Bet with a Devil


(Benjamin Simpson) #1

Hey Guys, my first post here. I recently made a 600$ bet with the devil (Healthywage, a company that allows you to exchange fat loss for money, but if you lose… :smiling_imp:) and was hoping what people’s thoughts, experiences and rules of thumb were on extended fasting. I’ve done up to 120 hours before however I’ve never done longer, although it felt like I could keep going. I’m now planning on losing 72 pounds in 6 months by cycling a 14 day fast. with 3 days of a basic Keto diet in between fasting cycles. Tell me about your experiences so I can do this correctly. Assume I know about taking supplements such as magnesium potassium, salt ,etc. I am weight lifting during the 14 day period without refeeding although I won’t be breaking any records or going to failure.

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #2

I doubt I could join one of those weight bet things now, I am only 63kg and have lost the majority of my weight through extended fasting.

I cannot fast for longer than 2 days now without supplementing with fat or bone broth.


I don’t know. I think I would start saving up $600. 72 in 6 mos may be tough if you are still weight lifting. That’s 12 pounds per month and 14-day fasts are no joke. I don’t know what the rules are about weigh-ins, etc. and muscle gain might offset some of your total losses.

And three days of refeeding between such long fasts could be taxing on your metabolism.

But, hey, if you’ve already put your money down, what the heck. But how can I put a side bet with your bookie?

Oh, just how old are you and what is your height and weight?

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We have a monthly fasting experiences thread linked here.

(Benjamin Simpson) #5

thank you, but thats if and ef. 2 totally different beasts.

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EF is Extended Fasting, which is in the title here. I don’t think it’s ALL that different, somehow.

(Benjamin Simpson) #7

23 and 6’1 261 pounds, already made the bet… fingers crossed. You may be right on the weightlifting but I’ve never heard of someone doing it so I figure first few weeks should act as a good guide on whether to continue or not if nobody has prior experiences to share. I’ve always found intermittent fasting to be more difficult for some reason. Fasting for longer periods of time actually comes easier at least more than 3 days does.

(Robert C) #8

I would start out with shorter fasts and refeeds.

I would fast 6 days per week and refeed on one for the first few months and monitor progress toward the final goal (so 3 refeeding days in 21 instead of 3 refeeding days in 17).

More aggressive at the beginning would be good because that is when the bigger amount of easier pounds comes off.

Always keeping in mind that later pounds will be more difficult when judging progress toward the goal.

I would also not be rigid on the cycle - instead strategically choosing the one day a week to match Friday and allow for Friday night out with friends or choose Sunday to go to a BBQ or a Wednesday for an important job related dinner. Being rigid almost always leads to failure for me.


At your age and height, your metabolism might be able to handle anything you throw at it. Your bet does indeed sound winnable. But also at your age you will have to be on guard not to get bored or distracted.

It might just be a novel idea right now. Dedication and discipline might be your biggest obstacles. Please create another goal as incentive. Such as looking and feeling better, avoiding early metabolic destruction, etc.

Of course, $600 is a nice incentive to start out with. But that big carb meal could wind up costing you your cash.

What are your odds? $600 to win $600? Can you weigh in earlier than 6 months or do you have to maintain the 72-loss through 6 months?

Be sure to drink gallons of magnesium citrate before your weigh-in. Lol.


I would put the 600$ aside and have it as your win whatever the outcome. These companies sell the bets with stories of people winning big but the reality is that the most likely outcome (assuming you win) is to get back what you put in plus a but more. The 6 month challenges are usually broken down into a split between monthly targets and an overall payout - all to be paid out at the end. The other harsh reality os that any wins you get are paid for by other people’s loss (and probably misery!). I did a DietBet challenge to see for myself and I didn’t really like the experience because of the last point. Any win felt hollow because someone else was feeling miserable.

I am making assumptions here based on another company’s policy but I expect it is the same or similar but payout is at the end of the 6 months. You have to hit weight loss targets each month and also be at or below target goal at the end. The last month is usually a maintenance month. You can get ahead of your targets but never behind or you will lose that month’s amount. It may be a different set of rules though as the bets were not as high as that in DietBet.

Whatever your approach regarding fasting, please do it safely. You would be better spending part of that budget and signing up with the IDM program so that you got help along the way and had some degree of supervision. IDM do not recommend fasting for that length of time without direct medical supervision (maybe even not at all - I am not up to date with their exact policy). That should tell you something. I think fasting is a great tool to help you on this journey but there is absolutely no need to be doing such long fasts. Why not do shorter fasts consistently? You could be doing alternate day during each week or longer 3 (even 4 or 5) day fasts. Practise makes perfect and Megan Ramos always talks about building your fasting muscle. My feeling is that a regular routine of shorter (long by most people’s standards) fasts coupled with a solid refeeding/feasting weekend to recharge would work better over the long term. It would be more sustainable and less likely to create problems.

@Becky has a great track record with fasting for 3-5 days at a time. Maybe you have some thoughts on this thread Becky?

(Benjamin Simpson) #11

Shorter fasts have always been harder for me. I think mainly due to having to deal with day 2 hunger more constantly. This way I don’t need to worry too much about that part. I’m monitoring everything such as ketones blood sugar pulse and pressure myself since its cheaper and normal levels for ketosis and fasting are well known and not a secret only known by medical professionals.

As for the prize, I’m getting 1622 dollars back. The people losing their bet? I’m a competitive asshole, I don’t mind taking their hard earned cash if they were foolish enough to make a bet they can’t win.

(KCKO, KCFO) #13

It is for extended and intermittent fasting, here is the link to the new month’s chat.

Also are you fat adapted already? If not, depending on your level of health it might be a couple of months (or more) before you see any good, steady results. And also, what is your motivation to wager on your weight/health issues? Do you gamble on other issues in your life?


I also made a healthywage bet! I’m 53% of the way to my goal and have 3.5 months left.

As others said, jumping in to 14 day fasts seems rash. My vote is to start with short fasts (24, 36, 48 hours) and slowly build up to longer ones. Make sure to feast keto-style in between fasts. And remember that if you are building muscle in the gym, your scale loss will likely be slower.

(Bob M) #15

I just got off a 4.5 day fast, and it was hard. I’m up to many of them, nearing 10, and that doesn’t include the many, many 3+ day and 36 hour and 22 hour fasts I’ve done, and 4.5 days is tough. I thought it got slightly better day by day, but not by much.

Also, it will help if you’re single and don’t have to make any lunches or dinners.

I can’t even contemplate 14 days then only 3 days of eating then another 14 days.

And are you going to lift while fasting 14 days? If so, are you a type A+++ personality?

(Mike W.) #17

I’m just posting here to follow. Good luck! Those last 20lbs are gonna be a doozy. Also, what is the purpose of the gym? If it’s to gain LBM then you have 2 different and opposing goals…

(Benjamin Simpson) #18

Haha, I wouldn’t say so, just young and dumb. I’ll most likely end up doing cardio. Plus their may be an age difference between us. I’m 23 so I may have easier time at long fasts.

(Benjamin Simpson) #19

That is true. I mainly want to maintain muscle tone. Its been alright the first few days, I may have to do bodyweight excersize only as I go on. I’m not really looking to increase mass. Simply improve quality of that mass.

(Benjamin Simpson) #20

I dont really feel its a gamble. I just happen to like making big goals and reaching them. I usually do.

(Benjamin Simpson) #21

I’m happy to have a fasting partner. Define fasting sunday: everyday except? Or just sundays?

(Running from stupidity) #22

That’s gambling distilled, right there.

This is not a thread for common sense, Daisy.