Blood testing for UK people

(Allie) #1

I’ve always found it frustrating that out American friends can order blood work so easily whereas we have no chance of getting tests done, unless the GP suspects a specific problem or we pay for expensive private tests.

Well I just took the plunge and ordered a test kit from Thriva which, after they applied a discount, cost me £39.50 and apparently tests all sorts of things (specific tests in the screenshot, I forgot to capture the full descriptions). Thought it worth mentioning in case others wanted to give it a go :blush:

These are the tests they suggested based on me living a low carb / high fat lifestyle and being interested mostly in long term health - they can be customised though.

(bulkbiker) #2

I’d be interested in how much blood you need to send off and how easy it is to fill their vial…
I use medichecks myself but their vials need too much blood for me to get from a fingerprick… so I have to time it with a surgery visit to get the phlebotomist to fill the extra vial.

(Allie) #3

This is the info page they have about collecting the sample, it sounds straightforward, especially as I’m used to blood testing for ketones… but we will see :joy:

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #4

Forty quid’s not too bad. Is it too late to ask for HbA1C? Or was that on there and I missed it?

(Allie) #5

HBA1C was shown on the list of tests that I forgot to take a screenshot of at the time, so yes it’s included :blush:

(Allie) #6

This is what I’m getting :blush:


I tried Thriva last year. I found the blood collection method fiddly and annoying, enough so that I’ll only use it again as a last resort. I imagine it’s going to vary per person but that’s my experience with the sample collection process.

The info they provide is well presented and they seem to be updating things constantly. Some of the personal recommendations they provide around cholesterol might have your eyes rolling into the back of your head given latest science on the subject, but I suppose that’s to be expected. Definitely a nice option to have here in the UK.

(Allie) #8

@jimdoesketo I see what you mean about the collection process, it is rather fiddly. I followed their advice on how to do it so used little finger first, ouch!! It took longer than I had expected and was more painful too, if I use them again I’ll do it my own way and get the samples from my thumb as I do when testing ketones - no pain there, actually bruised today! :open_mouth:

I made a special trip to the postbox last night so the samples are now on their way and I’ll wait and see what happens…

(Kay) #9

Thanks for the info, why was collecting sample so fiddly?

(Allie) #10

Simply because the blood has to be collected into the sample tubes just one drop at a time and this took repeated attempts using two fingertips. I don’t see it would be any different with any other company offering this kind of service.

(Kay) #11

thanks for clarifying, might give this a go myself!

(Ellie) #12

Thanks @Shortstuff. I’ve just ordered one myself.
I actually have some blood tests due at the doctor later this month after a cholesterol test showed it to be high, but didn’t give a breakdown of HDL/LDL. It will be interesting to compare the 2. I’m not really worried about the cholesterol numbers as such as can see how rapidly they can change through short term protocols, but I have having HbA1c done for both as well. It is nuts that you have to be on the verge of dying to get blood tests in the UK.
I am doing OMAD at the moment. I wonder if that will give any loopy results for the Thriva one. It says 8 hours fasted, but I wonder if 23 hours is too much.


Quite frustrating isn’t it! Squeezing your poor finger to death :smile:

(Allie) #14

And painful yes! :flushed:

Hopefully be worth it… I’m looking forward to my results.

(Ellie) #15

Mine arrives today.
There is a article about it with a picture of a finger that looked like it had been through a massacre! Almost put me off completely.:confused:

(Allie) #16

I just found the article. It’s a couple of years old so maybe they’ve changed things since, although the kit sounds the same.

The collection process is a pain, but we are so limited for test availability in the UK… and I guess it was actually less painful than going through the process of trying to get an appt at my surgery to see if the nurse would draw blood for me as that in itself takes weeks.

(Ellie) #17

That is definitely true!!

(Allie) #18

I’ve just had a text (and email) to say they’ve got my samples and that I should have results in about 48 hours.

(Allie) #19

HBA1C all good.

What is it they say about vitamin D deficiency? Most of the population is deficient, not me… my levels are off the scale the other way! Best I stop my daily supplement eh…

They say LDL is too high but I won’t worry.

Question mark over thyroid too but again, not overly concerned about this one.


The vitamin D I’ll deal with straight away and stop my morning supplements.

(Ellie) #20

Very interesting.
Are you aware of any existing thyroid conditions? I ask because that is the result I am most interested in for my results.
My pack arrived yesterday, but I didn’t want to post it to arrive on a saturday, so I’ll do the test on Monday first thing and then post it off.