Best Magnesium that won’t cause diarrhea


Hello again :wave:t2:
I’m the lady that posted the thread on leg pain.
Unfortunately my brief resolve of the leg pain that has a mind of its own, didn’t last long :confused: Pain is excruciating at times (aching), severe shooting pain occasionally and other times it’s mild (aching) and still other times it doesn’t hurt at all. Very confusing :woman_shrugging:t2:
I have no idea why the leg pain returned? I get plenty of physical exercise. Drink ketoaid as needed, eat Keto carnivore. Get lots of sunshine and I’m great except for this leg pain. It’s not cramps by the way, it’s actual pain as in toothache pain or headache type pain. I’m explaining as best I can that it’s not muscle cramps. I’ve thought it might be low calcium? But I’ve read here on this forum calcium can be dangerous?
So I’m looking to supplement with magnesium. Magnesium seems to be the answer from what I’ve read here and other places.
However I’ve had severe diarrhea in the past using magnesium supplements. I’ve tried the citrate, oxide and a couple of others I don’t remember the name. All of those gave me disappointing diarrhea. I keep my potassium up with no salt/pink salt Ketoaid. Which I use sparingly as it makes me urinate to much causing dehydration.
So can someone recommend a magnesium supplement that won’t give me diarrhea?

I’m really desperate now, because I know my only other option is to see a doctor. I really don’t want that


Have you tried magnesium oil, you can just rub on your legs?

Something like this:

Warning: If you’re not used to using it, it can make your legs feel tingly and sensitive, but after using it a bit, that sensation goes away. At least that was my experience.

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Different forms of magnesium do different things. Magnesium citrate is actually used as a laxative. You could try magnesium glycinate or bisglycinate.

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Epsom salt baths are another option to try.

Also, make sure you are getting enough salt. It’s the key to keeping calcium, magnesium, and potassium in balance, since the bodily systems that regulate them are all inter-linked.


It’s individual but for most anything other than Citrate usually does it, Oxide had bad bio-availability so that could be why it did it also. Glycinate is a good one and not pricey, Malate is also good and I’ve never had that issue with it. My normal mag supp is a blend of a couple.

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Chronic pain anywhere is a sign that something’s messed up. The severity correlates to the seriousness of the mess. Have you seen a doctor and/or neurologist about this? My experience is that severe, long term pain is nerve related. You may need more than electrolytes.


I’ve never seen magnesium oil before. That’s very interesting, it bypasses the digestive tract all together. Thank you for the suggestion, I will order that and give it a try


Thank you, I will find those and try them


Thank you I will up my salt too


Thank you I will look those up


Have not seen a doctor yet. Simply because it disappeared for a while then returned. I thought it had gone away.
I tripped and fell 3 weeks ago, face first onto a concrete floor. I caught myself with both my arms. I thought I had broken both my arms. Took me a while to finally get up from the floor, but I did eventually after the pain wasn’t scream worthy anymore.
I fractured my elbow, but had no other injuries. I had all kinds of Xrays and was released with a sling. That’s when the leg pain returned.
I can work for hours and my legs not be painful. Go to bed and immediately the pain starts. I’m not sure if I’m just ignoring the pain while I’m working?
I’m going to try the magnesium that’s been mentioned here. I’m going to take the suggestions on the magnesium brands these nice people including you that have posted. I’ve never been able to take magnesium because of the laxative effect.
I want to try everything possible before going the doctor route. I’ve had a bad back forever and all the doctors just offer pills. Same with migraines I used to get, I was given pain meds and told to live with it.
I don’t trust doctors, seems all they know how to do is write prescriptions :joy:

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It might be worth a visit to a Chiropractor. I just hurt my back recently and I’m amazed at how much it’s helped. I could hardly walk Thursday and today (two days later) I was putting freight away. I was careful but still I’m at 85% better already.
I have good luck with chelated mag. Definitely not mag ox or glycate.
I hope you find relief!


Look for magnesium bisglycinate. It’s labelled as Extra Gentle on my bottle.
Each capsule contains 140 mg of elemental magnesium. I take several capsules per day without any intestinal distress. My brand is CanPrev.

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Do you know anyone who has benefitted from this? Sure sounds like a great answer to a big issue!


My wife and I use it.

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I am ordering it now! Thanks


Thank you so much :blush: :+1:t2::pray:
This sounds exactly what I’ve been looking for. I will definitely be ordering this one


I’ve been heavily researching this group for info and online. I did not know so many magnesium types existed? Mind boggling to say the least.
I’ve changed my mind significantly just reading this forum. Y’all have been super helpful with this topic.
I think I’ve concluded my problem is magnesium related and possibly low salt related? I’m iffy on thinking it’s the low salt? I will just have to try that now before I order my magnesium.
I’ve settled on ordering the Magnesium Malate. The info I’ve read really rings the bell of what I need and don’t need. Malate helps with fibromyalgia, sleep, leg pain and cramps. The info also states Malate does not give a laxative effect.
Upping my salt intake as of today. Will order my Magnesium Malate in the next few days.
I’m thinking of adding some vitamin C to my Keto too. I been having some viral stuff going on. Cold symptoms and cold sore on my lip.
Thanks again! This is a great forum to find answers for us Keto folks :pray:

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Indeed it is. We are glad that you found us, Welcome =).

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I heard on another podcast (From Steve Gibson’s Security Now)that Magnesium made with the Albion TRAACS process is best for absorption. Steve is a nutrition obsessed computer guy with many credits to his name and actually is where I first heard about ultra low carb for a healthy diet and lifestyle around 2010 or so. He researches the heck out of everything he says and I can take this type of magnesium with no issues normally. (not on an empty stomach 50 hours into a 66 hour fa
I found this worked way better than the citrate variety. I also had great luck with taking Epson Salt baths as well. Dr Jason Fung recommended them in the “Obesity Code” I believe.