Belly fat/skin problems

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Have you tried weight lifting? It does not require jumping. Building muscle really helps the metabolism.

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I don’t know how recent your C-sections were, but abdominal muscles had to be cut. I would imagine that takes time for the muscles to knit back together. Running actually uses abdominal muscles, so maybe start with some gentle ab work and build up some abdominal strength before “running”. Also, gentle abdominal stretches to help stretch some of that scar tissue. (I put running in quotes because, for me anyway, there is a fair bit of walking mixed in. :laughing:)


Most people when in true dietary ketosis are never hungry. Most people also find a 16/8 IF protocol relativity easy, even in the beginning. Fat has an amazing ability to satiate hunger. How often do you measure your BLOOD ketones? Over time your blood level of ketones will be lower as your body becomes more efficient at burning them. I have been in and out of ketosis for over a ten year period, and my experience is that you cannot eat high fat (70-90%) diet and still consume carbs, if the goal is weight loss. Measure this first. I primarily now eat a LCH diet interspersed with IF. I will consume up to 150 grams of carbs on big exercise days. (4-6 hour bike rides). Skin folds attributed to weight loss can be frustrating. However, I have not seen skin folds in people on a strict keto diet. My best friend lost 90 lbs on a STRICT keto diet in 8 months and had NO skin folds. The skin seemed to be reabsorbed as he was losing weight. You stated that you gain quickly after exercise? Try having a cold water shower, or you can buy an ice pack vest that can help.


I considered it but I just don’t want to invest too much into something I don’t know if I will like.

@VirginiaEdie the c-sections were long ago. The most recent being 9 years ago. I don’t think they had to cut muscle as neither was really an urgent emergency.


I keep hearing about never being hungry and have not felt ever really felt that…ever. I stick to a 20 carb limit and, for a while was at a 15 carb limit. Carbs were vegetables only during that time. Starving doesn’t even begin to explain it. However, you need to understand that I was the person at a buffet who would use the cues from other people to know when to stop eating. I know there are people in the world that can feel satisfied or full, I just am not one of them.

Just curious if your friend that didn’t have skin folds had the same reaction around surgical scars? This wasn’t just once, but opened up twice.


Are you measuring your blood ketones? If so, when do you measure? I always measured first thing in the morning in the beginning. When I do a 2 or 3 day water fast I will also measure ketones. With a true keto diet you will get most of your calories from fat. The fat satiate, so you are never hungry. Thus, you end up eating less food/calories and you lose weight. You created a caloric deficit. That is not how you are to do a ketogenic diet. This is why most people loose their weight. Doing keto this way and your weight loss will plateau You need to maintain the same caloric intake. You should not be starving yourself. What is your blood type? Keep in mind that while keto is great for some, not so for others. South Americans in general can eat starch all day long an not effect blood sugar. Also keep in mind, I am not a doctor, and am only offering you my experiences. Too many people on this forum become almost religious about keto.


Yes, based on fat intake, I am keto. I don’t measure my ketones and I have been under the care of a weight loss doctor. I started measuring and graphing personal data before the doctor visit but after a weight gain on traditional keto. Based on that information, I discovered that i do need a calorie deficit and I need to keep my protein in check. The doctor confirmed the calorie deficit was needed for me. She doesn’t usually recommend that as the paperwork she handed me states otherwise. She also mentioned keeping my fat up. That of course translates to less protein since there is a calorie cap. When I decide to break my numbers, it is usually with protein and that gives me a similar reaction to when I used to have too much sugar. So, because it makes me feel terrible, I limit it.

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This lady has some exercises for retraining abs after a C-section. Maybe some of them can help you even though it’s been a while.

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Is it your whole tummy/skin area that hurts or just one area of it? I had 3 csections and my muscle actually ended up tearing thus causing a hernia. I always had pain when working out on the side of the hernia even with compression. Once I was checked out, they found that I had two; the other was umbilical. The hernia was located inside the hanging skin. So it kind of hid itself.

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I had a tummy tuck. Some people can lose weight and their skin goes right back. Some of us aren’t very lucky in that department.

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Dr. Fung claims that autophagy while fasting can tighten up loose skin, without the need for surgery. He has before and after pictures of one patient whose skin was all loose folds from extensive fat loss, and then you wouldn’t believe the after was the same fellow.

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I had a flap of loose skin at the bottom of my belly that was a fold of skin after I lost a lot of weight about 10 years ago. Was there until I started fasting for 72 hours for autophagy. It took a year but it it almost gone. No fold of skin, just a bit of a pooch and wrinkle where it once was. My batwings are half the size they used to be also. May not work for everyone, but it worked for me.


Thanks for the info. I will have to have my dr check it out as I am not sure what I am looking for. The area definitely feels different than any other part of my body.

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Same! I had one done at the same time as my hernia repair. Nothing would have made my pooch smaller… I called it my extra boob :joy: