Browned or burned butter

(Brian) #1

Just thought I would offer a twist to adding more butter to the diet to boost the fat we’re taking in.

Lots of people talk about using butter just as it is. And that’s fine. But if you want something different, brown it or “burn it” as some people say.

We had some salmon steaks this evening for supper. I decided to go ahead and fry them in butter instead of oil. I got a little extra butter in the pan, though, and was able to really do some serious frying of that salmon steak. (I actually probably overcooked them just a little. They were still good.)

But when I took the salmon out of the pan, there was a nice amount of browned butter left in the pan. I decided that would not go to waste so I put it in a little dish on the table. We had some green beans for our veggie and I figured, why not? I put about half of the browned butter from out of the pan onto my green beans and had a taste. WOW!!! Awesome flavor!! My dear wife saw the expression on my face and I never got any more of it… this time. :smiley:

I used to like browned butter over carrots. But it goes well over other things, too. I’ll bet it would be awesome on brussels sprouts. Gonna be playing with it more in days to come.


Browned butter is fantastic, I keep a jar in the fridge

(Brian) #3

Hmmm… Interesting. I never thought about making it ahead of time and keeping it around for whatever occasion.

Does it go back to solid form when it cools down again? Honestly, I’ve never had any extra to deal with after eating.


Yea, it solidifies, I chill in ice while stirring occasionally to keep the solids suspended

(Garrell Herndon) #5

I’ve been using browned butter in my fatty coffee. Browned butter and MCT. I keep a jar of it made up. I strain mine with cheese cloth.

(traci simpson) #6

I have the most amazing cauliflower recipe: Brown butter cauliflower mash! amazing!

(Jacqueline Porter) #7

This is a classic french dish, beurre noisette!
See you are cooking like a top chef - who knew!:blush:

(Banting & Yudkin & Atkins & Eadeses & Cordain & Taubes & Volek & Naiman & Bikman ) #8

Browned butter is great.

Burned milk fat solids (as opposed to browned) are kinda awful.

(Troy) #10

Thanks for sharing
My mom made it all the time
So good
And some added sugar🙂
Family memories

(Jacqueline Porter) #11

Stop swearing!

(Doug) #13

In my baking days, browned butter gave a warm, toasty, nutty flavor to things… “What is in this…?” :heart:

(Murphy Kismet) #14

I accidentally discoverd browned butter about six years ago.

I was steaming brocoli and melting butter in two metal egg poaching cups to make a butter-lemon dip for the broccoli for my daughter and I. I was doing other things and didn’t keep an eye on the butter in the cups and they were foaming up!! One wasn’t as bad as the other so I gave that one to my daughter (18yo at the time) and apologized if it tasted bad.
Then I tasted mine.
I immediately shoved another piece of broccoli with this awesome sauce into my daughter’s face and said, “EAT!” She loved it!

So then I phoned my mom and was telling her what I’d discovered. Do you know what she said to me?? “I knew that. It’s how I make my scrambled eggs.”
And then I remembered: the small cast iron pan on the stove with the butter all burnt in it, and my mother running around the corner into the kitchen to put her single beaten egg in the pan, and cook it up.

I felt BAD for my mom having to eat an egg cooked in burnt butter!! And all this time it’d been planned lol