Bob Harper host of Biggest Loser had a heart attack

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Not really sure what kind of life he really leads, just goes to show you can seem healthy and not be at all!

Bob Harper is pushing obscenely expensive Brilinta blood thinner
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what he promotes is CICO (low), lots of cardio, and low fat…
wasn’t there a “famous” (wrote books, held records, etc) long distance runner that died of a heart attack while running?


He’s vegetarian now, isn’t he?

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I’m not sure, I saw him on an episode of Cup Cake Wars over the weekend…

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What is 24 hours of rain in Portland, Oregon?

Oh, sorry, I thought someone said, “Things that don’t surprise me anymore for 400, Alex.”


Yep, and these are the ailments we know about. He collapsed in front of others, and it was seen in public view. So, the word got out. I am pretty confident that many (and probably more than 90%) celebrity nutritionists, trainers and dieticians we see on television are on lots of meds, dealing with all sorts of metabolic issues, progressing because of what they follow as wrong dogma. As in “athletic TOFIs”. Thank goodness, I’m on zero meds and don’t even take any vitamins/supplements either. Just following keto and whole foods nutrition.

Hopefully, there is a wake up call for him. Looks at the science behind keto, and becomes the “American Noakes”.

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I get a sanctimonious kick out of it when they call shit like this part of “the natural aging process.” Apparently, Harper told TMZ “heart issues run in his family and his mother died of a heart attack.”

Because, you know, you can’t to a THING about genes or cell degeneration.

(rolls eyes so hard I can see my own brain)

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Well, looks like the notion of “survival of the fittest” still holds true. Let’s see how the CICO will play out.

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I am not in control of the remote in my house when the lady is home…

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Sad. I hate to see younger-ish folks having heart attacks. Definitely something going wrong in there… who knows what type of lifestyle he leads. I know I saw him on Today show earlier this year promoting balanced plate — pull back on the fat, balance plate with carbs, some fats, and protein.

Who knows how he treats his body though.


Jim Fixx.

He is credited with helping start America’s fitness revolution, popularizing the sport of running and demonstrating the health benefits of regular jogging. He died of a heart attack while jogging at 52 years of age;

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The show doesn’t really teach the contestants how to keep the weight off… most of them leave the show and gain most if not more of the weight back… though instead of seeing this and going there must be a problem with what they are taught, “we” think its just them going back to old habits, not being diligent, not maintaining the diet…

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Yup, I posted on this thread a few interviews I found featuring former contestants. I’m glad they figured out that it doesn’t work but I hope against hope that they keep looking for what does and find keto.

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This makes me sad, and I hope he’ll be ok. While I don’t agree with the CICO that he preached, he did come across as genuinely wanting to help people. Hopefully this will wake him up, but most likely, he’ll continue to blame genetics. As for me, I’ll just take it as even more encouragement that I am now on the right path to health, and a reminder that CICO is not the answer.

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Jim Fixx

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Or worse, listen to charlatans like David Katz and double down on the low-fat hi-carb.

I agree with you, I think he really wants to help people and seems like a good guy. Sad for him.

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I think you meant to say, “What is 24 straight days of rain in Portland, OR?”

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Sad. The only highish profile health trainer I can think of that is LC/keto friendly is Vinnie Tortorich.

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I’m listening to the rebroadcast of Mad As Hell right now. Now I’m reading this, and it makes me double mad. I used to watch The Biggest Loser and believed in the CICO and low fat method for years. I wish I knew about keto 15 years ago…