Body By Science, Fasting and BFR Training Results (with pics!)


That might actually make more sense… :wink:
I’ve been back to tracking since October and I’ve come to the conclusion that once my metabolism was fixed, calories do matter, again. As long as I keep my calories around my BMR and stick to eggs, butter, beef and a little salad, all is good. I’ve been trying Dr.Naiman’s P:E ratio, toward the middle of March I’ll test higher fat+moderate protein, just to see what feels better.

@daddyoh thanks Eric, I’ll take a look :slight_smile:

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That’s another “moreish” food for me too. I can easily eat half a bag before I’ve realized it’s happened!


Me too… anything that I can mindlessly shovel in my mouth is dangerous.


I had my leg day yesterday, FB 40-min warm-up, followed by BFR.
My right shoulder is still a bit sore, so I’ll move my arm day to sometime next week.
I’m feeling my legs and glutes this morning, but it’s a nice soreness, uniform and gentle. I do have to say that my muscles are much firmer to the touch, so something positive is definitely cooking. :slight_smile:

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Wait until you do BBS training. The connective tissue becomes firmer and larger as well and becomes very noticeable. I’ve never admired parts of my body before :joy:.


:joy::joy: here’s to hoping I’ll share flexing photos by this summer :joy:

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Interesting commentary on the potential dangers of taking BFR to failure before being adapted:

Accordingly, we maintain that investigators, therapists and trainers should introduce BFR exercise protocols carefully and gradually progress them over time, to ensure that protective adaptations (i.e. repeated bout effects) can take place in order to minimize the risk of excessive muscle stress and damage (Clark & Manini, 2017;Wernbom et al., 2019).

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@Stephen_Judd This is a very interesting observation. Thanks for sharing the link.

It also squares with the cautionary tale shared by @Don_Q earlier in this thread.

FWIW, I have continued to creep slowly upward in my BFR bicep dumbbell curls - now at 16.5 lbs, which represents roughly 50% of my 1RM - and can offer an n=1 on the other end of the same spectrum.

I have suffered no meaningful muscle discomfort/stress following any BFR session… often making me wonder if I’m doing it right :wink:

But perhaps this is simply due to my having started out with what apparently was an entirely minimal load (5 lbs against my 1RM of about 30lbs at that time) - using a cautious 30/15/10/10 routine. Although I was doing it twice in a row since it felt so easy.

Then, day by day, I increased the load slightly - and then stopped doing the routine twice (i.e., did it just once).

When I hit 9 lbs, I took that fourth set to 100 reps - still no failure. Next day, 10 lbs taken to 50 reps on final set without failure. From there, as I continued to baby step my way up to my current 16.5 lbs, I’ve simply stopped at 30/15/15/15 (single routine for each arm) on the final 15th rep.

Still haven’t felt any need to stop before the routines are completed - i.e., “no failure.” This may be keeping me from accomplishing something metabolically meaningful? There’s some minimal discomfort from the BFR. But it feels safely uncomfortable, not dangerously uncomfortable.

While so my veins are popping out significantly under BFR (though I’m always pretty vascular), my hands get cold, and I feel an internal “pressure” of some sort, I’m constantly checking the fleshy part of my palm to ensure I’ve got around 2 seconds’ worth of full capillary refresh.

Whether I’m getting any benefits (vis-a-vis traditional bicep curls) remains an open question :man_shrugging:

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I saw this posted on twitter and thought you all would enjoy this. I have only read 2 pages so far.

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I read most of this meta analysis. I skipped some of the esoteric eqpt analysis. Also there is a good summary recommendation table at the end.

My takeaways, your mileage may vary:

  • train to failure
  • 1 to 2 times per week, 1 set is all that is needed
  • lower reps, higher weight if you can (80% 1RM)
  • steady force, don’t let momentum take over
  • genetics matter but you can’t change your genetics so who cares
  • eqpt or dead weights - doesn’t matter except eqpt can be safer

Since I’m moving to 1.5 times per week I’m in the sweet spot. I’m slightly adjusting my weights tomorrow and will be doing mostly the same old.

Carry on BBS fans.


Wednesday morning was arm morning…my heart and head weren’t really in it :frowning:
My bicep curl count went waaay down, my arms were uncomfortable the entire workout, which could be due to 3 things:

  1. didn’t recover long enough from the previous arm day?
  2. bands were tighter than usual, more blood, more discomfort?
  3. i’ve been clean with my diet and losing weight, so maybe it’s the higher protein-lower fat trial?

I guess i’ll compare it to next arm day. :slight_smile:
I wish you all a lovely day :slight_smile:

Edit: 4. just one of those days?

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Here is hoping the next one goes well.


Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

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Supporting your progress.


Thank you Eric :slight_smile:

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Today BBS 5 day recovery and lots of work stress the last couple of days while fasting. Fasted 46 hrs and fed the night before. Sleep crappy last night. But I pushed through.

Improved on 5 of 7 and there are eqpt reasons on the 2 I did not.

Best improvement: Single arm wrist curl now 50 lbs. Was 40 lbs 3 or 4 BBS days before so was 45 lbs 2 or 3 days. ==> 16/12 reps left/right (left is stronger on everything). Don’t remember TUT but short because the wrists don’t have far to travel.

BP 1.5 hr post routine 106/56 60 bpm - time to work with cardiologist to reduce another med.

This :poop: works!

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@Meerkatsandy Nothing about our health and well-being ever seems to move in a straight line. Best wishes for a prompt swing toward a more encouraging direction. Hang in there!

See? … :poop: doesn’t lie!


Thanks Joey :slight_smile: you’re right, it is the journey that matters, getting through ups and downs. :slight_smile:

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Thought I’d share the last week’s activity:

  • Sunday - Abs / BFR walking (20 min) / total walk-1.9 miles / 2MAD
  • Monday - Abs / 4.7 mile walk / OMAD
  • Tuesday - HIRT / BFR walking (20 min) / total walk- 4 miles / FEAST
  • Wednesday - Abs / Arms BFR / 3.9 mile walk / 2MAD
  • Thursday - Abs / Arms + Legs BFR / 4.3 mile walk / 3MAD
  • Friday - Abs / BFR walking (20 min) / total walk- 4.2 miles / 2MAD
  • Saturday - HIRT / 5.2 mile walk / FEAST
  • Sunday - Abs / Arms BFR / 5.6 mile walk / 2MAD
  • Monday - Abs / Arms + Legs BFR / 4.7 mile walk / 2MAD

Observations: Only feasting on HIRT days and elimated eating nuts, as I seemed to be gaining weight too fast. Right now, looking to cut an additional 5-10 pounds, so avoiding all snacks, nuts, and cheese. HIRT workouts have continued to see progression in around 50% of exercises, so sticking with four days apart for now. I walk at noon time, either with my dog when working from home, or around campus when I’m at the office. Limit BFR walking to first twenty minutes, take off the bands, and continue walking - distance depends on weather, time available, and mood.

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Just got a notice from my gym notifying me that two members tested positive for corona virus. As luck would have it, I haven’t been there for two weeks because my shoulder has been bothering and I’m was letting it get back to 100% before restarting BBS.

I’ll be doing BFR only for a while I guess. I might look into some body weight stuff. It’s nice to have the option to work out at home, but ironically, I’ve just gotten to the point where I enjoy going to the gym. :frowning: