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+/- 5 seconds. Then again, I’m not really trying to eke out every last % of performance. Just trying to do the best I can without being hyper anal about things… Trying to find a balance that works for me.

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I can’t really answer whether there’s been a remarkable improvement in body composition, I haven’t always been super conscientious about making sure I hit the gym every single week… I certainly do feel that it has made a difference in terms of strength and fitness. I used to race triathlon and had something happen to a knee that has left me unable to run (and so far only one health care professional has been able to say something is wrong, and he says it is beyond his scope of practice to say what- no one else Dr’s, physio’s etc. all say they can’t find anything wrong), this is the only thing that has been able to keep me in a good physical state. Unless I can find someone who is really good with knees, I figure that this is the way I’m going to deal with things for the rest of my life. I don’t really mind it though, 30-45 minutes once a week in the gym is a pretty small commitment.

As for fat gain and tighter pants, there are others more knowledgeable than me to address that…


I’ve been at this only 13 weeks counting today. Physique improving in terms of muscle appearance. Trying to lower my bf%with keto, and my last check had me up around the 18-19% range, so I have to continue with keto and try to lose fat while gaining muscle. That isn’t so easy from what I hear so u find myself allowing a bit more calories to facilitate muscle growth… I’ll have to try a cut soon to see what’s been building underneath lol.

I do have a baseline DEXA from back in November and plan to run another scan some time in the summer to compare where fat vs lean tissue % have changed implementing keto + this bbs high intensity training program.

I feel this is the most consistent I have been with hitting a workout plan simply because it requires such very little time investment. I might not be maximizing gains but the steady muscle growth is evident in the mirror, my progress pics and on paper tracking #s in gym.

Added bonus my wardrobe fits better and have had to buy new items… Getting plenty of comments at work too. Unsure how much is keto vs big6 but this mix is working for me. I feel stronger on my off days (ie 1-2 days right after a workout)

Keto combined with this HIT style training is the simplest and most sustainable way to health I ever imagined.

Cheers everybody and good luck :slight_smile:

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I am four weeks into this and loving it. I don’t think I could achieve the effort at the point of failure without a friend being there to hold me to it. I am using an app called fitnotes on android which has been invaluable for recording weights and times for the machines I use. Great for showing progress to in graphs etc.

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I would love more information on this. I can only workout at home but I have a nice little set up there. My goal is to improve my arm strength and increased arm definition. Despite being at it since January, I can not do many push ups! Plus since I am a working mother, I want to spend as little time working out as possible.

So when you say 90 seconds…does that mean in a push up, you would slowly lower yourself over a 90 sec period?!

Group question: Do you all just jump into your workout or do you all do a 5 minute warm up and what does that consist of?

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You want to do a few slow reps and reach failure before 90 seconds. My best recommendation would be to buy “Body By Science” and read it cover to cover!


Get the book by Fred Hahn (one of the few first Super Slow Master Teachers, who trained with McGuff then went on to evolve his own program based on study & practice) cowritten with the LCHF/keto physician couples the Drs Eades - called The Slow Burn Fitness Revolution - it will surely help! I love training at home and hate coed gyms and the general bacteria scene etc.

Hahn’s book is now outdated on crunches - no need to do them - and also outdated on the advisory to have a protein smoothie soon after a workout - but most everything else is spot on and brilliant. :blush:

And, you can start with negative push ups, no problem. Yep - only a half hour a week is lifechanging and effective - because if you do it right, it’s intense (and thus the requirement to have a portable fan to help you from overheating and giving up). Just go easy on the weights the first few times until you figure out your perfect load and don’t wrench your muscles too bad. Post-workout soreness is to be expected during the conditioning phase, and even beyond. So, take it easy.

Go for max natural DHEA/human growth hormone production by working out with a mostly empty stomach and postponing your post-workout nourishment for at least an hour (two hours is better according to the Drs. Eades) afterwards. HGH is very very rejuvenating :wink:


Mary, give a little more info on this please. I am a McGuff-esque HIT devotee, and want to learn more, from a layperson’s perspective.

I have not read the Hahn book, but have read Body By Science cover to cover. (I need to finish the 2nd book, but stalled out a ways in.)


Well there’s lots researchable online… Crunches aren’t very effective and can cause diastasis recti in some. McGuff recommends training every 7-10 days, Hahn now recommends 20 minutes twice per week for max muscle development.

Recommend checking out Hahn’s book and his vast blog, great stuff:

A home practice only goes so far, because strength builds and you eventually need to switch to machines if you want to keep challenging the muscles. There are super slow and slow burn/serious strength personal training studios in some cities but certainly not all. It’s not as popular by any stretch - ironically - by those who don’t mind pouring lots of time into the gym scene and also like to down high carb “energy” drinks and food bars.

I, on the other hand, prefer to minimize all workout time and maximize my free time for family/community life and life in general outside of weightlifting!

From what I understand, slow burn personal training studio sessions are conducive for longterm health support - and if I lived near a studio and could afford it - I’d do it. Because I seriously believe that the HGH/mitochondrial health benefits that come from working the muscle fibers engaged by intense slow lifting are a very valuable investment.

Hahn is working to get strength training education going in schools - his recent book is on turning around child obesity by combining strength training with dietary healind (LCHF/keto nutrition)!


I’ve got the Slow Burn 30 minutes a week fitness book on the way. Thanks for the info.

I’ve been ready to change up my protocol a bit anyway…trying to keep my body from adapting.

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I was on the verge of starting a new BodyByScience / SuperSlow Strength Training thread when I remembered to search for one first. So here I am hoping to revitalize this one.

I LOVE SlowStrength Training. I have been doing it with a Trainer since September 2018. I read Body By Science in 2014 and loved the science.

I tried to do it on machines at the Y in 2014, on my own and did have some success because I was starting from zero, however I also ran into issues when I tried to do it on my own:
I am not an experienced lifter, so I always felt like my form was off.
The machines were busy, I could not move seamlessly from one to another.
I sucked at tracking time and weight, and if I wrote it down it took too much time during the work out.
I didn’t really know what failure felt like.

Working out at a slowStrength gym with a trainer has fixed all of the above.

I love having those fans pointing at me. I workout before work in my work clothes. I love how it feels for days after. Part of me wishes I could do it more often as it feels so great. :):smiley:

I hope/think there are others eating keto and lifting like this, @Don_Q is one I believe. I would love to have a place to check in on it every week to celebrate with others.

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I’m a big fan of Body By Science by Dr. McGuff. I’ve been doing his once a week, 20 minute routine for about 12 weeks now. My strength has definitely gone up, and I’ve put on a bit of muscle. What I like best about it is that it takes so little time that it’s easy to sneak it into even my busiest weeks.

The combination of Body by Science, eating keto, and fasting 3 days a week has been surprisingly effective for me. I’m down 43lbs in the last 3 months, and stronger than I was in my 20’s.

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At some point I need to remember to ask my trainer to dump my weights/TUL numbers to me for the past 6+ months. However I have been tracking the amounts since October 23, 2018. This is also the order my trainer has me working the machines.

Equipment October weight current weight
Leg Press 164 190
Chest Press 84 104
Pull Down 146 160
Shoulder Press 40 72
Seated Row 80 132

As a non-lifter I don’t really have a context to put these numbers in… I am happy with them, I think they are ‘good’ for me. I don’t compare myself to anyone else really. I know I am lifting to fatigue every time. It’s hard, quick and I really like it a lot. I waited years for a way to do this with a trainer.

I have noticed in the past month my appetite really increases after lifting.
I love to lift when 36h+ fasted.

(Mame) #54

Workout this morning at 630 am before work. Love it so much! GKI preworkout 2.64, fasted about 36 hours. Feeling the post lifting/fasting glow big time right now.

A couple of weight increases today:

Pull Down 162
Shoulder Press 74?
Seated Row 136

My seated row was particularly fabulous today. I had that whole body engagement from the first rep. My entire torso down through my thighs were shaking/trembling with that activating feeling. (I have no idea how to describe what is going on here -there is probably an actual term for it that weight-lifters know?) I felt like I could have done another row rep but my grip on my left hand was seriously fatigued.
Shoulder press left me speechless, almost always my most challenging machine.
I had the hardest time with the last couple of pull-down reps trying to relax my shoulders, they were not talking to my brain.

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I started BBS 4 weeks ago after reading about it here from @Don_Q. I’m sneaking in the time to do this on machines at my gym while my boys are in swimming lessons. I’m doing this once a week, and seeing increases in weight most weeks.

I’m seeing improved definition in my arms and legs. Weight is kind of irrelevant as I’m trying to dial in food now that I’m pregnant. Trying to deal with the fact that my blood glucose was plummeting after meals that used to be good. But that is pregnancy, not BBS, and I’m seeing serious slimming and definition in my arms and legs despite some real squish coming on in the midsection. Ah, hormones. :slight_smile:

As for BBS with pregnancy, I read up on Mrs. McGruff’s experiences and insights. I plan to just continue listening to my body and adapt when needed.

I did need to keep a straight face when my useless nurse told me I was limited to lifting 25# for the duration of my pregnancy. Fortunately I’m aware enough of actual evidence based medicine to know she was full of misinformation…

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Was this in the BSS book? ( I read it 5 years ago so I am not remembering)

That’s something. Did she realize that you currently lift way more than that? (I assume)

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It wasn’t in the book, but I sought out anything place they discussed it. His wife had some good discussion on a podcast.

I’m firing that practice. They exhibited gross incompetence in a few areas, and considering that I’ve reviewed a ton of evidence-based information on activity in pregnancy I’m happy to ignore her advice. Their “safe in pregnancy “ list included an herbal remedy that is outlawed in several countries because of hepatotoxicity. As in outlawed in all people, not just in pregnancy. The lifting advice also completely contradicts my guidance in my last two pregnancies with the same practice.

I’ve stopped jiu jitsu for the pregnancy because I’m not comfortable with it. But I’m continuing modified kickboxing for as long as it feels right. Same with BBS. I have no concern that if I start feeling problems, including loose joints, I’ll be able to stop immediately.

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would you be willing to share that podcast name? or what term you used to research it? I am not getting any useful hits when I try to find BBS related podcasts.

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Here is a link to the snip of the interview. I searched “pregnancy and body by science”.

She says that her husband said it was perfectly safe for her to train, and that many women do. However she chose not to due to a long history of infertility and the worry she had due to the infertility. They were married 19 years before she got pregnant.

This is a perfect example of knowing yourself and your body. She wasn’t comfortable, so she stopped for pregnancy. Some women are comfortable for a while, then stop at a point when it shifts. At my martial arts academy, a woman did Muay Thai in the morning (after training all the way through) and then had an at-term delivery later in the day. Every pregnancy is different for every body. You need to stay in touch with your body, and be willing to adapt or stop when appropriate.

(Door Girl) #60

And of course there are big medical reasons not to exercise is pregnancy. If you veer into a “ medical” pregnancy you will do well to look into the specific risks of your specific condition. My viewpoint is based upon an uncomplicated pregnancy.