Before and After Pictures!


(Edith) #24

Wow! Amazing!


Great pictures Shelly! You are so much slimmer and have loads more muscle definition, the whole shape of your body has changed. Congratulations on your progress :smiley:

(Shelly C) #26

Thank you to everyone for your kind words. I worked out both functionally (grew up on a farm) and in the gym while I struggled with yo-yo weight gain/loss for 40+ years. I knew I was strong and suspected I had nice muscle tone under the stored fat and I did start seeing that with weight loss, especially in my arms, shoulders and traps. I am hoping with fasting and autophagy I can loose the extra skin on my arms but time will tell.


Amazing progress!

(Marianne) #28

Wow, you look slim, toned and fit! Fabulous!

(Shelly C) #29


(Robin) #30

Wowzers!!! Such a difference. Way to go!

(Shelly C) #31

Thank you Robin.

(Jean Davis) #32

Really impressive