Behold: Steak Mountain (aka carnivore weekend)

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(aka Nick) #22

It turned out amazing. Even with my sharpest knife, hand honed on water stones, I couldn’t cut it without it falling apart. The quart of chicken stock that I braised it in turned into a liquid beyond description. Ambrosia seems trite, but appropriate.

My faithful pup Dora was sniffing around it, and I very nearly bit her. I put it in a cardboard box so no one would be tempted by it’s ethereal glow, and then hid it in the back of the fridge. Then I had to take it back out again because I realized I need at least 1/4cup of au jus. I drank half of it before I got to the table, so what you see on the dinner plate was what remained. So good. So full. So very full.

I don’t think I even ate 1/4 of it. I don’t know how OMAD carnivores do it. :smiley:

(aka Nick) #23

I should probably mention for the sake of the toilet bowls of anyone stumbling upon this thread in the future that I broke the fast with high fat bone broth a few hours before eating this much meat. I also had some smoked herring a little over an hour before I ate all this steak to get my metabolism revved up.

Definitely never break a fast with a 4lb chuckie, and if you do, stay within 50ft of a reliably unoccupied bathroom… :grinning:


Update please! :cut_of_meat: Did you eat all of the steak over the weekend? :cut_of_meat: What was your favorite cooking method? How do you feel after a carnivore weekend? :cut_of_meat:

(aka Nick) #25

Well, I’m embarrassed to admit that I failed on many counts. I only managed to eat about 8lbs of it over the course of all three days. Even worse, I liked the pressure cooker pot roast version so well that I cooked both of the chuckies that I did eat in that way. In my defence, it snowed Friday night and we had 2.5 inches of snow on the ground, and the idea of tending the smoker in the snow was just too depressing to follow through with.

On the bright side though, I did managed to keep strict carnivore for all three days, I really enjoyed the meals, and I’ve still got a nice looking chuck roast in my freezer! :grinning:


That earned a full LOL from me. Well done on your failure!! 8lbs of steak is mighty impressive!! I live in a climate where I don’t go outside if it rains, so I’m fully supportive of you not tending the smoker in snow, whatever “snow” is I’m not sure - it sounds unpleasant :rofl:

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Then he shouldn’t be in sales. Duh.

I had to switch to sirloin for this very reason because I eat meat rare now. I learned rare chuck is just a box of dental floss waiting to happen.

Diet ain’t religion, despite what a lot of online “influencers” would have you believe, so any rules they proclaim that aren’t scientifically proven to work for everybody (and especially you) are about as necessary and vital as wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day.

Nobody heals by committee. There’s just you, your bod, and whatever you decide is necessary for those two things to be happy. Nobody’s beeswax but your own. Eat hearty.

Smart shoppers know how to work it, like buying in bulk and cutting it, ourselves. We get a bargain every month that way. Cheer up, Rob, we can teach you.

You got somethin’ against barbarians? (tears into steak and lets juice run down chin)

We may need a sub-category on Ketogenic Forums called Steak Porn. Blurred, of course.

Lower your face over your plate and growl. Fair’s fair.

Recommendation: Slow roast that baby to fill the house with delicious beef incense, then shred some of it with a fork and add extra tallow, cheese, and spices to make your own barbecue or chili. Roasting heats your house up nice.

Don’t hurt me but I’m kinda jealous of your snow.

(Looks out forlornly at green grass and blooming daffodils…gets over it quickly)

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How lovely no in the pressure cooker?

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Sorry that was predictive text what I meant was how long did you cook it for in the pressure cooker?

(aka Nick) #30

About an hour. I’ve done it a couple times since and my kids absolutely love it.

(Norma Laming) #31

Interesting thanks. Sometimes I do things for too long in the pressure cooker. If I’ve understood right, that was about 8lbs? I don’t think mine would hold that much. How much liquid did you use? About a cupful?