Bra size


(Jennifer M Worth) #1

In the past doing weight watchers the cup size is the first thing to diminish. I haven’t found that to be true on keto. Not a complaint I just find it curious especially as I’m menopausal as well.

(Robin) #2

That used to be the first place I lost with every diet.
Today, My cup size has not diminished and it’s been 2 1/2 years and 70 pounds gone.
So it happens. But I think we may be in the minority.


There is surely some individual factor too…
I didn’t lose much fat but it’s not negligible, it happened before keto, no bra changes at all (my head slimmed down first, then I noticed changes here and there, nothing at my chest). I don’t have much fat below my breasts so I don’t expect my cup size to go up (that happens when one’s breasts don’t change but the size below diminishes significantly, right?) but I am curious if I will see any changes if I manages to slim down one day. (I do my best and train my chest muscles, it can’t hurt.)

Breasts are supposed to get smaller when losing much fat, it’s very normal so I would expect that in most cases. I don’t think keto matters much but who knows?

(Allie) #4

Same here, usually lose them but not on keto.

(KM) #5

My cup size hasn’t gotten smaller this time around and I’ve lost 20% of my body weight. It’s actually a bit frustrating, I have more than I want. All headed toward my knees.


I definitely lost mine. From like E to a current B/C.

My breast ptosis is also quite severe but I’ll take it.

(Robin) #7

Oh wait… We’re talking direction??
Well then, things have definitely gone South!

(Joey) #8

I hope you ample breasted keto’ers appreciate how hard it is for some of us to refrain from getting involved this exchange. :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

(Allie) #9

You have something to contribute Joey? :rofl:

(Ohio ) #10

I’m hoping Kayla Lemieux chimes in :crossed_fingers:


:scream_cat::100::100::partying_face::crazy_face: too darn funny, I feel ya. Now I do everything to keep them up HAHA


I am a young one, still only 46 years old, well things aren’t as perky as they probably were decades ago, don’t remember well but once I saw a 18 years old girl with super saggy boobs… So I consider myself lucky as mine age as expected I suppose. It still would be nicer to have small boobs, they can’t sag much, my SO prefers small boobs too (my taste is more varied, boobs are amazing in various sizes but he doesn’t complain at all so all is well. he doesn’t even have boobs so I still do better)… I have B/C, not huge but a bit bigger than ideal for me :smiley: But small enough to look normal and they can’t cause pain. I heard boobs can be sensitive or painful anyway sometimes, well mine aren’t.

Mom had pretty okay boobs even when older, surely they changed but were surprisingly good for her age and I seem to inherit lots of genes from her so I am hopeful.

Oh I have no idea if you folks or people in general consider the frequent or any use of boobs proper, it’s not my language but anyway, you LUCKY ones with English as your mother language, you have a word for boobs! My language just hasn’t… How stupid is this, it’s one of the greatest things in existence and I can’t call them properly in Hungarian. I can only say childish, vulgar or too boring things, the latter is “female breast”. It’s the only way I can talk about boobs properly as breast is unisex, we don’t even have chest and breast, just one word for everything, even the ribcage has the “breast” word in it… Man, woman, kid, chicken, they all have the same. I never can get over this atrocity, not having a proper word for such an important thing.
“Boobs” even sound almost as funny as boobs are themselves. Good word.

(KM) #13

:laughing:. It’s not exactly a polite company word, but it’s acceptable, won’t get you banned anywhere. We also have tits, which is a perversion of ‘teats’, a little more rude maybe but also not likely to cause anyone a heart attack.

I found that menopause made a huge difference in my … Okay, boobs, ability to bounce back, so to speak. I do not have children, before menopause D cup was still almost passing the pencil test. Sadly no longer the case.


Tits is like cici in Hungarian, almost a kiddy word, not serious enough. I can imagine it in playful situations but not when I am very serious…

Yep, I could use another word in English too… I guessed it right then, it’s a tad bold, I wouldn’t use it in very formal, serious situations or with some people, sure but I just don’t know a better word… Yep breast sometimes but I like to emphasise that it’s the female one :slight_smile: Oh well.

Pencil test? I need to look that up.

(KM) #15

One other thing, it’s definitely less acceptable for men to use either of those terms, disrespectful. And breast is usually taken to mean the female breast, unless it’s very obviously referring to chicken. The pencil test is if you tuck a pencil under your breast, does it stay there. If it falls out you passed.

(Allie) #16

I fail :rofl:

(KM) #17

I could stick a water glass under there. Possibly a small child. :imp:

(Karen) #18

Well it would be enlightening to know whether the same has applied to the men who have lost a number of pounds or whether it has just been female thing?

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #19

I can tell you that (a) if I try to put a pencil under my tits, it falls, and (b) they aren’t any smaller than they were before keto.

(ducking and running for cover :rofl:)

(Karen) #20