Biggest test of running on keto for me tonight

(Alec) #1

I have a big session planned tonight. 8x400m at 15secs/km faster than 5k race pace. Won’t mean much to non-runners, but hopefully the runners understand.

Tough session to do on fat, I will be running fast (for me!). Fully expecting all to go well, but it’s the biggest test of running on keto for me: I’ve never run that fast for that length of time on keto before.

I’ll let you know how I go! :running_man:‍♂️

(GINA ) #2

Good luck!

(Wendy G) #3

Would love to hear how it goes…

(Alec) #4

It went well. I managed to be at the low end of the planned interval times, but it was a tough session. Feel tired now. Time for some recovery. All powered by fat. Not a carb in sight.

(AllenW) #5

Me personally, if i run in the morning, I can do so much better in a fasted state. My evening runs, no matter what I eat or don’t eat, are always worse. I’ve tried eliminating caffeine, thinking it is causing an insulin response. I think that helped but still, evening runs aren’t as good as morning runs for me personally. So try both to see how you do.

(Life is bacon, bacon is life) #6

Congrats! :+1:

Enjoy your recovery. :bacon:

(Alec) #7

I think I am the same, but I use my evening runs to destress after work. It has made a big difference to me to not just get in the car and go home.

But my best running is always at the weekend in the mornings: parkrun on Saturday and long run Sunday. Afterwards I go to a local cafe for eggs Benedict with bacon (no bread of course), smothered in hollondaise. Love it.

(Mark Berry) #8

Do you max effort your park run? How do you find recovery from a max effort?

(Alec) #9

Mark, I max effort my parkrun say 1 week in 4. This goes up and down a bit, depending on life and my current running goals. If I am trying to get into parkrun PB shape, I would max out 1 in 3 and use the other 2 for speed work. If I am in a strength training phase I would run before and after parkrun, and therefore by definition it would be non-max.

Max parkruns used to be fun until I got a faster PB. Now a current max run is somewhat discouraging!!

Recovering from a max session is getting a little harder as I get older. I usually do a parkrun on Saturday and a long run on Sunday. I can always feel a max effort in my legs the day after. I just take it slower, and maybe go a bit shorter if I am feeling tired. But a max effort parkrun is not something that needs major rest. It’s only 5k.

(Mark Berry) #10

Thank you

(Scott) #11

After an injury break and a switch to keto it took a while for me to get my energy from fat. I even got to the point of thinking this my not work. I got two 6 mile runs in this weekend and feel great. Curious how this will play out for a half marathon when I can get my miles up.