Bob Harper host of Biggest Loser had a heart attack

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@Janis_keto_beetch True. Time will tell (if they tell us.)

29? Geez. Love your handle, by the way.


Awaiting an interview on the Today Show this morning, if they ever get to it.

In the meantime, this is from his diet tips for the new year, last month.

“1. S(top the fat)
Don’t embrace fad diets that involve eating too much protein and fat. Instead, go back to the basics.
“I think a lot of people are eating way too much fat these days,” Harper said. “They’re eating a lot of nuts, avocados — I’m all for that, but I want you to balance out your food.” That means every time you eat, have protein, fat and carbs to create a well-balanced meal. Bottom line: Don’t be afraid of carbs and don’t eat so much fat. Avoid diets that emphasize one food or nutrient, or entirely eliminate another food.”

[They also advise against keto in an article linked from that page. “People with heart disease or diabetes should especially stay away, Taub-Dix warned.”]

So irony, or cause and effect?

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Agreed. Genetics do play a part. FH, A-fib, Long QT are just a few things that diet won’t be an immediate help.


Yes, I’d really love to see what type of condition he has. Just looking at the press releases is uninformative. Maybe he’ll show up on Dr. Oz and we’ll get details… and likely the wrong conclusions, like “statins are the answer”.

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Depends if it was FH. It will be interesting!


Update: the Today Show bit was just a segment, not an interview.

Dr. Oz did make a cameo to testify that most “healthy” people are very surprised by their heart attack and that genetics is only part of the equation. So, not bad advice there.

The problem comes when the doctor looks at bloodwork instead of CAC or CIMT as a marker of coronary health.

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I totally understand that he may have a genetic condition that caused a heart attack. I also understand that his body language may be telling in that he was going through a more difficult period of time - be it emotional or physical.

But, I also don’t believe much the media tells me… He may have a publicist that tells a story about genetics to cover up something else that really caused a heart attack! supplements or drugs or something. I can NEVER tell (nor really care ) what celebrities / anyone in front of the camera is really going on. No matter what the say and what statement comes out – I just don’t believe much of it.

So, I feel sorry for folks that have heart attacks at an early age no matter the cause. I hope this incident helps him get the help he needs, for whatever reason that caused the heart attack.

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In general, I hate to see this happen to anyone. I fear many people will use this as an excuse not to do anything, because why bother.

I wish him the best in his recovery.


Let’s not forget that Bob has published many books, on diet and how to become “skinny”. He coined the phrase “skinny rules”.

Here are excerpts from his “jump start rules” book:

"The 40/40/20 plan is my way of making sure you get the right amount of the three essential macronutrients in your diet: protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Without them, you’d be in trouble. Without them in the right amounts, you’ll stay fat, and you’ll never get into that dress, tux, Speedo, or bikini. (Of course, you also need fiber, which is why I give you license to eat unlimited quantities of Jumpstart veggies.)

I’ve tinkered with this formula to get it right: I’ve tried different percentages, added, subtracted, split things up one week and then tried something new the next. In other words, I have been your guinea pig, and I know this is the formula that will work. Don’t make my effort for nothing—­use what I’ve learned!"

And another one…

"Cut back on calories. Then cut back again.

Brace yourself for the truth: for this diet to work on time (three weeks!), you should eat 800 calories a day if you’re female and 1,200 calories a day if you’re male.

Why did I say brace yourself? Most diet experts and motivators prefer to keep people in the dark about calorie restriction, but they all know the truth. They dress it up in pretty prose but never tell you the truth about the number of calories it takes (or doesn’t take) to meet your goals. I think you deserve my honesty. You’re an adult: you can take the truth in plain terms.

Are you miffed at me for being so hard on you? That’s OK. I can take it. Remember: I spend most of my time convincing ravenously hungry obese people not to eat! And, believe me, they’ve said some choice things to me about that.

But here’s what they usually say about it later: thanks, Bob, I needed that!"

Reading through his “rules” tells me that his advice was pretty awful. It was of the conventional variety, following the same calorie restriction, CICO thought process with high carb low fat. If I’d follow this advice, I’d become very sick. And I don’t think it’s a huge departure in thought process to believe that this could make him sick, too.


Yes, I have compassion for anyone that just went through a near-death experience.

I also associate him in particular with what is wrong with the diet, exercise, nutritionist, trainer system. Just watching a video of him pushing some poor obese lady to do more situps… grrrrr.

Maybe something good will come out of this.

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Let’s hope.

I hope it does serve as a wake up call for a lot of people, and an opportunity for discussion going forward.

I’m going to go back to my microscope and try to count the calories in my breakfast this morning, followed by a round of 200 push ups.



The abs will save you! :wink:

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It’s absolutely not far fetched to blame his diet. I’m sure at the least it didn’t help. However it may be largely unrelated. I don’t want to sound like a sanctimonious vegan then find out an entire swath of his family has been cut down by cardiomyopathy or an infection that attacked his heart or one of the 1000 other things that are out of his control, ya know? Just reminding that correlation doesn’t equal causation.


Not sure that coincides with his body pics, though. It’s pretty obvious he has gained weight. And gaining weight around the mid section tells me that TOFI is happening.

I am also skeptic when it comes to “reports”. Any reports that come out can be doctored to tell you whatever, but the truth. There is so much spin and BS out there, covering things up.

When Bob collapsed in the gym, the truth came out. A doctor who happened to be in the gym came to his rescue in public view. The truth got out.

I look for truth.

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I don’t know about everyone else, but I know my parents ailments. I see the wear and tear from life and history of problems. Vericos veins prominent in my dad, his brother, their dad and uncles. Relation? My mothers side is historically diabetic with inflammatory tendencies of joints and brain.

So I pay attention to these things. He probably knows of the family condition and has the money to look into it and check himself. Being a fitness professional I’m sure it was more hubris than anything else.


Half of my family is in Italy. The other half in North America. The ones in Italy are skinny, live long lives, and mobile/healthy/normal/independent in their 80s 90s and 100s. The ones in North America have diabetes, heart problems, Alzheimer’s and obesity starting in their 40s. And I even have TOFI family members in North America that are skinny athletic looking types, with diabetes and heart problems. The contrast is SO OBVIOUS between the two continents.

No one in my family in Italy goes to the gym, or jogs for miles, or counts their macros…NO ONE! But, guess what…they eat fat, tons and tons of fatty pork cuts, drown their meals in extra virgin olive oil. They eat full fat cheese. The concept of removing fat from cheese is asinine to them. They NEVER cut the fat off their meat, and think that only an idiot would remove skin off of chicken. It is very uncommon for them to eat breakfast…so they are basically IF eating. They don’t eat pasta multiple times a week…they KNOW carbs are bad and pasta is fattening/unhealthy.

So, how’s that for a “family genetics experiment”. Theoretically, if you look at my blood relatives in the Americas they have diabetes, heart diseases, obesity and Alzheimer’s…but, look at my family in Italy and you get …silence…crickets.

Last year, my brother told me “I just found out I have type two diabetes”. I was shocked. My brother has been slim and athletic his entire life. And, now he is diabetic…in his forties…of course…as he is not part of the half of the family living in Italy. But…then he said something really really crazy…“yeah, well…diabetes runs in the family…so, it’s genetic”


So, now his doctor tells him diabetes runs in the family, because there are other family members in North America with diabetes…what about the entire lineage of Italians we are related to without diabetes!!!


Genetics…my butt!!


According to Bob Harper, genetics plays 20% of the problem, and more than 70% is bad eating habits, “reaching for the cookies and cakes”, in this interview with Rosie

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It’s both. Your genetics might not come out to play unless your food environment is crap. Having a relative die so, so young is a red flag for a doc to investigate.

Could have been lots of gene combos. Hopefully he’ll stay well and get to the root( s).

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What does your brother say to you when you tell him about the difference in diabetes rates between your Italian relatives and the U.S. side of the family?

I have people in my extended family with diabetes, but I’ve been taught/learned to keep my mouth shut…

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i was shocked to hear that a lot of bodybuilders regularly use cocaine as a “supplement”…NOT saying that bob harper did/does but it is a thing…there are even t-shirts :flushed:
there are also pre workouts that advertise “so strong it’s barely legal” or “main ingredient used to be illegal”

so much for working out for “health” lol