Best Times to Test for Ketones?

(Chantay) #1

Hi! So based on the excellent advice of everyone here, I’m on a daily limit of 25g total carbs each day, and I’ve held to that the last three days. I was thinking about testing my ketones again this weekend (after about 5 days of super strict restriction), but I’m wondering - what is the best time of day to test?

I don’t have T2DM, but am I still impacted by the dawn phenomenon? Should I plan for afternoon? Before or after food? Does any of that matter? I just don’t want to waste the little blood strips, cause crap they’re expensive!

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(Kate Godfrey) #2

I don’t know the answer, cos I’m new also, but following the thread for this interesting question. Someone in Dudeland knows and will tell us!!

(Allie) #3

The levels are up and down naturally throughout the day. I test at random times just out of curiosity.
Most people apparently have higher levels later in the day.

(Kim) #4

Post exercise is a great time to test

(Sonia A.) #5

If you test post exercise, your ketones will be low because your body used them.

(Sonia A.) #6

I always test my blood ketones in the morning and in a fasted state. They’re at their lowest. After eating, ketones will increase. My reasoning is that if I’m in ketosis first thing in the morning, when levels are low, I still should be in ketosis for the rest of the day (if I eat correctly and I do).

As for the dawn phenomenon, I think it only applies to blood glucose. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

(Kim) #7

I have, to date found elevated ketones post exercise but maybe that’s just me

(Duncan Kerridge) #8

This what I’ve found as well, lower glucose and ketones immediately after exercise, which makes sense. I usually test at least two hours away from any food or exercise.

(Allie) #9

Mine are always at their lowest after gym

(Chantay) #10

For those of you that test in the morning but KNOW you’re in ketosis, what do your readings look like? I tested .2 in the morning, and thought it was really, really low so was discouraged. I may try one more test in the morning, and then one around dinner time, to compare.

(Allie) #11

Normally around 0.6 mornings

(Teresa Driver) #12

I have never gotten any higher reading than .2 and I’m still seeing benefits. I think being in ketosis is like being pregnant-you either are or your aren’t :smiley:

(Amy) #13

Well I’m new to this but I’ve been getting around 1.0 in the morning. This morning was 1.2 but I kind of think mine run higher in the morning and lower the rest of the day. I’d have to check to be sure I’ve mostly just been checking morning levels

(Sonia A.) #14

I’m also around 1.0 in the morning. Don’t be discouraged, it’ll come. At first, my ketones were low too.

(KB Keto) #15

The Study I am part of has me test each morning upon waking.

(Chantay) #16

Which study is that, if I may ask?

(M C) #17

Hmm I always get the best reading first thing upon waking before food or water.

(Dr. Emily Franklin ) #18

Mine are always higher after exercise…

(Dr. Emily Franklin ) #19

First of all, good for you for your 3 days on target at <25g carbs per day. That’s great!
And yes, waiting until Day 5 to test again is smart, to give your body time to get more solidly into ketosis.
As for timing, I think it depends on what information you’re hoping to gain from your ketone testing. If you want to know what your highest level is, then later in the day will usually give you that, or, for most people, after exercise the ketones are usually higher. If you want to know your lowest level, that’s usually first thing in the morning. It can also be very instructive to test after certain foods (particularly in the early days of keto), to see what effect they’re having; for instance, an hour after Bulletproof coffee (that’s kind of fun to do, because it usually bumps up your ketones!), or an hour after a meal with lots of low-carb vegies, or after having various non-caloric sweeteners… etc.

(Chantay) #20

I guess my goal is a number that reassures me that I’m in ketosis at all. I didn’t get keto flu, I don’t have the bad breath, and I’ve never even registered on KetoStix. I was low carb before I went keto, so my transition is maybe a little different from others, I think. Just want something to tell me I’m doing the right thing. (I’m like Lisa Simpson. I need someone to grade me!!)