Binge or listening to my body?

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Been there done that path, maddeningly. With the added bonus of sweetener-triggered bladder urgency from…GUM!

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Oh no, you too! GUM is so evil it deserves its capital letters. Bladder urgency too. Ugh. I already have a gerbil sized bladder and don’t need any more frequency. We should gather our packets of gum and light them afire as Darren suggested I do with my other sweetened poisons. I hear it appeases the keto deities and improves bladder elasticity.

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ha ha, you said waters. There are a lot of those broken at my work.

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I’m miles off being current with this conversation thread @JulesyMcJulesface - but just wanted to say well done on your progress, and I’ve had this binge/eat to satiety conversation with myself most weeks when following the plan!

I’m of the mindset of “best case scenario” - better to gorge on belly pork, than jelly beans and start again strict tomorrow if you have any guilt ! :slight_smile:

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I think you are right, pork belly beats jelly belly! How long have you been eating keto? Do you find exercise much of an impact on questioning your appetites real intentions?
It’s such a balancing act between trusting your body and knowing that your head games might be running interference on the body’s messages.

Reassuring to know that other’s ask the same questions of their appetites.

Interestingly enough I was ravenous yesterday after a 23km hike, ate (fat) food like a mad woman until the hunger went away. An entire extra meal and then some found its way into my face yesterday, yet today I find my blood ketones the highest they have been in weeks.
My GKI is 2.62. Interesting.

Going to play around with this feasting/fasting a bit more rather than my up until this week, very predictable IF.

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I’ve been on off keto for years. There have been periods of months where I’ve been hardcore with it, and other times where I’ll just watch calories as a whole, and will dip in and out of carb counting as needed. I’d say I’m continuously monitoring carbohydrates, even if I’m not paying attention to doing it properly. Always log my food on MFP regardless of how good / bad things are.

As far as the exercise thing goes, the difference I notice with food cravings when I exercise, is that the experience is far more physical, rather than emotional. So, I wont “feel” like eating food, I know that “need” food because I’ll have a headache, be weaker and generally feel achy.

Whereas - If I’m skipping meals to fast and have a generally sedentary day around it, I feel fine, I just obsess about food, which is boredom probably, and emotionally based cravings.

Factoring in IF or full day fasting to any of this really does amplify the dos and don’ts. If I skip breakfast and lunch, and then cycle for an hour, or lift some weights, I feel LOUSY.

There really is a lot of listening to your body involved, and sometimes the radar is completely wrong.

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I always log MFP too, the good, the great and the ugly of my intake- and as my Bearded cheerleader noted on a 300g carb day when I sahred my MFP :wink: I have to be honest with myself and make notes some days to help educate and empower myself to learn my signals and triggers.

Yes, you are right, a completely different feeling and lousy sums it up well. The less fat stores I have, the quicker lousy can set in when I am doing some sort of endurance exercise.

Trusting the ‘real’ radar rather than the noisier fake radar is a work in process for me…

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I found this very cute too =).

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Holy moly. I agree!

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Ha ha thank you. I am a young grandmother, so I think that confuses a lot of people. I am always happy to hear a kind word though, thank you!


How do you feel after you have eaten so much? Are you bloated and have unpleasent feelings in your stomach, or are you just satiated and satisfied and would feel great, if you wouldn’t think to much about your behaviour?

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Interesting point. I feel full and satisfied for the most part. On one or two occasions a little uncomfortably so, but nothing too bad. The thing is with fat, the occasions I have had a meal ‘too’ fatty or ‘too’ much- my body has errrr “rejected” it mighty quick and it has reappeared within minutes of hitting my stomach. Only happened 3 times in 7 months, but my body told me in no uncertain terms ‘STOP’.

Last night I ate up a storm, 3 meals in the day and a huge spike in my regular daily intake. I was coming off night shifts, didn’t sleep at all yesterday after finishing in the morning and went to bed with a full- but not painful- stomach at 6pm. In the preceding three days I had done 2 x 25 hour fasts due to rolling my eating window across to fit within my work schedule, but had eaten enough in my eating windows. Yesterday I know it was being overtired that made my body seek food for energy that just wasn’t going to be fixed by anything but sleep. Shift work eh?!

As a side note, I chuckled at myself yesterday morning, was getting undressed after night shift, pulled my scrub top off and before I took my singlet top off I realised I had some more serious guns growing, so I flexed and preened in the mirror a bit- like I have seen my now adult son and now my 10yo son do in the mirror when they think they are starting to look all manly- and liked what I saw. Unlike my sons, I grabbed my phone and snapped a self indulgent pic of my perceived awesomeness. Such a loser. I shall post this here for your mirth and perhaps also because I was feeling a bit pleased with my arms, that pre keto looked like bingo-lady- batwings. Excuse my too big scrub pants and my singlet tucked into them like a Nanna (well I am one!) it is Winter in Australia and I get cold without a layer under my scrubs.

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You are looking fabulous, Jules; you should be proud of yourself!

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I feel really sorry for your grandkids. Imagine how they will feel when they get old enough that everyone mistakes their Nana for their sister?

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Ruina, you crack me up!!!

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Have been a bit absent. Thought now that I have a handle on things over a period of a few months that I would touch base as I have missed your company a tad!

I went down the rabbit hole a little with feasting/fasting. I was listening to lots of podcasts and reading a lot on this forum and there seemed so much chatter around extended fasts and the associated health benefits etc. So of course, I wanted in on the benefits and got on board. I started doing this a little before I started this thread and things were clearly getting a bit outta control from the outset which is why I was questioning what my body was telling me…a good way to summarise my personal encounter with questing for longer fasts is ‘it ain’t for me’. It clearly works for so many, but it isn’t good for my own relationship with food.

Feasting/fasting was creating a bingeing mentality within myself, yes cutting down on sweetners was useful, but what I found even more useful was no longer fasting beyond the break between dinner and breakfast. Having said that, I enacted some useful info I did gain from Dr Boz- about eating to my body’s circadian rhythm. I eat only when the sun is shining now and it works for me. Sure, then my fast period is typically only 12-14 or so hours, but I feel so much better in body and mind for it.

My pattern over the last few months has been one of stability, my fitness has increased out of sight and I feel good. I don’t want to binge, sometimes I will eat a little bit more as I get ‘rungry’ as am now running half marathons , but I feel content and relaxed with my eating and above all happy within myself.

Hope you are all keeping well and I look forward to reading through your threads and finding out how you are all doing xxxxxxx

Oh and for those of you who knew my son had gone away for his initial infantry training- he has graduated and is now at a local base for the next few months which is awesome, as he gets weekends off so we can hike, bike and work out together again

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That is great, Jules, and you look fantastic!! That is really nice that your son is near home at a local base for a bit. I am sure that he missed you as well. It is terrific that you can spend some time doing fun activities together as well. It is nice to see you back =).

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Jules, you look fabulous and I’m really glad to hear you figured some stuff out. I like your idea of eating only when the sun is up, very interesting. It’s what my rehab animals would do and come to think of it, my dog as well. Animals are probably naturally onto something. Look forward to hearing how it works out for you.