Best book for a newbie re ketogenic way of life

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What is the best book to recommend to a newbie? I’m looking for something accessible (not too dense or overwhelming in the science aspects).

Or what other sources of info you share (websites, YouTube videos etc), that might be better than a book?


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I learned a lot from Keto Clarity by Jimmy Moore.

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For what would the newbie be looking at keto? That may make a substantial difference…

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I have two friends who have been asking me for awhile about keto, but now seem to be more serious about trying it (maybe it’s the new year type mindset?).

Both have multiple health issues, both struggle with fatigue. One friend has a lot of chronic pain, including migraines and has PCOS. The other has lupus, fibromyalgia, and has had a kidney transplant (I’m thinking 15 or 16 years ago?). She has real concerns regarding how eating ketogenically might affect her health, especially long term.

The first woman might welcome a bit of weight loss, the second is quite thin.

One is an RN, and both work as research coordinators, working with cancer patients. Not scared of science, but are really tired at the end of the day and probably not going to be motivated by heavy science, at least at this point.

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Anything with Kidneys I’d recommend Dr Fung and probably the Obesity Code him being a nephrologist and all that…
In fact I’d probably go with Jason for both of them “The Obesity Code” for both even though not so applicable to the second one.

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That was the book I mentioned to them when we visited yesterday.

I’m thinking I’ll send a link to the IDM website and probably



“The Art and Science of Low Carb … “ Phinney and Volek. Yes it’s sciencie so not what you are looking for but that book let me to their other book “Atkins the New you” by Westman, Phinney, Volek.

This second book is a pretty good how-to-guide, it has lists of foods, sample menus … and good checks and balances of how you’re going.

We call it “keto” now but it is exactly the same as Atkins20 Induction Phase (you can stay on Induction phase for a week or indefinitely…)

And there are plenty of Atkins cookbooks with pretty pictures.

New-Atkins at Amazon


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I highly recommend The Obesity Code by Dr Jason Fung.

It is by far the most impactful/important book I’ve read in my life. (And I’m not into hyperbole about this stuff.)

It’s also a somewhat misleading name - it’s not only for obese people. Everyone should read it.

I really hated that book because it read like an advertising pamphlet that had been edited by marketing to incessantly insert their catchphrases in order to leverage the author names, but I’m sure for people who can get past that it’s fine.


I came to the party via Dr Robert Lustig. The youtube vid “The bitter truth about sugar” but he didn’t have food menus with colourful pictures … so I found Phinney/Volek and their books

Yes the cover is filled with as many catch phrases as possible.

But Atkins was doing Atkins since the 60s and 70s, he has a wealth of clinical experience we should not ignore.
He handled tens and tens of thousands of cases.

Then came along Westman, Phinney and Volek - who put the scientific biff into the mix. So I take them all together.

“The Obesity Code” is also an excellent book, but more sciencie than a day to day guide or cookbook …

We are spoiled for choice of brilliant books. Get them all

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Just about anything that can be asked is answered in the Resources subforum.

(Carl Keller) #13 is great. It’s set up really well and has quite a few useful keto guides and articles. You can do a search at the main page for “keto” and all the good stuff is displayed.

I have not read the Obesity Code yet, but I do plan to and I know Fung is great at explaining how hormones affect our bodies from watching his videos on YT. This video is probably my favorite and he has another about the Salt Myth that is very eye opening. If your friends do watch this video just tell them that when he speaks about fasting, that fasting is not necessary to get results on keto.

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Excellent and covers a wide range of topics related to Keto


I read the Obesity Code it was great.

But what really brought me to Keto was an acquaintance, her experience and she suggested I watch the movie, the magic pill. After watching the movie I moved on to one of Lustig’s early videos and then this forum. The Obesity Code came later.

My husband, the hardcore scientist, changed his opposition after Lustig and the before and after photos here on this forum.

Maybe for people who are tired at the end of the day a movie or video is a better choice.

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Excellent suggestion!

I will say that talking with these two friends and former coworkers is illuminating regarding how far my thinking has changed over the past year and a half.

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I’m SO CONFLICTED by this.

This movie seems to be bringing a lot of people around/into the keto space, but Pete Evans is SUCH a complete and utter dickhead.

I keep trying to think in terms of “the ends justify the means” regarding it but I’m so against that way of thinking, it’s really difficult :slight_smile: