Body By Science

(Windmill Tilter) #61

In BBS, Dr. McGuff says that once you’ve given maximal effort on a specific lift, there is no benefit to performing a second set, and it shouldn’t really even be possible. I found the latter part to be true when I’ve tried another rep immediately after finishing the set.

Sometimes I get bored though, and do dumb things. I decided to try the BBS workout twice in one session like it was a circuit. I did the full big 5 in order with my normal weight, and then I dropped the weight 50% and did all 5 lifts over again. It was brutal. Like mini-panic-attack during the leg-press brutal.

I spent the rest of the day in bit of a daze. I reckon it was a bit of central nervous system overload. I woke up this morning with a soreness that I haven’t felt for many months. The thing that has me a bit on edge is that I know damn well the delayed onset muscle soreness isn’t going to hit until tomorrow morning. I’ll be pre-gaming that particular shit-show with lots of ibuprofen tonight.:flushed:

I’ll be curious to see whether my TUL goes up or down next week. Either way, I won’t be tempted to try it again for a while…:smile:

(Mame) #62

Wow Nick, that sounds brutal but it makes sense to me that you get bored. lol Having a trainer who keeps me ‘bugging’ me keeps me from getting bored I guess. I hope it doesn’t get as bad as you fear. Are you still going to lift weekly during your two week refeed?

so this an actual thing? Yes I am that weight-lifting ignorant. Due to my travel schedule I did not have my full 7 rest days between sessions only 4, then the next day (yesterday) my shoulders and neck hurt a lot and I had my first headache in months. I laid on ice packs most of the evening.
I wonder what I can do to avoid this in the future, because my schedule is going to have some funky times this coming month.

(Windmill Tilter) #63

Oh yeah. It’s a real thing all right. Body by Science is so effective because it emphasizes the eccentric portion of the lift compared to a normal cadence. This causes a gajillion little micro tears in the muscle. This is what causes DOMS. It hits you 24-72hrs after lifting. You’ve probably experienced it before. It was the muscle soreness that made you decide to sleep on the couch so you didn’t have to walk upstairs 48hrs after you did full depth squats for the first time…:yum:

I’ve read that we ketonians are actually somewhat immunized against DOMS because keto is so anti-inflammatory. I’ve tried BBS on keto and on SAD and I’ve this definitely seemed to be true. BBS induced DOMS was way worse on SAD.

(Windmill Tilter) #64


The good news is that I woke up with no DOMS. :blush:

The bad news is that I’m turning blue. I’m actually not kidding. I glanced over at my biceps during my shower this morning, and said “What the actual fuck???” My vascularity is through the roof this morning. There’s a patchwork of blue veins on pretty much every major muscle group in my body. The veins in my wrist are the diameter of pencils as I’m typing this. That’s new.

I think either I’m minutes from a stroke, or I built some muscle last night. Hard to say really. If it’s the latter, it would definitely explain why I ate 4000kcal and 250g of protein yesterday despite being five days into a refeed. I just couldn’t stop eating, and didn’t particularly want to try.

I’ll be really curious to see how I perform in 5 days.

(Diane) #65


Or you’ve just discovered that you have some alien DNA?

(Mame) #66

wow, me too! and please no strokes.

(Mame) #67

Another great workout at 630 am on my way to work at 30 hours fasted.
No change of clothing needed - I love that.

Several weight increases this week:
leg press - 192
pull down - 164
seated row -138

This time I had my full week of recovery and going by the headache I had last Wednesday I really needed. My core/abs were very engaged on the shoulder press, row and pull down today so I was happy about that. I was running low on strips so did not measure GKI beforehand.

this week’s question for others: When you lift do you focus on the lift or do you distract yourself mentally? Try not notice how hard it really is?

(DougH) #68

@cervyn I can’t comment on any of the body by science stuff, but you could help augment your grip on your heavier pull exercises by utilizing what power lifters call a hook grip.

You wrap your index and middle finger around your thumb. It isn’t comfortable at all, but it is safe for your hand, and will drastically increase the amount of load your hand can hold.

If you find you are being limited by your grip give that a try!

(Mame) #69

Thank you for your tip. I am going to do my best to remember to try that next week!

(Mame) #70

Weight day! and until my hand was fatiguing on the last list I totally forgot to try the new grip! I am not at my sharpest mentally at 630am. Was at 34 hours fasted, did not grab my GKI beforehand.

Another good session. I had a different trainer than my usual one. It’s always interesting to have a different one i think as they all have different things they emphasize.

I think perhaps this one was a little easy on me?! It was the first time we had worked together so…typical perhaps?

I was also confused as it seems that a couple of my weights got lowered? Is there a reason why the trainer would chose to do that or perhaps I am remembering incorrectly or perhaps the info on his tab was not up to date. Again my inexperience comes shining through, LOL.

Here was today:

leg press - 190 lower?
chest press -104 same
pull down - 162 lower?
shoulder press - 74 (I was tired I am not sure of this number…)
seated row -138 same

No matter. This is why I have a trainer because I can not keep track of all this stuff. I had that awesome feeling as I walked away, so so good.
Now due to traveling for work next week I will have a longer recovery and lift next Friday

(Mame) #71

Weight day was Friday this week due to a work trip. I was at about 36 hours fasted when I lifted this morning. Weights the same. I did try the different grip, it sort of worked but I definitely need to practice it more.

It was a hard workout, I felt weak. Got fatigued on the shoulder press super quickly. Perhaps because I was running short on sleep and so tired from being on the plane the night before… However still super happy that I did my workout, I did feel some better after for work. Tried to explain my lifting to my chiropractor later that day, failed miserably. I told her to get body by science, I know she will understand it much better than I ever did.

(Bunny) #72

Your burning more subcutaneous fatty layers of adipose tissue that is why you can now see them? Those veins were always their, but now the layers of subcutaneous adipose tissue are becoming more translucent as they shrink.

(Mame) #73

Got my lifting in for this week and glad to do it.

Another week of being really short on sleep. I was happy that I was over 30 hours fasted but I almost felt as though I slept through it. My brain was really not there. I was weirdly hungry after and actually ate breakfast 90 minutes later.

I don’t think there were any weight increases.

Due to travel I lifted today (friday) and I will lift next Tuesday and Friday. Which will be interesting. 3x in 7 days. Weird. Then I will be gone until June 14th - 3 weeks! That will certainly be mixing things up for my body.

(Mame) #74

Only 3 days off and lifted again this morning.
Chest press increase to 106

Way more awake and present in my head. Only 12 hours fasted (overnight) which is very unusual for me. Had several restaurant meals over the weekend with some white rice (first time in 9 months I think) and I am sure hidden carbs as well! Felt good to be working out and hopefully getting rid of that sugar.

No time to measure GKI beforehand. Having a very nice mental uplift from the workout. Muscles feel tired yet good.

Next lifting on Friday morning (only 2 days off!!) then my vacation.

(Mame) #75

Lots more soreness than is usual. I hope I will be fine at training tomorrow morning - 3x in one week. I am a tiny bit nervous about it but I don’t want to skip out right before vacation as I love how it feels.

(Bob M) #76

I’m old school and carry a spiral notebook. This way, I can see what I did last time. However, I vary my workout every time, so the weights aren’t as useful sometimes. For instance, if I started with Exercise X (say pullups, assisted on machine) one day, but did that third in back exercises the next, the weight I use will be lower. But at least I know what I could do at some point.

I think time off is actually good for you, too. I’m looking forward to fasting 4.5 days and not working out. But I haven’t been able to determine a week when I can do tha.

I no longer stretch before or after lifting or running because of Body by Science, and I’ve not experienced a detriment I can find. I do many more sets than they say to do, but I try to lift as slowly as I can and do many fewer reps. I also take as little rest between sets as possible.

(Mame) #77

All so interesting.
I love that you can keep track yourself. I hope to be able to do that someday. Right now I do not have the bandwidth. Do you lift at a gym or home?

so you don’t lift while fasting? I love to lift while fasted…

Yes, I try to move from machine to machine quickly and not ‘catch my breath’. This is one of the reasons I found it hard to track at a gym. Sometimes the machine I needed next was busy. And if it was free I didn’t have time to make a notation…
Hmm, maybe if I planned my lifting amount ahead of time. I also suck at keeping track of number of reps and having a training I think helps me push closer to ‘real’ fatigue.

(Mame) #78

Had a good session this morning. Had my ‘regular’ trainer who I think pushes me more. Probably because he has been working with me for many months. Third session in 8 days!

weight increase:
leg press – 194

GKI= 1.01 prior to lifting at 530am

I allow myself some cream in my coffee post lifting if I feel I need it and I did this morning.
Quite sore across top of back. Been rather sore all week.

Next session June 14th which seems so far away! I will miss it.

(Mame) #79

Still over a week until I get back from holiday and get to lift again. Wow I miss it!

(David Wrathall) #80

I’m 55, been using weights consistently for the last 3 years (but have a lot of experience from when I was younger), have been keto for about 3 weeks and low carb for about 6 months. I’m naturally slim (6’2" and 180 pounds) and the fat has disappeared really quickly since going keto (I was 188 and 17% bodyfat, now I’m 180 and 11%). I want to stay keto indefinately now.

Since reading about BBS on this forum, I’ve started doing some of my weights in a BBS type style (relatively low weight compared to normal and kept it moving for around 90s). I’m used to a 3 way split per week (back, legs, shoulders/chest), which has been working relatively well. I also do about 8 mins of fairly intense running on the running machine each session too. This has been fairly effective, but with my body weight dropping so quickly, I’d really like to put on more size as quickly as possible. Do you think I should go all in with BBS or gradually mix it with my existing routines?