Lol. You should ask yourself the same question. Did humans skin animals with rocks and then knives because they were loosing their teeth? :wink:

(Joey) #22

Choose one over the other?!

FWIW, I put raw broccoli (along with a bunch of other veggies, eggs, meat, cheese) in my spinach salad nightly. Becomes my side salad to go with my butter-drenched steak, sizzling burger, sausage… ;-). :vulcan_salute:

p.s. - our yellow lab snarfs up the broccoli stems tossed in his dish. Goes crazy for it. Perhaps he’s into a canine paleo thing?


He’s a yellow Labrador. Prime directive is to eat. They have a greedy gene inherited from their Chesapeake Bay Retriever ancestors to lay down body fat for buoyancy and insulation. Not the best test for paleo broccoli discernment. :laughing:

(Joey) #24

Fair enough. To your point, there’s virtually nothing we toss in his dish that he doesn’t snarf down (sauerkraut, olives, steak gristle, cucumber, carrots, bacon grease, …) with the possible exception of his vet-prescribed overpriced kibble, which he will rarely touch unless we starve him. :dog: Rescue dogs never know which keto scraps will be their last.


Thanks for sharing your broccoli Lab tests.

I started “Billie” our black Labrador puppy, 6mths old now, on a puppy paleo diet that is very keto in ingredients: fatty beef mince, sardines, suet, eggs, full fat yogurt, chicken frames and chicken necks. I got a 12kg bag of expensive brand-name puppy kibble as per recommendations and she would leave that in the bowl. These days I just use it as a garnish. And will stop it all together when the bag is done. She is a really healthy and energetic pup. Surprisingly, she is not a snarfeler. She is a slow eater despite growing larger each time she has a nap. Broccoli is yet to pass her lips.

Is SomeGuy Broccoli your vegan alter-ego?

(Old Baconian) #26

With our Lab, the problem is not what she’ll chow down on, it’s what’s going to come back up later. :scream: