Bet with a Devil


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I’m happy to have a fasting partner. Define fasting sunday: everyday except? Or just sundays?

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That’s gambling distilled, right there.

This is not a thread for common sense, Daisy.


I was planning on 4-5 days that’s usually how long it takes me to have a weight drop but I can go longer if you need to. When you fast do usually lose weight everyday or does it come in spurts?

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I’m currently experimenting. I’m really just planning on going til I start feeling discomfort hunger etc. I actually just ended my first period 7 days early not even due to those reasons but because I couldn’t get warm enough My hands were freezing. So round 2 needs a little bit warmer clothing. otherwise was doing great . lost 12 pounds in 7 days. The cold may be speeding up the process but there is a limit to how much stress you can place on your body.


Great job on hitting double digits that’s Awesome. Layers and thick socks help.also heating up what you’re drinking


Just wondering how you are doing?

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Dude hasn’t posted anything since December 1.

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