Blue Cheese Dressing

(Marianne) #1

Does anyone have a recipe for blue cheese dressing that doesn’t call for so much HWC? I love bcd, but I’d like a less calorie alternative than just HWC, blue cheese, lemon and spices.

(Doug) #2

Marianne, mayonnaise and sour cream can take the place of cream, though not going to be much caloric difference. For using on salads, you can make it pretty thick, i.e. cut down on the non-cheese stuff. For dipping stuff into it, you probably want it thinner and creamier - water or milk can be used in place of some of the other stuff; perhaps put it in a blender to chop up the cheese lumps smaller and whip it all up.

(Marianne) #3

Thank you.

I wondered about yogurt, although that has a more sour taste.

(Doug) #4

Same as sour cream - gotta keep the amounts in line with what tastes good to you. When I think of ‘blue cheese’ I do think of it being pretty sour and sharp though.

(Cathy) #5

I think you could use almond milk but I would reduce the amount to avoid it being too runny.

(Mike W.) #6

Why less calories? I make mine with sour cream, Mayo, blue cheese, garlic and white vinegar. And now I wants wings :rofl:

(Marianne) #7

I normally don’t concern myself with the calories in what I eat. I eat clean keto foods (usually just some kind of protein and maybe a small portion of steamed vegetable with butter). I’ve been eating the same way for 4.5 years and am very happy with it. I do have approx. 15 lbs. I’d still like to lose and it has been very stubborn about coming off. Although I don’t normally think about calories, the heavy cream in homemade dressing has a substantial caloric load for the amount I prefer on a salad. In the absence of exercise and combined with everything else I normally eat, I just think it’s too much fat and calories to metabolize and prevents my body from accessing its own fat stores.