Budget tip for UK today. Blackberries


Blackberries are ready! Crazy early this year, we have been picking them for almost 2 weeks now.
Yes they have some sugar but 50g which is a good handful has about 2.5g of sugar.

I’ve been whipping up some double cream and striring is the blackberries. It’s a wonderful breakfast.
Hardly any protein, but its nice as a little breakfast pudding after a sausage and egg.


The main season is over in my garden already (in Hungary). Everything came earlier this year, it’s pear season now.

I tried blackberries with sour cream, it wasn’t sweet enough (the berries themselves were fully ripe so they were really sweet so I give the mix a chance) so I suppose I need to use way less sour cream (or mascarpone or whipped cream)… But I normally just eat a bunch of them, chilled.


Same. I love blackberries, not just because they are free. It is so easy to keep picking and not realise how many your eating.
This was the first time I’ve managed to bring them all home and weight them out before eating any.
Not sure about them with sour cream.

(Bacon enough and time) #4

Any type of cream will do, heavy cream, cream cheese, sour cream, mascarpone, clotted cream, you get the idea!

If you like Brie cheese, try some with the blackberries and see what you think!


Never tried that but it seems a very fine idea to me. I love brie and while don’t LOVE blackberries, they are nice here and there in season. Can’t be a bad combo together, far from it, I am sure!


You have just made up for your celery and peanut butter comment!
That sounds amazing.
I usually buy a bree when its out if date, because that’s when its halfway ready to eat.
If I buy it fresh, I usually leave it for a month before opening it.