Bowel issues after cheat

(Trisha) #1

several days ago, I cheated big time. After that, I did a 36 hour fast. During my fast I had black coffee and bone broth. Several hours after drinking the broth, I had diarrhea. Same thing after breaking my fast. Had bullet proof coffee yesterday morning… had to run to the bathroom. And it happened again a few hours after dinner. I know bathroom issues can happen after a fast… But from bone broth during a fast? Even today, I’m very gassy.

(Jacquelyn Graham) #2

That’s the result of the cheat, I believe, not the bone broth. Your gut enzymes change on Keto and throwing a bunch of stuff at it that it isn’t set up to process anymore will give you gas and diarrhea. Happened to me when I made the mistake of being polite and eating some rice when I was a few months in. Sick as a dog for a day after. No cheats for me, thank you very much, and I don’t eat anything simply to be polite any more.

(Duncan Kerridge) #3

Yep, it’s the cheat. In the first few months of keto while my gut was adapting if I got too bunged up and hadn’t been able to go for a few days then a few slices of toast or other carbs would get things moving pretty quickly… not a problem I have anymore.

(John) #4

Happens when I cheat, which I like, cause it ain’t worth it to me. Usually lasts 3 days for me.


The cheat has likely changed the microbes in your intestines. If the biota was used to one type of food, and then got another batch of food (like sugars and simple carbs), it influences the growth of the microbe colonies. Takes a bit of time to go back. Give it some time.

If you are measuring a fever, though, it is probably a flu or something along those lines, and you should seek medical attention.

(Trisha) #6

Thanks everyone. Guess it’s the price I pay for the cheat.

(Trisha) #7

No fever… Guess it’s the cheat.

(Brian) #8

Had a similar reaction this weekend. A couple of cheats if you want to call them that. Out to a friend’s house for dinner and had a bigger piece of regular cheesecake than I wanted plus some sauces I couldn’t identify. Noticed the next day. We were sent home with leftovers so we were polite. Worse after eating them the next day. Had a piece of cake yesterday at lunch that I was handed and didn’t want, ate it to be polite. Rough night. Intestinal distress. Haven’t eaten but intestinal distress seems to be waning. 22 hours since eating and really not hungry. Heck of a way to break through the 250 pound mark… 247 this morning. Guess I know if I cheat, I’ll pay for it!

(Anonymous Vlogs) #9

Yeah i googled will i have diarrhoea after cheating on keto diet i ate 4 slices of pizza after maintaining a keto diet i have an upset stomach so i just jump on the bandwagon again

(Charlene Bimpson) #10

Wow just had a KFC for a cheat meal and omg! :face_vomiting: sick as a dog and won’t be doing that again in a hurry. Just found this thread googling :joy: glad I’m not the only one!!!