Best Keto Ice Cream -- please post recipes / links


How selfless of you to have ice cream for breakfast. Hope your next experiment is more successful.


OK @Countdown2020 Mary – here’s the next chapter in The Knucklehead Diaries – I made the recipe you posted above with one substitution – I was out of coconut milk so I substituted unsweetened vanilla almond milk. For the alcohol, I used rum again.

By the way, my blender is on the fritz but I figured no problem, I’ll use the food processor. The ingredients barely fit but I figured no problem, that’s what the lid is for.

I can’t fully recall the sequence of the events that followed, everything happened so fast. Apparently, if you whip heavy whipping cream, it whips up and increases in volume. I figured no problem, that’s what mops and window squeegees are for. And I wonder why my wife leaves the house when I start to cook.

I blame Mary for failing to include “WARNING: Men who have no business being in a kitchen are advised not to substitute a food processor for a blender, you idiot.”

Anyway, during clean-up operations, I was pleased to discover that, miraculously, some of the mixture was still IN the food processor, so I popped it in the fridge overnight. I just got done putting it through the ice-cream maker and I have a NEWSFLASH!! - this Keto ice cream actually tastes like real ice cream! Maybe using real cream has something to do with it.

It came out a little softer than the last batch, which is encouraging. I’ll leave it in overnight, and for the sake of experimental consistency, I guess I’ll have to have it for breakfast again.

(Mary) #23

Good save :laughing:

Reading about your quest for the perfect ice cream has encouraged me to get out my own ice cream machine. You’re a bad influence, Dave…


Hey while you’re at it, maybe you could buy me a new blender.

Ooooh, you are going to LOVE having the ice cream machine. It doesn’t solve the so-hard-you-can-hammer-nails storage problem, but if you eat the ice cream fresh out of the machine, it’s creamy with no ice crystals.

By the way, I’m starting to figure out that maybe this ain’t the easiest problem. I read that making even sugar-based ice cream suffers from ice crystals and scoopability, and notice there are no good commercial Keto ice creams on the market. So, I should be satisfied with great tasting results out of the machine and be willing to soften stored ice cream in the microwave.

(Mary) #25

Yeah, I am kind of fond of my ice cream machine… I bought one of those jobbies with the built in freezer a few years ago. It was pretty unusual (in the era of Donvier’s) but I think I’m going to marry it and make babies with it.
Anyway, I’m writing to you with one hand and stuffing lovely, creamy mocha ice cream into my face with the other.
Life is very good :heart_eyes:


D’oh! I misread you earlier – I didn’t realize you already had a machine and thought you were going to get new one. Of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most.

Regarding the alleged creamy mocha ice cream, is it fresh out of the machine, or did you crack the code on how to store it overnight?

(Mary) #27

Still mocha, still creamy. And that’s after being in the freezer for nearly 24 hours.
How did your second batch work out?


Ended up hard with ice crystals (but I had subbed almond milk for the coconut). Is your mocha recipe the same but with cocoa powder added?

(Mary) #29

Try using coconut CREAM. It gives quite a different (better) texture than milk.

(KetoQ) #30

It’s not ice cream, but its been my go to keto dessert, and is pretty good:

  1. Fage full fat greek yogurt
  2. Stir in a spoonful of peanut butter

Thick and creamy texture. Takes 30 sec to prep.


OK @Countdown2020 - time for another try – this time with coconut cream. And NOT with the food processor. Stand by for disaster reporting.


Hey @Countdown2020 – OK, I’m starting to get a few things through my thick skull. First of all, I’m thinking that Keto ice cream that remains scoopable and ice-crystal-free after 24 hours is made from Unobtainium. On the other hand, it’s perfect right out of the machine, so I’ll just keep fresh mixture in the fridge and make small batches to eat right away.

Questions for your recipe above:

  • When you use coconut cream from the can, do you discard the clear liquid and use only the solids, or do you use the whole can?
  • The recipe does not have any MCT or Coconut Oil – do you ever add that (and if so, how much)?

By the way, in my last batch, I substituted Amaretto Liqueur (2 tbsp instead of 1 since it has half the alcohol) and it comes out GGGRREAT!! (channeling Tony the Tiger)

(Dom DePlume) #33

Using nutmilk in ice cream a) kinda defeats the purpose of ice cream, and b) almost always results in ICE cream, not ice CREAM. Nutmilk is still mostly water, and freezing water makes ice.

Here’s my keto ice cream base. I have a Cuisinart “duo”. It can be flavored differently to suit:

• 6 egg (equivalent) liquid egg yolks†
• 3/4 cup erythritol (confectioner’s fine)
• 2 to 3 Tbsp vegetable glycerine††
• 1/4 tsp. salt
• 1 3/4 cups heavy whipping cream
• 1 Tbsp. vanilla
• 1 3/4 cups Half & Half (or more heavy whipping cream to reduce carbs even further)
• 1/2 cup MCT oil‡

Mix all (no heating required†) and run through your ice cream maker. Pack, freeze, and enjoy.

† Using liquid egg yolks (available at most consumer/restaurant supply stores) allows you to make an egg custard base without heating because the egg yolks are pasteurized.

†† The vegetable glycerin adds some sweetness without affecting blood glucose (to most) and also helps keep the ice cream soft when frozen (works much better than alcohol).

‡ MCT oil also helps with creamy consistency when frozen. Plus, extra MCT’s. Do NOT try and use actual coconut oil, as it takes on a very nasty, waxy consistency when frozen.

(TJ Borden) #34

So no chance of getting a buzz from ice cream? Seems like that takes part of the fun out of keto ice cream


If you want to make REAL ice cream, My Vanilla Base is as follows

2.5c heavy cream
2TBSP Vanilla Extract
Pinch of salt

Heat in saucepan to 170 cool down however you want, I stick the pan in a sink of cold water and wisk to bring it down to 120 or so.

In another both have

4 egg yolks + 3/4-1c Erythritol

Temper it into the other one and put back on the heat on med and give it around 5 min while wisking, you don’t have to do it consistently, but a lot .

My two big goto flavors are Reese Cup which is around 10 sugar free Resee cups cut around 2 tbsp of peanut butter put it when your churning and at the soft serve consistency.

Pretty sure my fav is my chocolate chip bulletproof coffee.

4TBSP Unsalted Kerrygold
2TBSP Instant Coffee (I use Nescafe) I’ve tried with high end coffee’s (I’m a coffee snob) and it’s never as good.
Sugar free chocolate chips.

I also do a “speed” version of both, when I do I only do a slight warmup of the cream, then dump everything in at once, give it a couple minutes and stick it in the freezer to cool it off and to the churner it goes.

I don’t do the initial heat up to 170 for any pasteurization reasons, it makes the end consistency more solid, yet smoother.

(Mary) #36

Hi Dave,
Sorry for taking so long to reply. We went on a little road trip and just got back.
Anyway, a) I’ve never had coconut cream separate
and b) each time I’ve made the recipe, it’s been scoopable in the morning.
I’m afraid I don’t have any answers for you.
And no, I don’t use MCT oil, and the Amaretto sounds fab!
Perhaps you’ll have better luck with @Dom_DePlume or @Baytowvin 's recipes?
Good luck!


Hey @Countdown2020 Mary - Thanks for all your generous advice – I hope I’m not coming across as an ungrateful “nothing you tell me works” whiner. And I’m not asking you decypher this problem for me. I’m reporting back more for your entertainment value.

Plus, I’ve been exaggerating a bit on how hard the ice cream is the next day. It’s not really hard as a rock. More like a brick. Maybe my freezer is too cold.

My current batch in the fridge has 2 Tbsp of MCT Oil, almond milk (ran out of coconut cream), Xythritol, I whipped the cream to soft peaks and dissolved the sweetener in the almond milk before adding. I churned some last night but cannot report on freezer results as none of it got past my face.

I am going to try the recipes by @Ifod14 and @Dom_DePlume – I ordered glycerin and a thermometer from Amazon per their recipes. My wife rolls her eyes when I get into this mad scientist mode but I’m liking where this is going.


Hey @Dom_DePlume - I’m getting good results with your recipe. The glycerin and MCT Oil combine to keep the ice cream soft and I have no ice crystals after overnight in the freezer. I ran short on erythritol so it’s half xylitol but it worked.

It was really soft out of the ice cream maker so I thought I had overdone it with 3 tbsp of glycerin, but once in the freezer it firmed up.

(Dom DePlume) #39

Excellent! Yeah, the combo of MCT fat and the glycerol sugar alcohol to keep the freezing under control is the magic, but you stumbled upon the REAL key: people tend to over-churn their ice cream. You want to take it just to the point of soft-serve. Never let the cylinder get a hard-packed edge of more than 1/4", or else you won’t get that out of the cylinder easily. The other thing I do is to not add solid ingredients (chips, nuts, etc) in the mixer. I fold them in when I pack the ice cream in containers. Also, I go to a local restaurant supply place and buy actual wax-paper pint and quart containers. They have a number of benefits: the ice cream freezes better in them, softens faster in them (they’re fully microwave safe), and don’t get brittle like plastic in a freezer. For about $20, you can pack 30 quarts, so it’s money well spent.

Glad it’s working for you, brother! It took me a while to get it down, so I’m glad to pass it along.