Bob's test of a low mass diet (also akin to Amber O'Hearn's "fat first" diet)

(Bob M) #1

So, I’ve been testing a “low mass” diet by eating animal fat first for my “lunch”. This is somewhat akin to Amber O’Hearn’s what I call “fat first” diet, described in more detail here:

Now, I’m not following this exactly – or even close. For instance, for “lunch” (my first meal of the day, around 10:15 am, after exercising 100 minutes of body weight training to failure, ending at 7:40 am), this is what I ate, in order:

  • pork fat (NOTE: pork from a family farm where the pork is not fed corn or other high PUFA sources)
  • butter
  • lean beef
  • small glass raw milk + collagen peptides + whey protein
  • large glass home-made beef stock/bone broth, made only from bones and water

It’s about 5 ounces pork fat plus a few tablespoons butter, about 6 ounces lean beef.


  • I have more energy
  • I mentally feel better

I am not a depressed person at all, but I feel even better than I normally do. Happier.


  • I’m trying these due to some amount of having to go to the bathroom more:
  • I had to back off the amount of fat. Not only because of the above, but I was originally trying to eat 10 ounces or so of pork fat, and I physically had trouble doing it. Had to force myself to eat all of it.


  • I’ve gained strength, at the strongest I’ve been since transitioning to body weight training.

  • Something was making me not hungry AT ALL for dinner. This could have been the fat, the amount of fat (10 ounces versus 5-7), MCT oils (was taking 1 Tbsp in my raw milk), creatinine that I was also taking. I’m no longer taking MCT oils or creatinine. This effect has gone away. Will have to add back in MCT oils at some point to see if that was it.

  • I haven’t tried eating this way at dinner yet.

  • I’m out of pork fat from the farm. May have to try cooking suet, as I can get that, and I know raw suet gives me stomach issues. If cooked suet doesn’t work, I’m not sure what else I can use.

  • Oh, and judging by my clothes and belt, I’m close to or at my lowest body weight since ballooning up due to my “beer+pizza+ice cream” diet many years ago, and then trying The Croissant Diet not that long ago.

I’ll report back after more testing.


As I wrote a few times already, I love experience and appreciate that others do their own and write about them :slight_smile: I couldn’t even eat fat first as it’s pretty much insane to me, I am very sensitive to the fattiness of my food. In the beginning of my carnivore-ish times basically all my food was 65% fat :smiley: Now I am more varied but that’s my sweet spot.
BUT I heard about fat first so much I did some attempts to it. I actually have a lovely fatty item I can use (I may call it meat but it’s almost pure pork fat. BUT it has a tiny meat, it matters a lot to me) and I know from my fat fasts that lots of fat with tiny protein satiates me well. And that much fat can lower my protein intake on some days (it’s tricky but happened a few times).
So I may do some experiments after I established OMAD as I can’t afford all those fat calories if I eat more than once. Not like I would be hungry if I eat properly :wink: Fat is dense and satiating or not (it depends in my case), it’s easy to eat very much of it in one sitting. At least for me and usually.

I don’t know about your energy need but eating 10oz fat and meat and whatnot (or even some less), I almost surely would be unable to have a dinner too :wink: Big meals satiate me for very long and if I manage to eat a big meal for lunch (rare but with some tempting pork fat, it’s possible), it’s effective. A dinner is still safer for me as I surely can eat enough then and I have only about 8 hour until bedtime, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

So I will do experiments too but only for one day as I hardly could handle a very fatty diet for long. Physically or mentally. I still believe that lowering the fattiness of my diet is the better idea for fat-loss but I am not 100% sure due to the zillion factors. I never did longer term OMAD. Especially not on carnivore or close to it…

I really could use more energy. I heard about that common side effect a few times…