Binge or listening to my body?


Oh, friends and spouses will get you every time! I strongly discourage this. :wink:

Well, I’m glad you put some more thought to it. Honestly, I was thinking quite the opposite; that you had a hectic shift at work, and was unable to eat very well between births. All you had time for was some quick, thoughtless snack. Not, that I would consider you thoughtless, Jules. I just know how work can sometimes catch people off guard.

Oh good! Regrettably, I have to admit, the travel expense and time was going to be quite extraordinary, but I was able to find a local bloke who agreed to check in on you, for a very reasonable rate. Hope this doesn’t bother you. It’s for your own good, you know.

(Jules ) #42

The stranger has been sighted many times this week, rifling through my mail. He seems to be fulfilling his contractual obligation to you Darren. There was one occasion where he was seen looking through my windows, but I will think the best of him and assume he was making sure I wasn’t stashing contraband.

As a boring aside, getting my carb intake back to proper keto levels and feeling more satiated due to ditching sweet food has led to a big ‘whoosh’ and I have dropped some more weight. I have had multiple concerned people at work have a quiet word with me and my own husband is saying enough is enough. In previous weeks there was only one or two colleagues who were ‘in my ear’ about stopping the weight loss. This week it feels like everyone has had something to say. So I fix one problem and create another, I thought I had a handle on the maintenance side of things these past few weeks and had halted the unwanted loss. First world problems hey?


I think as long as you keep posting here, I can trust you to do the right thing, Jules. I’ll break off the contract with the local. If you see him hanging around anymore, I would call the authorities.

Too bad about your unexpected Keto NSV. I’m sure they mean well, but what are you gonna do? Certainly not gain the weight back, just to please the carb burners in your life.

(Jules ) #44

Not sure what to do. I figure I won’t waste away, my body will find it’s sweet spot, I am sure. While I didn’t want to lose the last few kilos that I have, I think I look as lean, muscular and healthy as I ever have so I think I am doing my very best to trust in the process. I guess hence starting this thread to sort through my hunger signals.
No-one at work commented on my rapid weight gain, no-one worried that my health was suffering the heavier I got, no-one said anything when I shoved yet another chocolate in my face at work. I am unsure why everyone feels compelled to comment on my body now, indicate that I may have an eating disorder or make jokes (that are intended to be good natured, but are actually starting to wear thin- ha see what I did there) about me starving myself silly. It is actually making me uncomfortable and self-conscious about my body.

Anyway Darren, enough self indulgent lamenting from me. How may I cheer lead you. I feel you have gone above and beyond in your cheerleading. How is your keto life going?


Wow, there’s so much to unpack in that paragraph! It’s curious how our society seems to be conditioned to accept weight gain and unhealthy foods as normal.

We had a meat and cheese tray at work yesterday, for my birthday, and a fruit tray with some kind of fruit dip. I ate a little bit of the fruit, but mostly the meat and cheese. Then, one of the ladies said about the fruit dip, “This is the good stuff.” And I repeated, “The good stuff, huh?” It’s interesting how we identify bad things as good, and good things as bad. Your weight gain, no big deal, your weight loss, OMG you’re dying!

It’s crazy how your co-workers reaction, to your weight loss, has given birth to self-conscious feelings about your own body. I wonder if their comments are just projections of their own self-conscious feelings, that have been incubating within them for months. It’s like your sudden weight loss induced them to question the health goals, that you have labored so hard to achieve. I don’t know, that theory is just off the top of my head, but it does seem quite viable.

I’ll be here all week, folks! Don’t forget to tip your waitress.

About time! You’ve been getting way too much exposure on your own thread. :smile:

Funny you should ask, because it’s been kinda difficult lately. My weight has been creeping up a bit, and I’m getting frustrated. There’s a good possibility it is due to stress at work; at least that’s what I want to believe, because I can’t figure out how to improve my diet.

When I started keto I had in mind a certain weight that I would like (hoped) to reach. Then I passed it, and I could hardly believe it was true. Well, I’m now at that weight I hoped to reach when I started keto, so what do I have to complain about?

Thank you for asking, Jules! It was very thoughtful of you to shoulder some of this cheering.

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It looks like they are all jealous of what you have accomplished, and do not have the perseverance, patience, endurance and will power to do it themselves, so are being mean spirited… we think you are doing great, the members here are proud of you and realize how hard you have worked… try to ignore the “haters,” as it were.


It is nice that they had a little party for you at work, and had some Keto fare as well, even if not all of it was, atleast it was better than just all cake and total carbage =). I am sorry that you are having some struggles, and I hope that you can find a solution to those and get back on track.

Best wishes to you both for continued Keto progress and victory!

(Jules ) #47

Thank you very much for your kind and supportive messages. I have just hauled my butt and pack all over the trackless wilderness for the past two days, but shall reply properly when I am less weary and more coherent. x

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Jealous is why. Not even joking. Like I’ve posted before: “b**ches BE that way” :grimacing:
You already look like an ingenue despite being a granny, are pretty as a picture and now you’re slender TOO? They must all hate you.

(Jules ) #49

I am crappy at multi quoting, but I know none of you will mind as you are all very tolerant and quite frankly downright amazing. This forum has to be the nicest bunch of people I have (n)ever met!

Thank you Darren, BlueViolet and Momof5. It sounded so obvious when you all raised jealousy as a motivation for the constant critiquing of my body, but I just hadn’t considered it and was looking at myself for fault. I figured I was ‘doing’ something to attract the negativity from some of my colleagues. The comments have come from people who are unhappy with themselves, so I need to not take any of that on board.

Darren, Sorry to hear that work has been stressful. Other than being an international agent of mail monitoring, what is it that you do?
On the weight thing, grrr, frustrating, but still amazing to be where you imagined yourself when starting out. Quite an accomplishment! I do wonder if perhaps your body composition has changed? Which is why your scale weight seems to have crept up? I know now that I can look completely different at the exact same weight, depending on muscle.

Momof5, thank you so much for your kindness and insight. Sometimes it takes others to point out what we can’t see. Reading your reply and the others was a massive ‘light bulb’ moment for me.

BlueViolet, if I am ever on your side of the world we are SO doing coffee, you crack me up.

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That is why this forum is really spectacular in my opinion. We all can understand/relate to what the other forum members are experiencing, and celebrate with each other for our victories.

I have learned and benefitted so much from all the shared experiences, advice and I am always learning new ways to do things or what not to do! How to “tweek” Keto in various ways, that works for different people. It is great to have a place to talk about Keto and other things, and get support and encouragement, and to be a cheerleader for others as well =).


Okay, I have to ask. Not fishing for compliments, but was this paragraph too subtile? Because I worked really hard to make a coherent statement and throw all those birthing terms in there, for comedic effect.

This forum’s a tough crowd. :slight_smile:

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It was damn fine writing. Fish away, you caught yourself a big 'un!
Sorry was so utterly bang on. My apologies for getting sidetracked and not giving it the standing ovation it deserved. Yes reading this was a huge moment for me (I am being serious, not poking fun!) and you are so right. Utterly right. Couldn’t be more correct and I feel like a dunce for needing it pointed out, but glad I have a bearded cheerleader to shine a light on something that was staring me in the face.

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“bearded cheerleader” made me giggle; true of course, but just cute how you worded that =).

(hottie turned hag) #54

Hey I was at basketball game at Purdue (one of my kids goes there) and they had a MALE CHEERLEADER on the squad and he had a neat wee beard! I was floored. I lead a sheltered life.

Heckyeah; I’m cool with being the DUF (designated ugly friend) :smiley:


Yeah, it was too subtle, but I figured it out the second time I read it :wink:

(Jules ) #56

Designated utterlyfantastic friend!

(Jules ) #57

Case Closed. Entirely. Sweeteners are definitely out for good.

Hugely busy shift at work last night. I did get to eat my lovely dinner though. I ate some extra butter as my hunger was up and got to a place of feeling very satisfied after acknowledging the hunger and feeding it with butter. I had to run downstairs to birthsuite from the ward as the girls were getting slammed, it was so busy there for them. There was gum on the desk and as I was now working in close proximity with labouring women and had arse breath from not rinsing my mouth after coffee, I popped a “sugar free” gum in my mouth. No big deal. Ha!

On my 1.5 hr drive home from work at 2300hrs I think to myself. Hmmm might get a coffee once I pass through the last town. Thats weird and not something I do, but why not? Well that turned into banana bread and a caramel sundae to go with that coffee. I was ok with it at that time and went with my brains suggestion, as I had lost some more unintended weight this week anyway etc, but it is such an out of character choice for me to have made.

Once home though I was hit with the realisation that I chewed gum. Gum! GUM! I have not had any sweeteners, keto or otherwise for weeks now and my hunger signals have become much easier to understand. I don’t think my brain/body needed that crap food at all, my signalling was hijacked by the jerks known as sorbitol and maltitol.

So anyway. My summary of this thread is:

  • Yes, sometimes I get hungrier and will eat up a keto storm of amazing caloric feats. That is cool, my body is telling me right- so I should honour that…with fat.

  • Sweeteners (for me anyway) mess with my body’s signals and mean that I cannot trust the messages I am getting regarding hunger. They have no place in my life going forward. My sweetener free month was ending next week, but my sweetener free life starts now.

(Susan) #58

I totally think this is why I wasn’t losing anything for a bit too. It was the only thing I was doing differently, so I will just give the gum I bought (Pur -flavour of chocolate mint) to my kids, because for some reason, if I consume any sweeteners, my body won’t lose weight too.

I hope that your cravings for the naughty stuff will be over now once you do this too =).


I’ve noticed that with sweeteners, as well. No replacement foods+desserts for me, they just mess with my body signals.


What’s in y’alls water down there?