Body By Science, Fasting and BFR Training Results (with pics!)


I put off my BBS until this passes, as well…no need to cause trouble where we shouldn’t.
Here’s to hoping this will be over soon…

(Stephen Judd) #543

I’ve been doing bodyweight HIRT since the 1st of the year, and it’s been going well. Even when lifting weights, I always worked out at home.

(Windmill Tilter) #544

I’m trying to put off infection for as long as possible, but for me it’s kind of inevitable. My wife travels by train to New York City every week for work, so it’s just a matter of time. NYC has about 3000 people in self quarantine who haven’t even been tested yet. That doesn’t even take into consideration all of the people who contracted it but didn’t get off an airplane from Iran, China, or Korea! NYC just got CDC approval for automated testing yesterday, so the “real” numbers should start rolling in over the next week. It won’t be pretty. The people running the ship from the mayor, the CDC, right up to the federal government are breathtakingly incompetent. They’re going to make the Italians look like paragons of public health management before this is all said and done.

I’m not particularly worried because given my age and underlying conditions, my mortality risk is only .3%. Still, I’m not in a rush to get it!

(Windmill Tilter) #545

I’m actually on the fence between doing bodyweight stuff, or dusting off my free weights and switching to a 5x5 routine like Starting Strength or Stronglifts just to mix it up for a couple of months.

If I go the bodyweight route, I’ll be checking out Drew Bayes “Project Kratos” book.


In my neck of woods, the majority of cases are due to plain stupidity… :woman_facepalming:
I’m avoiding public places, little self-isolation (I’ll hang out with people next month ;)), but I use public transportation, we are all going to work… just applying some common sense, the rest I can’t control.

I keeping my fingers crossed that you stay corona-free :slight_smile:

(Stephen Judd) #547

That’s the routine I’ve been following… The equipment I use are a chinup bar and straps or dip stand for rows. I’ve also been incorporating the Core4 ab workout from AthleanX.

(Windmill Tilter) #548

That bar is enormously high around here. The Surgeon General of the USA has informed people that masks are not effective in preventing transmission, but that they are so critical and effective for preventing transmission to healthcare workers that ordinary citizens should not purchase them because there aren’t enough to go around. :woman_facepalming:

Apparently we only have 12M masks in the US strategic pandemic stockpile because the geniuses in charge thought they could by them from China like we normally do. :joy::rofl::sweat_smile:

I wish I were making that up.

On the bright side, I’m making piles of money in the stock market at the moment by shorting it with 3x leverage. Soon I’ll be able to afford black market hand sanitizer. :yum:


My MiL works as a store manager in a local cleaning supply store and they’ve been working day and night making sanitizers… she sold 31k€ of hand sanitizers on friday, this is the line from yesterday…

You keep making money, I’ll tell her to pump up production :joy::handshake:

(Kirk Wolak) #550

Get the voice record app… Record the file, try many things. Then play the file back.
Pretty easy on most phones.

(Kirk Wolak) #551


Yeah, I am hopeful that MANY companies cut ties with China, and we bring manufacturing back here. That’s what made us a Powerhouse in WWII and then the globalists sold our elites on the idea of being a “Service” economy… And now we see that doesn’t work well… China threatening to WITHHOLD antibiotics to cripple us.

Be safe out there. Glad I have BFR and home stuff so I don’t need to go to the gym!

(Eric - The patient needs to be patient!) #552

Like some of you, I have decided to not go to the gym for BBS. Currently, we have one known case of COVID19 in the next county over.

On twitter I asked jerryteixeira
what he recommends for Body Weight training and he sent me this:

Full Body Workout: 20 minutes for push-ups substitute these: For pull-ups try these if you have rings: These if not

I’m going to start watching these today and see what I can muster. I’ll try these this weekend. Maybe I can cancel my gym membership of this works out. I will probably buy rings as well and set them up in my garage. I have a monster beam running through the garage I can attach them to.


I will take a look this afternoon :slight_smile:
I was thinking about getting TRX bands, as well…:thinking:


I had my arm day this morning…I’ve been lazy these days, I function best in “under control” situations and these past few days have been nuts. :frowning:
My strength decreases, so I will have to kick my butt a bit more.
I remembered to take photos of petechia I mentioned once…I guess the workout was good :slight_smile:

(Eric - The patient needs to be patient!) #555

I did my first bodyweight upper today following roughly:

My notes:

Bodyweight Training

Lower Body

  • 3/14 rest period 60 seconds, no double set. I did not feel like I was working like at the gym till I was done and then I was shaking more. 1hr post and could feel this some. Does BWT use more muscle groups? I took this a little easy being new to BWT. I think 2 or 3 more times and this will be a killer workout. 5-day rest since being in the gym. I think I can probably do this every 4 or 5 days. But that is a guess.
  1. Quad Extension Limited motion, lay back

    • 3/14 45 reps limited range, this will improve with time
  2. Clam Shell keep the knee on the ground L/R

    • 3/14 23/23 must work on form, rest between quad was long - had to figure out form
  3. Glute Bridge L/R Elbows out and down, extra leg up

    • 3/14 28/28 must work on glute flexing, apparently this can build strength and size
  4. Standing Leg single leg calf raise - use 2/4 lift built-in shop, leg almost straight L/R

    • 3/14 23/30 push next time - favored left because of the tendon issue - no post soreness 1 hr later
  5. 90-degree calf raise both at one time

    • 30 - a limited range of motion, need to work on this. Started shaking on this one pretty nicely
  6. Assisted Pistol Squats L/R Can I do a limited range to protect my tendon?

    • 3/14 28/25 surprised I could do this and it was easier than I expected. I pushed hard and was shaking a lot when this was done.


In trying to keep my days as busy and as per usual, I had my leg day today. I’m driving to work these days, they have suspended all public transportation and that means no more walking to and from work, but I do have some extra time in the mornings to complete my workout.

I’ve managed to get my bands under control, I make sure the straps are aligned during the rest period, so today was the first day without any flipping. :slight_smile: I had an idea of maybe going to a seamstress or a tent-repair shop, they must have stronger sewing machines and sew the band closer to the metal loop. I still don’t know if occlude enough, but I can only hope. :slight_smile:
I hope you guys are doing ok :slight_smile:

EDIT: My husband and I like to watch Randy Santel, Beard Meats Food and other eating monsters, our guilty little pressure, we progressed to Eddie Hall and other Strongmen, so I watched this interesting podcast with Eddie. He said that his gains improved drastically when he changed his training to 50-60% of 1 rep max weight and do the exercise as fast as you can. He also switches exercises from week to week, because body cant recover from heavy lifting in 10 days. It is very interesting how many different possibilites we have…and I am in no way comparing myself to Eddie :joy:


I watched this video last night, remembered what Stephen said, and decided to share it with you all. :slight_smile:
I’ll give it a try, just to spice up the days a little. :wink:


How will BFR training or hard workouts effect the immune system? The reason I’m asking (no scientific evidence) is because i came down with a pretty nasty virus a few days after a BFR day back in mid-February. It would be nice if that virus was actually the one in the news now since my parents and two other people came off a cruise and all of them came back sick and four days later it tore through my entire house one by one. Wishful thinking I know. My question is did the BFR or intense workout knock my immune down? With all this off time my boy and myself need to be pumping iron in the home gym since all sport specific activities are shut down for him in the area…but at the same time I don’t want to increase my chances of catching this virus and passing it on to my 70+ year old parents who are in isolation outside of us packing them food.

(Stephen Judd) #559

It’s obviously impossible to know in this n=1 situation if there was a causal effect. However, the review article linked below concludes that exercise, including acute bouts, are more likely to stimulate the immune system than to suppress it.

(Joey) #560

Without ability to offer up additional research on short notice, this is consistent with what I recall reading in the past , i.e., exercise enhances your body’s metabolic systems across the board - immune system certainly included. Hence: use it or lose it. Avoiding carbs help cytokines reach their optimal levels - the key to a well-balance immune system. :muscle:

(Kirk Wolak) #561

This is easy! It Depends!

Honestly, every body is different. If you suffer from inflammation, and work yourself to depletion, you make yourself susceptible. Myself and a few friends altered our training as we realized we were getting sick after our big gym days. (Now, we were young, and working the bar scene as well), but splitting our workouts stopped the problem (for us, one fella, who was like Adonis simply never got sick, and when he took a little time off, it always led to gains, which REALLY pissed us off, LOL)

Over time, I would say it helps, because it builds the repair process us. But if you are just starting, or typically go crazy with inroading (needing a 1-2hr nap after your routine), I would be more careful.

I am taking 20,000 IU (normally 5,000) of vitamin D3 daily. Usually keeps me safe from the flu.