Binge or listening to my body?

(John) #21

I had to do this, basically from the start. I don’t eat or drink anything that tastes sweet now. I know my weaknesses from past experience. This is one of them.


Don’t do it Jules! DON’T YOU DARE PUT THAT SWEET SUBSTITUTE IN YOUR MOUTH! :no_entry_sign: :cupcake:

I will track down your postman, take ALL your online orders, and burn them as a sacrifice to the keto gods. :fire:

Put down the biscuit, and pick up the bacon!! :bacon:

Did that help? :slight_smile:

(Jules ) #23

Perfect! Just what I needed to hear. Thank you.
I did think of setting up a photo where I set a fire to burn the Salted Caramel Fat Bombs that are stored in my freezer for you. I then realised that the suckers would melt into a delicious caramel sauce with associated sticky sweet aroma. Damn. Shall throw them in my wiz bin (wheelie bin? Big trash can? Not sure what you call them) tomorrow though. They were $20 for six which is ridiculous and speaks volumes of my addiction.

Thank you for stalking my postman and intercepting my mail. It is a long way for you to travel to do so, but hey, that’s what I love about this forum- dedication to real community support :wink:


When you’re committed to keto, you do what’ch gotta do.

Good point on the melted caramel sauce. Chunking them in the wiz bin will do just fine. :slight_smile:

(Jules ) #25

This is the face I make when I throw 20 bucks in the bin. Its also the same face when I realise I am a d#ck for spending that money in the first place on a sweet poison replica.

Sweeteners are like a synthetic drug for me and I justified their recent way into my life by telling myself it is not reallllll sugar, so it doesn’t matter and I am at goal, so why not? This is the first time I have had the foresight to pull this addiction up before I put 20kg back on. Victory!

Thanks for the kick up the butt dlc_darren. I genuinely do appreciate it more than I can say.




Your health will thank you later. :slight_smile:

(Hyperbole- it’s the best thing in the universe! ) #27

You don’t burn idols as a sacrifice. (Well, yes, a sacrifice of something financially valuable. She could have sold them and kept the cash.) You burn them to cleans yourself of them without endangering anyone else. @JulesyMcJulesface’s symbolic burning of her treats has been a sweet smell to the keto gods. Or is it a savory smell? :thinking: Yes, a savory bacony smell to the keto gods and they are pleased.

Also, Yeah I believe that you look younger then when you had your own babies. I hear those things keep you up at night… And you’d better be careful with keto or soon you will be looking prepubescent.

(Alex ) #28

Add me to the club too, if there’s one way of eating that can sometimes wrongly encourage binge mentality - it’s this one… the “as long as you keep below under 20g of carbs a day you’re cool” message is definitely not always the best blueprint if you want to change your body.

However, if you’re going to binge, to me it almost definitely seems safer eating 4,000 calories of meat and mayo, than the same in toast and jam.

(Carl Keller) #29

I reckon it looks pretty suspicious to the prying eyes of a neighbor who sees you slipping a baggie full of powdery white substance into the trash bin. :smiley:

You did the right thing Jules. Get rid of the things that control you and surround yourself with the things that make you feel good. Now go reward yourself with your favorite pork, beef or chicken supper.

(Jacqueline Porter) #30

Wow, you are looking Ab Fab Jules!

(Jules ) #31

Thank you for the words of encouragement. I do hope to have appeased the keto gods with my sacrifice.
In return they promise a fountain of youth and good health.

(Jules ) #32

The narcs will be on to me! Nearly as bad as having salt in my car the other day from my little baggie I have stashed for salt emergencies


That’s one for the keto complaint department.

(Jill F.) #34

This cracks me up! I feel same way when I binge eat pistachios and end up throwing them out. Sigh.

(Susan) #35


I totally agree with BlueViolet about how young you look, wow! You look really awesome (regardless of your age) but young for your age.

(Jules ) #36

Have tried to just go with my body a bit since getting input on this thread. Interestingly enough, the past week since I stopped any sweetened foods, my daily carbs have been much lower than they had been beginning to trend and I have been feeling more satiated.
I have still had days where I have naturally seemed to eat a bit more, but the insanely-intense hunger feeling hasn’t whacked me this week. It may well be coincidence, but will be interesting to see what the next few weeks of no sweeteners bring me.
I was strong as my husband was being very sweet (pun unintended!) and bought home a Noshu (Australian low carb , erythritol sweetened donut) which he had got an hours drive away for me. I gavce it to our son. That took some serious commitment :zipper_mouth_face:


No! Definitely not! I have saved you from suffering with insatiable hunger.

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

(Jules ) #38

Hopefully these uploads are right way up. I am technically-challenged, hence taking a photo of reports on my laptops. The point I am trying to illustrate is that dropping the sweeteners a week ago has seemingly dropped my hunger, or rather, steered me more toward whole foods which have satisfied me sooner. I feel full of belly and contented for the most part. A really big difference already to how I had been feeling.

My carb intake is consistently down this week to where it used to be, before the sneak in of the seeeteners.

Seems my four week period of seeing whether being off sweet foods helps my hunger may just turn into a permanent way that I keto


Wow! What happened on the 5th and 15th?

Odd days, indeed. :slight_smile:

(Jules ) #40

I can tell you exactly what happened on those days.

June 5th. Had eaten all I was going to eat for that day as was supposed to be on an afternoon shift at work. On my way out the door, I got offered the afternoon off (with pay from extra leave I had accumulated) as patient numbers were down. I took it and used my evening off to catch up with a friend I hadn’t seen in a year as I had already finely tuned the school pick ups, drop off to tutoring etc etc so was unexpectedly footloose and fancy free. Saw my friend, drank green tea and then her son offered to cook us dinner so we could carry on catching up. He is 19yo and a really sweet young man and it was a big deal for him to offer. I ate dinner and dessert. Hence the figures you see. I loved chatting with my friend for hours but this experience of food intake was not overly positive as I really didn’t want to eat anymore and certainly not carbs. It took me a few days to get over physically and mentally. A bit of self flagellation involved here.

June 15th was a much more calculated and positive encounter with carbs. Younger two kids went to my parents in law for the weekend. I had day out with my husband and I chose to eat to his way of eating while we were out as that is something I don’t do typically. I decided to relax, go with the flow and had a delightful day. I suspect the carbage wasn’t as bad as I logged, but I chose to over estimate rather than under. I was straight back on the keto horse the next day with no hard feelings or regrets. All in all a positive exercise.

You are a good Keto cheerleader, there is no letting my carb-heavy days escape your attention. It was probably very useful to actually think about both of those occasions and how different they were for me.

P.S. My postman said he saw a guy with a neatly groomed beard lurking behind a tree this morning looking with binoculars as he unloaded my parcels, hope the international travel didn’t mess with your day too much :wink: