Blood testing for UK people

(Allie) #21

No history of thyroid issues but not concerned at all as it’s likely being affected by the sky high vitamin D level so I’ll focus on getting that down and see how I go.


I’ve used three different providers so far, I think the collection method is the same and the only variation is in the type of test you do:

I can confirm that the self-collection process is tough, it’s nothing like a fingerprick for a blood glucose test which is quick and easy, you actually have to pierce the skin to a decent extent and let the blood drip out into the tube, or in my case, let the blood clot almost immediately several times over until you half fill the tube and run out of lancets!

Saying that, I have been broadly successful with these tests, it’s not particularly painful it’s just a slow, frustrating, stressful process. Needless to say I wasn’t surprised when the results came back and said I had elevated cortisol!!


Just ask your GP - explain why - engage their interest - I’ve never been refused - blood examinations are just a sensible, reasonable way of monitoring health.
Who could refuse!!

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It takes a month to even get an appt at my surgery. Last time I went, with a cystitis attack that needed an emergency appt, I was told that I should choose one GP at the practice I like (rather than just seeing whoever had a slot available when I need it… ) and plan routine appts with them, like you can plan when you’re going to get sick :roll_eyes: That was about three years ago and the only time I’ve been back since was for the dreaded smear test. It’s the biggest, most oversubscribed and worst rated practice in the area and the only reason I’m still registered there is because the only other option is just as bad.

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@MarkGossage I think it varies depending on what tests you’re having done. For mine there were two little vials that had to be filled to different lines, one I think was to a 500 line and the other to a 600 line, but what those numbers actually measured I don’t know.

It did take repeated finger pricks, four total across two fingers.

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Sample done and posted this morning.
I suspect I made it unnecessarily difficult somehow as it took about 20 mins to fill both vials to the line one tiny drop at a time and more of it going down my finger nail than into the vial! Then when I did the 10 x inverting, nothing much happened and the gel and blood stayed separated. I hope I didn’t take too long and they can still use the sample. I’d really rather not have gone through all that for nothing!
Did yours take that long too, or was it just me?

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@Jacymac sounds exactly the same as my experience so don’t worry.

(Ellie) #28

Sadly in my case they have said that they can’t process the sample. :frowning_face:
They have offered to send another pack but I don’t think my blood comes out of my finger any quicker so I’m not sure there is any point in that.
Oh well.


Also similar to my experience, inverting seemed to do nothing but the sample was still processed ok. You can do a few things to try to make it easier, hot shower beforehand, massage finger before you use the lancet, make sure you are very well hydrated. I had some success by using all my fingers, sometimes using two lancets in the same spot, just experiment, go wild :wink:

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That’s a shame @Jacymac

Maybe take them up on the offer and get your GP surgery nurse to draw the blood?


I’ve been using Thriva for many years, i’ve never found the collection to be much of an issue due to me being a bleeder.

I recently added CRP and insulin to my tests, all came back normal. I’ve done a few tests that my LDL is always slightly above average so im tempted to eat 3-5Kcal a few days before to test out the Feldman hypothesis.

I’ll look into the other providers to see if they compare on price.

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We might be limited in the UK but it’s nothing like the limitation and requirements of insurance companies in the US. Give me the NHS any day.

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The only problem with that is they they simply refuse to do the tests I want so I have to get them done privately. CAC , fasting Insulin, Insulin resistance … I have heard of very few doctors who ever do these tests in the UK. At the last PHC conference in London a lot of the presenters were talking about hyperinsulineaemia yet none of the doctors in the room had ever got their patients tested for insulin production (apart from one who had had it done privately). In fact there were only 2 of us in the room who had ever had it done…


I used medichecks just to see if it was any use, had the thyroid check run… after spending a good 15 minutes trying to get blood out of a tiny pinprick that my body simply laughed at, I ended up getting a fine tip scalpel and making a small puncture/cut which worked much better. Was able to get the rest of the blood needed and sent off.
Think if I do any more test, ill just get some sterile scalpels and do it that way.