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(Mame) #81

Although it’s probably very clear I am not very experienced with weight-lifting, I would suggest reading the BSS book, perhaps that would help? Because when I read this:

It doesn’t actually sound like you are doing BBS. As that is heavy weights to muscle fatigue in a short number of reps - or perhaps I don’t understand your question.

As for myself I was back to my lifting on Friday morning after 3 weeks out of the country. It felt great to be back at it. No increases and I fatigued quite quickly. I did notice my shoulder press was really strong, and that is usually my worst lift. My head was jet-lagged and I felt like I had many mental lapses mid-lift.

I also noticed that I my appetite was really up Friday and Saturday which seemed related to my lifting. Felt great to be back at it.

I certainly noticed more ease with my suitcase while traveling …

(David Wrathall) #82

Having read through the reviews of the BBS book on Amazon, I think I’m going to go back to my old styles of training. I know it’s not supposed to happen, but, since going keto, I’ve lost some of my size and strength.
I guess, if I can get back to lifting the volume I was before, I’m sure it’ll come back pretty quickly. If not, I think I might try cycling in some carbs to get some more glycogen back into my muscles. Besides, I know where I stand with my old training regime and what I can and can’t get away with in terms of volume, weight, intensity and recovery.

(Mame) #83

There it is.

Back this morning for my second lifting appointment. No longer in a fog of jet-lag.

It was so awesome.
When I walked away from the studio it felt like I could take on the world and accomplish anything. so strong and capable. This is the only exercise I have ever gotten this ‘high’ from – I have never had a cardio high in my life.

happy sigh, experience tells me it will not last past noon so I am reveling in it while I can.

(Mame) #84

Enjoyed lifting this morning, scheduled it at 6am instead of 630.

My pull down felt different, stronger and more effective. The weight will probably go up next week.

My row weight increased to 146 and that felt awesome although the tops of my shoulders are sore…from something.

I hope anyone lifting has a good week this week.

(Mame) #85

Lifting came at the perfect time this week as I had a GKI accident last night due to some food that I thought was ‘keto’ which was not. so not

PP GKI last night was 12!
GKI 530am before lifting was 4.6

hopefully the workout cleared my liver out nicely. I will measure again before eating later today.

For my workout I usually wear whatever I wear to work for the day. (one of the many reasons I love this type of workout) and that includes shoes. today due to all the rain/mud I had on my running shoes which have much thicker soles and my leg press felt so different. My quadriceps felt so engaged, way more than is usual for me.
I may start changing shoes every week.

7/9/19 - update (the system will not allow me to post 4 replies to this thread in a row, sigh)

Was feeling too time crunched to change my shoes this morning but still had a good workout. I did have my electrolyte drink (homemade) ready for post workout. Also my iced coffee for later.

Pull down increased to164.
Interesting to me that the pull down has been feeling so challenging for weeks now…and this is the first increase on this machine since April.

It’s a weird exercise, when I think I about it I realize I don’t really understand it. Of course that’s kind of true about them all.

The row to…keep chest forward, shoulders down, squeeze between shoulder blades… sometimes I forget the movement I am so busy trying to keep form. Especially chest forward, breasts get in the way of that a lot.

Enjoying that after workout feeling of ease and lightness.

(Zack F) #86

McGuff posted this years ago. It’s a traveling businessman stuck in a hotel workout. It is great for these self-isolating times of closed gyms.

(Jenny) #87

I lift weight 3 times a week, it helped a lot. Your body stays in fat burning mode for up to 38 hours after weight training. source:

(Mel Soule) #88

Zack, It’s a great routine and highly portable. I do 1x7 workout using fab 5 to failure. Off days the businessman routine is a great engagement tool. Some isometrics too. Always with tabata intervals.