Behold: Steak Mountain (aka carnivore weekend)

(aka Nick) #1

Certified angus chuck roast was on sale today for $2.99 a pound! I promptly asked the butcher if he had a trash can for my shopping list and bought 0.8 stone (11.25lbs).

Naturally, the best looking ones were 3" thick, freshly cut, and sitting in the display case. I took all of them. The butcher looked annoyed by that, which didn’t dampen my mood in the least. He should have hid them if he didn’t want me to take them all.:yum: Anyhow, now that I have this mountain of meat, I plan on eating nothing but meat all weekend just for fun. I’ve never done that before, but it sounds lovely.

So here I am with roughly 12,000kcals of chuck, which coincidentally is exactly how many I plan to eat in the next 3 days during my refeed. The question is, what should I do with these beauties? My first thought was just to smoke them all low and slow at 225 over a mix of cherry and maple. But that takes half a day and I’ve just come off a 90hr fast. I’m hungry. I’ll smoke two tomorrow and cook one now.

Chuck roast is usually something that benefits from a long cook time. I’m trying to think of something that will put a 4lb chuckie on my plate in the next hour. Any ideas?

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(Robert C) #2

No ideas from me but - now you know how you’ll react to a 90 hour fast! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No ideas from me but that pictures makes my day!! Congrats on the 90 hour fast!

Have fun with your steaks!!

(Robert C) #4

Vegan: “How do you break your fast” - “A few almonds and small berries dipped in honey”

Carnivore: “How do you break your fast” - “Meat - bigger than my head”

(Robert C) #5

Honestly, I would cut it into little pieces and cook it in a pot with some spices to have it come out like an all meat chili. Then add sour cream and top with cheese if you do dairy.

Otherwise, cut into 1 inch steaks and pan fry - but might be tough for that?

(aka Nick) #6

That made me laugh out loud for reals. It really is bigger in my head. It’s hard to tell, but thats a 12" dinner plate. It’s a cubic foot of steak!


And somewhere on Youtube there’d be a reaction video from another Vegan dragging Vegan #1 for stealing honey from the bees.

(Robert C) #8

My prediction is that no matter what you do - you will have stomach pain in your near future.

(aka Nick) #9

That my first thought too. I love a good chili con carne. But I’m thinking about eating like a real carnivore, and my understanding is that spices are verbotten. :frowning:

I dry brined them with kosher salt this morning, and they’ve been sitting in the fridge for about 8hrs so they should be slightly more tender than usual, but chuck roast is a beast of a steak. Loads of connective tissue. I tried grilling one many years ago and it was like the beef version of chewing gum.

Still, your point about cutting into small pieces makes a lot of sense. They’re just too thick (3"-3.5") to cook any other way I would imagine…

(aka Nick) #10

Just to clarify, I’m only going to attempt to eat 4lbs of it right now. I’m not a glutton for goodness sake. :stuck_out_tongue:

Even so, you might be right about that. I’m going to pre-game with some homemade bone broth right now as a preemptive measure. I’m pretty sure that’s carnivore kosher.

(Carl Keller) #11

Sear the roast in a frying pan. Remove and place in a baking dish. Add beef broth until it’s about 2-3 cm deep. Season well and cover. Cook @ 175 C for 1.5 hours or until tender.

(Robert C) #12

Some might say cooking is verbotten, and coffee is verbotten too.
Not going to work with me.
I just use that “Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good” argument.

Also, who knows exactly why you got such a great deal on that meat?
I’d definitely think about over cooking cut up vs. under cooking steak style (or any style)!

(Robert C) #13

I see you are desperately attempting to get refeeding syndrome but - you’ll need to fast a bit longer for that.

(Robert C) #14

Proportionally - I think the pre-game should be an entire Ribeye.

(Banting & Yudkin & Atkins & Eadeses & Cordain & Taubes & Volek & Naiman & Bikman ) #15

If you cannot wait, slice thin against the grain, and sear hard. When I say thin, I mean 1/4" is too thick. That will allow the thinness to work for tenderization.

I would sous vide for 48-72 hours at 133, then smoke for an hour.

The way to cut the smoking time down is to smoke it at maybe 275, until it hits the stall, then wrap tight with foil and add some liquid, like beef stock, until it hits 200* internal or so. Will shred and be delicious BBQ Pot roast.

Braising will work, as has been recommended. Makes superior pot roast.

Grinding and forming burgers would be the other way to make it faster.

(aka Nick) #16


Seared. Cast iron frying pan, butter. Deglazed with bourbon. One can be a carnivore without being a barbarian.

Good point! What you’re saying is that I should be stewing the chuckie itself in bone broth, not drinking it. Makes sense. I’m new at this fast breaking as a carnivore stuff. It’s more complicated than it seems.

(aka Nick) #17

This is where I’m headed even as we speak. My chuckie is seared. My bone broth is at a roaring boil in the pressure cooker. I’m seconds away from jamming a 12" in diameter chuckie into a 10" pot. :smiley:

At 15psi, I should get a steam temp of 245 degrees which should expedite things nicely…

(aka Nick) #18

Seared. Honestly, I was tempted to eat it just as it is. Yum.


I hope you realize that this thread is only kosher if it includes LOTS of pictures of your steak-eating-in-progress. A full weekends worth! I’m scheduling my activities around checking in on steak pics.

(bulkbiker) #20

Raw… but looks like I’m too late…