Breaking the CICO myth

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Breaking CICO

How much veg do you eat a day?
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Is a calorie really a calorie? Metabolic advantage of low-carbohydrate diets.
Manninen AH.
J Int Soc Sports Nutr. 2004 Dec 31;1(2):21-6. doi: 10.1186/1550-2783-1-2-21.



Introduction to calories by Peter Attia. What they are and what they can and can’t be used for. I like him because he explains technical stuff with pictures and arrows.

Follow up reading on CICO vs insulin hypothesis.

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you can not discuss this without including a Lustig video !

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Love his blog. :grinning:

Ketogenic Survival Guide for Beginners
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Absolutely adore Robert Lustig, he is my hero. Got me off my sugar addiction, probably the single most important thing that’s happened in my life with regard to my health, and all it took was a 90 minute youtube video… you know the one, Sugar: The Bitter Truth. Hope one day to shake that man’s hand!

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I simply tell people “Do you think you could eat 1500 calories of Mars Bars, or 1500 calories of meat and salad and expect to have the same results?”

Ps LOVE Robert Lustig. We were ‘clean eaters’ for a bit, he started us down the path which lead to keto <3


From the linked article in the OP…

“These mice will make fat out of their food under the most unlikely circumstances, even when half starved,” [researcher Jean] Mayer had reported.

I heard Taubes quote this study on a podcast also, but I never did track down the original. There are a LOT of hyperphagic mouse studies on the Googles. Anyone know which one? ?

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… also it’s worth pointing out that Bloob knows all about CI:CO


And your blog commenters know a lot about science.