Best Keto Advice for a Newbie

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You can definitely have diet coke. I actually mix up a big bowl of cherry sugar free jello, except instead of 2 cups of water I use 1 cup of hot water, mix in the powder, then add in a cup of diet coke. It makes Cherry coke jello that will kill ANY sugar craving.

J.P. Wells

(J.P. Wells) #22

Vodka is a good choice too, I actually found I can have vodka and diet cranberry without much trouble. DEFINITELY slows things down though.

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Oooh… I’m trying that tomorrow! Sounds so refreshing.


WOW YOU ARE ME…but I am a gal so…HAHA

Anyway, I was about 54 when I started low carb atkins, into very low carb, wandered around keto plan, jumped in and out of carnivore and more so I had a few years of dieting nightmares cause I didn’t know where I fit in.

At about 56 I hit full on carnivore and am thriving.

I was a ‘I hate veg’ person. I ate darn broccoli and cauli and stupid lettuce for years and hated it and knew I needed different :slight_smile:

I hate fruit. No draw there at all for me. I think I ate some watermelon thru life, cantaloupe and some berries cause ‘berries’ were the low carb keto thing to do LOL

never a coffee drinker cause I hated it, just me on that. I drank diet caffeine pepsi by the liters and when I gave that up, omg life improved but it was hard to do but eventually I did it by just cutting down and my (PVC heart troubles from it) which is a whole nother’ story :slight_smile:

One thing I wanna ask. What is your ‘dieting’ history? Do you have one or is this a first time hit into keto to change your eating, lose lbs. and get way healthier into your retirement years? I ask that cause I wanted healthy into retirement age, I wanna move and do things later, I didn’t wanna slug out as I was heading so I changed me.

I was a carb junkie like you. Meat and ‘loaded fries’ Meat and mac n cheese. Seafood with pasta. and I hate pasta kinda, but I wanted the seafood alfredo but of course ate that pasta anyway HA My plate was meat/seafood and regular old things like a ton of scalloped taters or fries or monster baked taters and tons of butter etc. I could skip chips and more. No veg. No fruit.

So you sound like me LOL

So just give me your time ‘trying to diet’ down and if you are a true newbie to any of this I can make some recommendations, but if you ‘kinda know about low carb/keto etc.’ then I can come in with recommendations as you are more of a pro :slight_smile:

big post, I know LOL sorry!

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But it has negligible effect on blood sugar levels - woohoo!

(Scott) #26

I have found that Pork Rinds solve this problem very well. They are also handy for scooping out sour cream too.

(J.P. Wells) #27

I love pork rinds too! Definitely if you take sour cream , add in a little garlic powder, and cayenne pepper. Makes a really great (and quick) keto dip!

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Thanks for the post. In answer to your question, I occasionally went on a diet, (last one was the Hairy Bikers diet - simple but in short quarter your portions!). I eat and drink too much, its as simple as that. My sister and her husband tried Keto and it worked for them. I want to lose a couple of stone, (30lbs ish), if I can. I am entirely new to Keto, so each post is a learning curve.

Its now 3 days in and I am desperate for a diet coke and LOADS of beer and crisps etc.

My wife is really supportive and is making my meals and snacks, but her portions are very small - so I have spent the last 2 days really hungry.

Any advice is appreciated.


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I know it isn’t really beer but some lite beer is 2.6 g and there is a low carb IPA (Dog Fish Head Slightly Mighty) that is 3.6g carb but your reference to “crisps” makes me think you are in the UK so this may not work for you. Once I got the hang of keto I still go to a taproom once a week so it is possible…

(Simon Steggles) #30

Good shout, yes, the UK.

IRONICALLY, I WAS DRINKING dogfish last week in DC,

Cheers Scott


yup, that was me also!

What I would do is truly make sure you are getting good protein and fat. Fat can really be your friend now to handle some of that hunger and you can up your portions a bit IF YOU stay on your keto foods. You truly don’t have to be hungry :slight_smile:

Withdrawl from chips and more, oh yea they are gonna be tough. Power thru it. Believe me when you commit to your keto plan and get some time under your belt it is an amazing way to eat and you will feel so good!

I had to drop beer. I liked it for sure. I switched to rum instead as my go to drink. I tried to keep beer in my life but it didn’t work for me, others seem to be able to do it but for me I didn’t do well on trying to keep it so I let it go.

Right now just concentrate on eating good all keto foods. You just need time for that switch over and will have to give up some things definitely but later, when ya get the hang of this more, yea you can then experiment a bit on your eating and see how you do.

Best of luck!

(Scott) #32

Before I started keto I would eat a large carbs loaded breakfast and by 9:30 I was shaking I was so hungry. Now I am fine going all the way to lunch without hunger. It is truly a different world for me now. The first week or two suck because you are not there yet. After that it gets better and better. This improvement continues over months and maybe years. I do watch the scale however I don’t care if I never lose another pound, I prefer eating this way. Combine that with all of the books I have read that show how keto improves cancer, alzimers, Parkinson, etc. I feel I have nothing to lose. I am at 18 months keto and can’t wait for my next blood test.

(mole person) #33

This is actually a huge mistake when starting keto. Don’t be hungry. Start by eating three full meals a day. Try not to snack at all. If you eat big enough meals you should be able to get to the next one without starving. Snacking is the enemy of the keto diet as it keeps your insulin high all day and prevents ketosis and fat metabolism. As you become fat adapted you will probably lose the need to eat more than two meals but now is not that time yet as this is not a diet of restriction.

You hate vegetables. Lol…lucky you, this diet is your friend. The less carbohydrates you eat the better. Have all the bacon, eggs, and fatty meats that you like. You say you eat too much so I’d be careful with certain “keto” foods that can be downfalls in some people. Don’t overdo cheese and dairy. You can have some but limit it to 2-3 ounces. Same with nuts.

As for the diet cokes definitely try to get rid of them. They aren’t your friend for multiple reasons. If you must have them though, only have them with your meals. Outside of mealtime you will be giving yourself an extra insulin bump.

Every sweetener tested causes insulin bumps. They don’t cause blood glucose bumps and people think that means that they aren’t increasing insulin but this is incorrect. And insulin is what we really care about on keto. It’s insulin that prevents body fat from being used up.

(Scott) #34

I get how addictive Coke and other drinks are and how hard it is to stop drinking them. You should think about what exactly the manufacturer is doing to give soft drinks these addictive properties. Of course we all know the reason why they do it. It took awhile but I now prefer water over any other flavored drink. I fill my water flask with tap water and save a lot of money not have to by any drinks. Once again hard at first but it does get easier. Ditto on the snacking, don’t do it. Increase your healthy fats and by healthy I mean saturated fat or mono.


But why don’t you tell her to make bigger portions or make your food or just eat something extra? I don’t get it. But I never accepted hunger so I always ate when I was hungry…

I overate all my life, I love eating and I could eat a lot but the right diet keeps me from that, I don’t even need any self control. Finding the right diet and being able to do it, well that took time. It’s really low-carb for me, that’s it, I don’t have additional rules except due to my health-consciousness, I am somewhat choosy about my food. So the right changes may surprise you, it won’t even be necessarily hard though probably there will be a few things that you need to get used to. It’s natural if you miss certain food items but maybe the culprits are certain things you still kept, not just keto and the lack of some old favs. I know the feeling when you are addicted to something, can’t stop eating it for a day - but if you are very strict with some interfering items (just carbs in general for me, it seems), you simply stop and never miss it for a second. So the right changes are almost magical sometimes. If you are ready to make them.
Oh and don’t be hungry. That always made me super uncontrolled. Not anymore but I went low-carb and did keto for the first time ages ago. When hungry, your body easily desire carbs even long, long after you cut them out. At least it’s the case for many of us. But why would be hungry anyway? Eat more, nice, satiating fatty protein.

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That’s so great.

I have been clean keto for 11 mo., and really dislike fasting. I do a 48-hour fast a week, but I find it very unpleasant. For the past two months, I seem to be ravenous during the day - try to keep it to OMAD, but more like 20:4 as I find I need something to bridge me until dinner (chunk of pepperoni, hard boiled egg, etc.). Also, we eat very good portions and get ample fat, but I find after dinner I am wanting more. ?

Wish I found fasting easier.


Maybe it will just happen to get easy one day like it did for me. Probably better to not rush our bodies into anything anyway. And listen to the cues it gives us.


Agree and you know it is a mental thing also cause for me, I gave up SO much old fav foods that I thought I could at least keep my stinking diet soda…LOL…til I came to terms with truly how crappy the stuff is for our bodies and ditched it. It felt safer and comforting to hold onto anything I could…a diet soda to fight my feeling of total deprivation when I changed over into a new eating plan.


me too, when I tried IF long ago. OMG I hated it. The minute I said fast was the exact minute I went into starve mode HA! I suffered thru some til I realized I couldn’t live my life like this at all and dropped forced IF from my life entirely. Best thing I ever did. But see I am carnivore and I fell into a very natural non eating time, long times, which kinda give me that fasting benefit but at the same time I also know any and all times I am hungry I eat. I was just not one to do IF comfortable at all. I think also I saw it always as a punishment of some sort. Like I was not worth of finding a plan where I could actually eat food and be satisfied and not have to force no food on me like this. I don’t know, forced fasting never set well with me :slight_smile:

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That’s kind of where I am at the moment. I sleep over at my sister’s once a week and don’t find it too difficult not to eat on those nights, but when I come home, I want something to eat - nothing major - like pepperoni, bacon, hard boiled egg. So, I guess I am probably doing more like a 36 hour fast (?). I’m not going to sweat it anymore or do something that is unpleasant or makes me anxious.