Bra size


(Megan) #21


I’ve lost some mass but definitely less than I didn’t when losing weight on different woes. And yup, gravity is alive and well in the 4 dimensions I live in.

(Karen) #22

@Shinita believe me little’uns can become saggy so it is important for us, who have been blessed with a size small, that we continue to exercise the pectorial muscles. I have noticed over the years when i have lacked the good habit of training that those little dumplings very soon become fried eggs. With habitual training I can boast that mine are nice a firm and lifted at almost 66. :wink: i wouldn’t want them any other way and i can be truthful and say it has taken me years to become happy and at peace with my size. :blush:


I heard that exercise may help but it was very dubious there, good to hear about someone who experienced it does good!
I find exercise important anyway so yep, I do that in my full body training.