BOOK "Salt, Fat, Acid and Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking"

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I’ve had this book on hold at my library for months and I’m dying to crack it open. It’s been getting pretty spectacular reviews. Who’s read it?

Salt, Fat, Acid and Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking

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Great book, love it! I don’t follow recipes, so this is my kind of cookbook.


Added to wish list!

(Ketopia Court Jester) #4

Here’s a fun interview they did with NPR.

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Here’s just one video about them on You Tube, there’s a lot more.


Pre-ordered it about a month ago on Audible. Totally forgot until just now. Since I suck at following recipes I look forward to learning some new techniques that will make my ability to “wing it” taste better.

(Jim Russell) #7

Nice. Just ordered it. I’ve always been a recipe improvisor. I make a dish once following the recipe, then I start to tweak it. I think a little better understanding of how salt, fat, acid and heat work together will make the process even better.