Body By Science, Fasting and BFR Training Results (with pics!)


I’ve been behaving, had an arm and a leg day last week :slight_smile:

I don’t feel sore on regular, every day movement, but I did need my husband’s help in getting me unstuck on Friday. :joy: I tried taking off my sweater the adult way (where you cross your arms in front of your chest and pull the sweater off instead of taking your arms out of your sleeves, followed by the head) and I got stuck about half-way up, my triceps were killing me! :joy:

I hope everyone’s spirits are high and you are all healthy. :slight_smile:

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It has been sometime since I posted here. I’ve converted to just body weight training at home. I got a pair of rings I through over a swing set and do Lower, Upper splits 2 times a week. So 4 days. But these are short exercises so 15 minutes or so.

I’ve gotten my oldest girl to start doing them as well.

I hope everyone is holding up. We are engaged in extreme social isolation the 4 except one starts a new job this week with some limited contact with co-workers.

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What I have read is that extreme workouts can lower the immune system but that failure mode training does not.

When initially studied they though that even failure training reduced immune system for a few hours but what they found out is the white blood cells go into other parts of the body for a few hours and then come back because the blood levels return the same day and white blood cells take 4 days to generated.

I’m doing split body weight training so that each day’s workout is limited. Lower one day, upper the next. 4 days a week.

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Many thanks for the link and synopsis … will add this to my reading pile. Worth a careful look.

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Summary for past 28 days (have always worked out at home, so no real changes due to COVID-19):

Walking - 26 days - 100.8 miles (9 times BFR for first 20 minutes or so)
HIRT bodyweight / TSC - 7x
BFR - Arms: 12x; Legs: 5x
Ab program - 20x

Trailing 30-day weight down 2.1 pounds
Trailing 7-day weight down 2.8 pounds

Generally feeling great. Concerned about risk of COVID-19, due to being a volunteer EMT and responding to calls, but hopeful that I could weather it well if infected.

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@Stephen_Judd Volunteering as an EMT is a truly noble gift to your community. Be safe and strong out there. :vulcan_salute:


Hey Eric,
Nice to hear from you :slight_smile: I’m kicking, my daily routine is home-work-home and repeat :slight_smile: We work in a small office, the tech boys are working from home, so I can enjoy an empty office and keep busy, occupy my head… There is no public transport and I took the company car to get to and from work, so I lost my daily 5km train-work-train walk :frowning: I added an additional mixed workout, so I have bfr arm day, one day rest, some exercise (hiit cardio, pilates), rest, brf leg day and so on.
Other than that we are healthy and trying our best to stay so. :slight_smile:

Edit: I figured out how to get around my leg-bad problems :joy:

I cut up a cleaning cloth and I place it underneath the band, it prevents the metal loop from digging into my fat+skin and it decreases the sliding in the loop.

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Hope everyone is holding up well in these times. This thread has gone quiet recently, but I thought I’d share what my April looked like:

Walking - 26 days - 115 miles (11 times BFR for first 20 minutes or so)
HIRT bodyweight / TSC - 7x
BFR - Arms: 16x; Legs: 4x
Ab program - 23x

Trailing 30-day weight up 0.2 pounds
Trailing 7-day weight down 1.2 pounds

I’ve been feeling very good about workouts and nutrition. Stay-at-home hasn’t affected me much personally, but I do worry about those it is hitting hard, financially and emotionally.

Be safe!

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With being high risk I stopped going to the Gym. I started doing JT’s body weight strength training at home and was killing it and then on 4/11 I pulled my back and on 6/12 I had belly button hernia surgery. About 10 days ago I started back slowly with body weight resistance to failure training and am ramping up now. I took it slow because of the surgery.

I walk 5,000 to 12,000 steps at least 5 days a week. Most days 10,000 (4 miles). I have started sprinting as well 3 or more times a week. I’m trying to get benefit from HIIT.

I miss having a progressive wt set and machines but honestly I think I get a better workout with using my body weight an some rings slung over a swing set. Before I pulled my back I was able to do a push up. Just one but I had never done one in my life before. So that is my next goal to get back to that.

COVID hit me hard emotionally and some dr visits, counseling, some bad meds and now good ones and a lot of meditation and I have hit a new calm (I use the calm app for meditation). My anxiety is gone and I can sleep most nights without any meds.

I have stayed keto. I Stray a little with a an oz of peanuts and the non-starch vegetables that my wife cooks. I eat more chicken than before because of $ but I just cooked 3 lbs of salmon last night and most is gone now.