Best fats for weight gain?


Hi all
I started keto 4months ago
And i feel superb but i have some problems with weights.
When i start keto i was underweight,
And then for 4months i add 6kg but still i need 7-15kg to become in normal weights.
I know that fat have 9calories in 1gr so i need to eat more more fat

Can anyone helps me tell which are best foods for gaining weight??


(Linda) #2

Most fats have 9 cals per gram, but the type of fats you need to stick with are saturated and monounsaturated fats. I would avoid all predominantly polyunsaturated fats which are essentially your vegetable and seed oils.

The following are ok:
Fat from animal meat including lard, tallow etc
Extra virgin olive oil
Coconut oil
Avocado oil
Macadamia nut oil
MCT oil
Butter (if you’re not lactose intolerant)

Avoid the following:
Canola oil
Sunflower oil
Safflower oil
Rapeseed oil
Grape seed oil

Can anyone think of any that I’ve missed?

(Solomom A) #3

But if you need to put on weight, muscle I am thinking of here, consider extra protein, not fat. Carbs will give you extra body fat and protein more muscle. You will have to eat a lot of extra fat on Keto to put on weight.


Really helpful replys.
Thank u to much.

I have an question:
Is it good idea to start exercise to gain my weight and gain my muscle? or exercise can lose weight in me?

(Louise ) #5

What you want to do is understand how the extra protein and lifting heavy will help you build muscle. The extra protein will be available to help repair those muscles that you exercise (break and repair) through lifting heavy. What lifting does is cause hypertrophy (increase) in muscle size when it repairs.

What you are thinking of about is the concept of how (cardio) exercise helps you lose weight by ‘burning fat’. Lifting heavy help you gain weight through building muscle.


@LouiseReynolds aso
Thank u to much for this clear informstion:)
Are u have any strategies to gain weight in keto?
Like what to eat mostly or what type of exercise to do frequently?

(AMaj) #7

Same hear i want to gain at least 5-10 pounds, my macros are 75% fats/20% protein/5% carbs, and im eating about 250-300 calories surplus, while lifting heavy. Im also refeeding on the weekend. Will this help me accomplish my goal?


Hi my friends
To tell the truth really is so hard to gain weight in keto.
8months ago when i start keto i was to much underweight and for 8 months trying to gain weight eating a lot like 500gr-1500gr meat in one day 6-12eggs in one day and a lot of dairy and for 8months i gain 10kg and now im almost in medium weight i need to add even 5kg and to be in normal weights.
This is a reason why i create this article hoping someone help me to gain weight.
Anyway better to be healthy than heavy :slight_smile:


@Arha It seems what you are doing is working as you have gained 10kg in 8 months. Perhaps it is healthier to gain weight slowly, just as it is healthier to lose weight slowly.

(Ajmal Bin Abu) #10

Same issue here. 178cm in hieght and 67kg weight. Being a diabetic i started keto 2 months back and lost 6kg.
While staying on keto its really hard to regain that 6kg. New studies has to come to resolve this issues.

(Jane Reed) #11

Occasionally I’ll hear this question asked of one of the experts in the LCHF field. Their answer usually includes a slight increase in carbs and lifting weights.

In your shoes, I would search YouTube using a term like “keto weight gain”.

(Ellenor Malik) #12

Sorry to super thread-necro, but…

Calorie push alone (with fat) won’t really do much (you may become “violently satiated”, or you may start having other problems). If you want to gain healthy weight, lift weights and use lean or regular ground beef (or scrambled eggs) as a postworkout.