cakes. Tip: in the second picture you can see little wax paper rounds that I cut to fit the press, it makes it really easy for handling and the burgers won’t stick to the tray when freezing, just peel off before putting on the grill.
Best $10 accessory for the grill. https://www.amazon.com/Cuisinart-CSBP-100-Stuffed-Burger-Press/dp/B00B58A0OC/ref=as_li_ss_tl?creativeASIN=B00B58A0OC&imprToken=1zuplG4I4mlsdZVZjG3E0g&slotNum=2&ie=UTF8&qid=1527262720&sr=8-4&keywords=burger+press&linkCode=w61&tag=villaegbakery-20&linkId=d3937724dddcefc360db013f64ea6abd


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I consume 10 pounds of ground chuck patties, 6 oz, per week. I use a press so I can prep them all and store in the freezer. This is the one I use. I’ve made some hundreds of patties with it.

I buy 18" rolls of freezer paper at Walmart and slice it in to the square peices needed for stacking. I can make several months supply quickly. The brown paper butchers use would be even better but I don’t know where to get that in comsumer size rolls.

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It may be fairly simple and basic, but sometimes a good old hamburger really hits the spot. :sunglasses:

Right on - my wife and I both like bleu cheese; salt and pepper, Worcestershire sauce and hot pepper sauce, and a few ounces of crumbled bleu cheese mixed with the meat. :+1:


Back in the day my mom used the lids from won ton soup or deli containers, stacked them, and froze them. I use the Tupperware burger former, but got rid of the actual stackable containers because I never used them.

It consists of a ring and a sort of “plunger” to push the meat down evenly. Works great.