Been looking up fatty veg - I have a daughter with an aversion to avocado

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Found out that green soya beans, which I can get frozen, have 40% of their calories from fat.

Other than nuts, what else has decent amounts of fat?

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Avocado. Technically they’re a fruit, but a ‘fruit’ like no other (2 grams net carbs per 100 grams).

" … 77% of the calories in it are from fat, making it one of the fattiest plant foods in existence.

But they don’t just contain any fat. The majority of the fat in avocado is oleic acid — a monounsaturated fatty acid that is also the major component of olive oil and believed to be responsible for some of its health benefits."

They don’t have a lot of distinctive flavour which means you can mix them with pretty much anything else without clashing.

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Check the title of the OP. What else?

From my experience, this is a toughie, since vegetables are so carbie. Maybe this Diet Doctor blog post might help?

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Check the title (wink wink nudge nudge) again! :cowboy_hat_face:

The OP is looking for another fatty veggie other than avocado. I say just skip it. Dont stress on it. Supplement with something like coconut oil. You can get with or without flavor.

But good reference for other keto friendly veggies.

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All butter all your vegetables!

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OK, but it’s not just a ‘toughie’ . Unless you include avocado there really isn’t anything. Red palm oil might be an alternative, but it’s nearly 100% fat. Although energy dense, it’s nutrient dilute. Nothing in the Diet Doctor article is nutritionally worth the carb tax. And contains negligible fat content. Aside from fermented soy, ie soy sauce (little if any nutrients) and tofu (protein but no fat), I don’t think soya beans are a good choice.

BTW I ignored the title because I used to have an ‘aversion’ to avocado too. And I got over it by dealing with avocado as if it’s just another veggie I can mix with other stuff to make a meal. Well, a super veggie because it’ so great nutritionally. I certainly don’t advocate forcing anyone to eat something he/she doesn’t want to eat. However, other than clinical reactions, most food preferences are or can be simply transient and changed when motivated. As was mine.

Well, yes, of course. Hopefully no aversion to butter, in which case, red palm oil; or coconut oil; or… :smirk:

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I am enjoying cole slaw with just salt, garlic powder, onion powder, dill, mayo and vinegar - delicious. Cabbage isn’t that bad and you get fat, salt, and I have heard vinegar is beneficial on keto.

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Olives. Get a brand with no added carbs.

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If your daughter isn’t a vegetarian, vegetables cooked in bacon grease not only increase fat intake, they taste delicious.

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This is what I was going to suggest too.

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Is there a fatty meat aversion? Serious question.

yes I realise this is the wrong subforum for that question but like

yeah I’d probably drench those vegetables in tallow or as many have said butter

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Also… if it’s a taste aversion, avocado can be added to keto chocolate shakes to make them creamier… no real flavor in there

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I thought guacamole tricks people into liking avocados.

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Hide it in chocolate, start with the pudding then move on the brownies, this is a good pudding recipe to start with super simple and good tasting even to those who don’t like the taste. Most who don’t like avocados don’t like the color and texture, both of which this masks. Tons of brownie recipes that use avocado, just find one you like and use her favorite nuts, she will probably eat them unless she is from another planet. LOL

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There’s no KETO rule about avocados except if you like em, eat em. Actually avocados weren’t ancestral foods, they’re fairly recent so we all lived healthy keto lives for hundreds of thousands of years without them. Lots of healthy fats already mentioned so I won’t add anything except that if you’re approaching keto in a vegetarian way it will be more difficult to do it right. Hopefully at least some eggs, cheese and maybe fish will be involved at the very least. Generally soy that isn’t fermented (which generally means it will be consumed if much smaller quantities as well as being changed by fermentation) are not recommended as @amwassil mentioned. Since keto is a hormone correction diet and soy contains very significant amounts of estrogen, which encourages fat storage. :cowboy_hat_face:

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I wish I could eat avacodo but I am allergic to them. I use lots of butter on veggies, MCT oil powder in my coffee, and eat fatty meat daily to get enough fat.

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macadamia and pumpkin seeds will do the trick

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The thing is, people, that we eat a Mediterranean diet for health and cost, plus environmental concerns. Is why I’m looking for more fatty veg. Green soya beans are a good choice for food, you can puree them with garlic and olive oil to make a nice dip. Palm oil is an absolute no-no. I can’t support the destruction of prime ancient forest to plant palm trees.

I realise the Environment might not be a thing in the USA but here in Britain we’re feeling the warming of the climate acutely. I hope soon though that I’ll be able to grow my own avocados instead of flying them in.

We do eat a lot of fatty nuts, I sprinkle them on salad.

I have coffee with double (heavy) cream for breakfast, use a fab full fat organic mayo and stray from veggie into oily fish a few times a week.

I just wish there was another veg with the same oomph as avocado, so I don’t have to hide it - she’ll eat it if she can’t see it and taste it.

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So are you trying to be ketogenic while eating a Mediterranean Diet? This is s keto forum so people will answer from the perspective of offering people advice from a keto perspective. :cowboy_hat_face: