Belly fat/skin problems


I have been exercising by walking 3-3.5 miles 4 days a week. I was hoping to start a more rigorous workout once I reach a weight that I really want to be at(exercise causes me to gain quickly so I want to give myself an allowable range). I tried a workout I was considering, only to have pain from loose skin/fat around my lower belly. I have lost 40 lbs and had 2 c-section. I was wondering what other people do to deal with this or if my only option is to do a less intense workout. I was considering cutting one of those waist binders but wondered if anyone tried it before I spent the money. Since it is to workout, I worry that it may not be breathable enough too. So, I thought i would come to the experts first.

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Weight loss = 60 % good sleep + 30% food + 8% exercise + xfactor of your body.

Priorty sleep. Most fat is burned with good sleep
Then food burn fat by eating good fats
Then. Exercise if can but is small factor in losing but good to keep healthy.

Walking 10 minutes after every meal is great start.

PS log everything you eat helps you remember oh I shouldn’t grab another snack im already at what my calories and or carb goal is.


I am a bit confused by your response. I was hoping to start a more rigorous exercise program than my 3 mile walks. Unfortunately, I discovered loose skin is painfully interrupting my workout. I was hoping for device recommendations to restrain my skin/fat and allow me to workout and be comfortable.

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Oh sorry I didn’t start exercising till I was 50 pounds away from my goal weight. I was just making the point that it is a real tiny factor in weight loss so short walks would work till more weight loss.

Sorry not helpful with how to secure the skin if your set on serious walking.

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Use a compression belt to prevent the excess from flopping. If you’re simply walking that should suffice. You can purchase usable belts at Walmart for $10. Velcro closures make them adjustable to fit.


Sounds like you are thinking along the correct lines. Some form of support for the loose tissue for exercise to facilitate the physical activity is a good idea. Or, adjust the physical activity? I’m a swimmer and surfer, so I get all the body weight support from the ocean, for example. Or a wetsuit can be quite body forming. Maybe not best for walking, but I’m thinking about triathlete types who seem to do everything, run, swim, bike, in the same suit.

I was wondering, as an aside, is the exercise motivated by willpower, belief, or just feeling the need to get up and be active? The final option being a ‘need’ sometimes generated from being in nutritional ketosis. That is, when fat adapted and clear minded, ketogenic people can’t sit still.

In terms of trying to be helpful relating to the question. There are ‘loose skin’ topics in the forums. An interesting observation is that some of the practitioners of the keto WOE that combine fasting (autophagy) with their nutrition, physical activity, sleep, and social connection will observe the loose skin reshaping as the body fat is lost. A longer term lever may be to consider some guided fasting protocols, if you have not started them already.


I am interested in a more vigorous workout to help with this flabby feeling. I realize that it is just what happens when weight is lost and that I actually do have less fat but it doesn’t feel positive. I feel like exercise would at least help me feel stronger, whether or not it I actually look it. That is why I feel like my 3 mile walks just are not enough anymore and I need to step up.
I am not currently able to fast more than 16 hrs and that is a challenge already. I have 40 years of breakfast first thing in the morning to undue. It also causes me a bit of heartburn to have an empty stomach.
So, when you cut the neoprene type material, will it need to be finished in some way?

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Google: neoprene girdle


That is what I researched first and don’t think I can work out in any of those. I was thinking something along the lines of a very large belt. I have a few ideas on making one but thought I should ask here first to save me trying things that may not function. The smallest girdle I can find is about 6 inches. I am only 5’2 so that is very large.


Just noting here that I am not an expert. :slight_smile: The seams usually need stitching and edges need overlocking. I think it’s called that. My experience is refashioning old wetsuits into stubby holders. There are probably better materials as you have researched. Even an elasticised tubular body bandage might suffice and cut it to the width needed. Pharmacies usually have them. I used to use them to cover stitches on canine patients.

It is awesome that you want to get stronger. That message is inspirational to read.

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Try something.


I don’t have any recommendations for the belly pain as I’ve never dealt with that, but don’t push back doing a good program until you’re at a specific weight, you’ll just hit that weight eventually and be pissed when you think where you’d be if you had started it now. Working out isn’t going to make you gain fat, you may have some water retention from beating up your muscles but that’ll run it’s course. You’ll still very much be moving in the right direction. That’s aside from the fact that getting in better shape and putting on muscle will help you metabolically which will directly contribute to more fat loss. Plus, having some muscle tone under the skin makes you look better. People who constantly burn off fat yet build no muscle wind up skinny fat, if you already have some loose skin problems that’s the last thing you want to intentionally do to yourself.

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A lot of women wear leggings to help with this. Perhaps high-waist legging will help?


Yeah, I know it is probably not the most healthful way to look at things but, I am 2 lbs away from having my BMI in the normal range. I just really want to know what that feels like. Silly, I know.


I do wear leggings already so my flab is stronger than a couple of layers of exercise fabric, lol. But, if cutting a girdle doesn’t end up working out, I plan to sew multiple layers together and use some sort of elastic on the top and bottom to, hopefully, keep it in place. I hope it doesn’t come to that as I am not very good with stretch fabric.

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What about ‘shapers’, like spandex, that goes up higher?


That might work if I can find one strong enough. When I feel a bit more comfortable leaving the house to shop, I will have to find a strong enough one that won’t provide so much coverage. Thank you, I think you solved my problem.

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Just a question, if you do not mind me asking, is it only certain exercises that are painful (like jumping), or all exercising?


Anything involving jumping is painful. It is not yet bad when I run but i really only slow jog. I do think it will get worse though. I think a lot of it may be scar tissue from my two c-sections.


I sat and thought on this for awhile. BMI is not a good metric etc. But I get what you mean psychologically. I don’t think it is silly. Keep going for it, I reckon.

When you are ready. Step-by-step. I think the mid-length fasts (72 hr) will be interesting to stimulate autophagy. I know I sound like a broken record on this. But scar tissue rearrangement will probably occur with the exercise and then be re-modelled with autophagy. Yin yoga with an experienced teacher may also be worth looking at to work on the fibrous tissue remodelling.

I was a bridesmaid’s best man once for a large wedding and found myself holding handbags etc as the bridesmaids drank champagne and fussed about trying to get ready one-handed. They seem to have forgotten me like a hatstand. But I noticed that pretty much all of them were wearing ‘shapers’ (as @pamplemousse posted). They all looked amazing in their dresses. I fear that I have been exposed to secret women’s business.